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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 157

Written by Roger Moulton, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 22/10/85, BBC One: 09/06/87, UK Gold: 08/06/93

Daphne tells Terry that she's had enough of helping her
Des considers asking George to propose to Eileen

No 30: Shane knocks on the door and, after checking who it is, a jumpy Terry lets him in and asks him to stay for tea. Shane wants to know what's wrong with her, so she explains that her ex, Charles, has been calling and hassling her, and he won't get the message. She then asks Shane if he'll stay overnight.

No 24: The next morning, Danny is getting ready for his first day at the bank. He's too nervous to eat, but Max persuades him to have some toast at least. Danny then goes to speak to Shane, but Max explains that he didn't come home last night. As Max leaves for work, he proudly wishes Danny good luck on his first day.

Ramsay Street: Des is offering his mother a lift into town, telling her that she can sit in the front, with Sarah and Danny in the back. Upon hearing Danny's name, Eileen decides that she'll walk and Des tells her to suit herself. He asks her how things are going with George, and Eileen says that they are nothing more than friends - he is a perfect gentleman, but he isn't always perfect company. Danny then appears and Eileen quickly walks off. Danny is sorry to hear that Sarah will be joining them in the car, but Des says that Danny will have to get used to her, as she's going to be training him at the bank. Sarah joins them and, as they're getting into the car, a taxi pulls up outside number 30, and Paul gets out. Danny comments that Paul wasn't supposed to be home until tomorrow.

. . .

No 30: Shane is finishing breakfast as Terry wanders in and asks him if he slept OK on the mattress in the spare room. He says that he should get going before anyone sees him there, as there'll be gossip. Just then, Paul walks in and Terry happily greets him. Shane then walks out of the kitchen and Terry quickly lies that he just popped in to find out when Paul was expected back, and suggested that they all go out for dinner. Shane leaves, and says he'll come back in the afternoon.

Pacific Bank: Sarah has been giving Danny his instructions, and says that she'll be back in 15 minutes to check on his progress. He then spots another young teller, Fiona, and goes over to ask whether he might get to work on the counter soon. She says that he'll be training for weeks before he's allowed to deal with real customers. He tries to engage her in conversation, but she suggests that he should be working - though she shows some interest when he mentions that he has a band. She says that she's a good singer, and he asks if she'd like to join them for a jam session later. Sarah then walks over, reminding Danny that he's here to work.

No 30 - Lounge Room: Paul is pleased to have an unexpected day at home, and Terry says that it's a pity he doesn't work at the airport, so he could be at home everyday. He says that he might change his job, but not for a few years. Terry then brings up the idea of moving to a different house, as she sometimes feels like she's living in the pockets of his family. Paul is surprised that she feels that way, and says that he likes having his dad close by, and wouldn't consider leaving. They start to argue about it, but are interrupted by the phone ringing - Paul answers, and is disappointed to be called back into work.

Pacific Bank: Max and Des are quietly plotting, when George appears from his office, wanting to know why Des needed to see him. Des makes up an excuse and then leaves George with Max, who tries to engage him in conversation. Max explains that he now sees that the argument with Eileen was his fault - he says that she's a fine woman and doesn't deserve to be alone, which George agrees with. Max then says that some man is bound to snap up Eileen now that she's working at the coffee shop, and George becomes concerned. Max asks why he hasn't made his move yet, and George admits that he's considered proposing, but isn't sure how it would be received. Max encourages him to be a man and not take no for an answer, and a bold George decides that he's going to do it.

. . .

Charles Durham's Flat: Barbara has a drink ready for Charles as he arrives home, and she reports that Terry and Paul went over to the Ramsay house for half an hour today, then they returned home. Charles is worried, as Paul wasn't due home until the next day, and he decides that they need to do something. He says that they'll go in separate cars, and declares that he's going to get the tape back.

No 24 - Lounge Room: Scott is quietly annoyed with Danny for inviting Fiona to sing with them, and Fiona asks if everything's OK. Danny hands her a scruffy piece of paper with the song lyrics, and she asks if there's a drummer or a bass player. She seems very disappointed with the set-up, but suggests that they should get started.

Ramsay Street: Terry walks out to the taxi with Paul, as he prepares to leave again. He apologises for the argument earlier, and she insists that it doesn't matter. She wishes him a safe trip and the taxi leaves, passing Barbara's car, which is parked at the end of the street. Shane is walking home and waves Paul off too. Charles is also watching from his car, and as soon as the taxi has gone, he speeds up the street towards Terry, just stopping in time. Shane calls out to Terry, and Charles leans out of his window, telling her that next time, he won't miss. Shane watches as the car speeds out of the street, then runs over to comfort a stunned Terry.

No 24: Danny is seeing Fiona out, and she says that, whenever they need her, they've got themselves a singer. Once she's gone, Scott says that she was terrible, but Danny thinks she was just nervous. Danny comments that they weren't too great on guitar either, and then they decide to take their recordings over to Paul's place.

Ramsay Street: Barbara watches as Scott and Danny walk down from number 24 across to number 30, with Scott talking about his hopes of getting a new guitar.

No 30: Shane is making sure that Terry is OK, and asks if she wants a glass of brandy for the shock. She insists that she'll be fine now, and Shane says that he had no idea just how ruthless Charles Durham was. He asks where Paul is, and Terry explains that he's gone back to work, and then she asks Shane if he'll stay overnight again. He doesn't get a chance to answer before Scott and Danny turn up, wanting to use the tape deck to do some remixes. Danny also asks Shane if he can borrow $100, and starts pestering him about it, then asks him if he's saving all his money for his new girlfriend. Terry finally asks Danny to be quiet, saying that she's got a headache.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Eileen is rushed off her feet, and George is trying to talk to her, following her around the shop. She's finally had enough and asks him what is so important, and he says that he has a question, and that it could be the most important moment of their lives. He then takes the ring from his pocket, drops it under a table and picks it up again, before saying that he loves Eileen and he wants them to be man and wife. Eileen stares blankly at him, then says that he's standing on her foot.

. . .

No 30: Shane apologises to Danny for snapping at him earlier, and offers to drop the tapes off at the record label. He tells the boys to leave the tapes in his car and they leave, before Shane comments to Terry that he hopes they won't be too disappointed when they get turned down.

Ramsay Street: A bored Barbara watches as Danny and Scott walk back across the street. She sees Danny holding up one of the tapes, then sees him put it in Shane's car.

No 30: Terry says that she'll make a start on dinner, and Shane decides to go and drop off the tapes while she does that. She doesn't like the idea of being left alone, so decides to go with Shane.

Ramsay Street: Barbara gets out of the car, rushes over and takes the tapes from Shane's car, then drives out of the street. Shane and Terry are just leaving the house, and she spots Barbara's car - she says that it's a friend of Charles and he must be having her watched. Shane thinks she's being paranoid and wonders if she's blowing all of this out of proportion, as it seems a bit extreme for an ex-boyfriend who wants her back. Terry reminds Shane of what happened earlier in the street, and says that Charles is sick.

No 24 - Lounge Room: Des and Max are joking about Danny and Scott's musical aspirations, and Max sends the boys into the bedroom to practice, telling them to shut the door. Des then tells Max that Danny did well at work today, and Max also did well in persuading George to propose. Des says that he spotted George going to the jewellers across the street after work, and he's confident that Eileen is going to say yes. Just then, Danny starts singing, and Des and Max decide to go over to number 28 to continue their chat.

Charles Durham's Flat: Charles is furious to find that the tapes just contain Danny and Scott singing, and he suggests that Barbara is trying to make a fool of him. She tells him that she doesn't like being threatened - Charles then leaves, but won't tell her where he's going. She throws one of the tapes on the floor, then listens to another one, but it's just more singing.

No 24 - Lounge Room: Shane calls out to Scott and Danny, telling them that they forgot to put the tapes in the car. They both insist that they left them on the back seat of the car, and they realise that someone must have taken them, and tell Shane that he should lock his car. He says that it isn't his fault - he then tells Danny that he'll be staying out again tonight, and remarks that the people who took the tapes are in for a big disappointment when they play them.

. . .

No 28: Max and Des are sharing a bottle of wine, and Max says that it shouldn't be long before Eileen is out of Des's hair completely. Des suggests that maybe they could move to Perth after the wedding! Eileen then walks in, not impressed to find her son socialising with Mr Ramsay - she sits down, complaining about how busy she's been, and Des asks her if she has any news. She has no idea what Des is talking about, so he says that George had mentioned that he might visit her at work. Eventually, Eileen admits that George proposed to her, and Des and Max start to offer their congratulations, but then Eileen breaks the news that she turned George down, and Des is very disappointed.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Alan Cassell as George Young, Unknown as Fiona

Trivia Notes
The guest characters are uncredited for this episode

Summary by Steve