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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 160

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 25/10/85, BBC One: 15/06/87, UK Gold: 11/06/93

Jim tries to persuade Helen to take a loan from him
Jim tells Ross about Helen's reluctance to take the money
Barbara turns up on Terry's doorstep
Daphne is suspicious of Barbara's motives
Jim says that he's glad to have been able to repay Helen's kindness
Terry breaks down in Shane's arms

No 24/No 30: Danny and Scott return from rehearsals to find Max sitting down to his dinner of three overcooked pies and a bottle of tomato sauce. He tries to claim that he cooked them himself, but Danny sees through it - Max tells them to get a plate and they can have one each. Danny then tells his dad about the rehearsal, that it went really well and the audition is just a formality now. Scott explains that Danny is using positive thinking to work his way to the top - Danny then bites into the pie and realises how hot it is. An amused Max goes to answer the phone - it's Shane, who explains that he won't be coming home again tonight. Max wonders when they're all going to meet this new mystery woman, but Shane says that it's just a friend. Max checks that Shane isn't ashamed of the family, but Shane gets annoyed and tells him to drop the subject. After hanging up, Shane tells Terry that he doesn't like having to lie to his own father - Terry says that she was hoping that she wouldn't have to bother Shane again, but then Charles really frightened her. Shane explains that he had called by to try to talk her into sharing this problem with Paul - Terry says that she can't, so Shane tells her that he'll stay tonight, but then, if this continues, he's going to tell Paul himself. Terry starts to cry, reminding Shane of how much he helped her when she had to get away from Gordon, and how she thought he was her friend. Shane reminds her that Paul is the best friend she's got.

Ramsay Street: The paperboy hands Scott his paper, making a joke about Scott and Danny's audition and their dreams of stardom. As the paperboy cycles away, a concerned Scott watches Shane rushing out of number 30.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Max has made kedgeree for breakfast, and Danny wonders why he's suddenly taking such an interest in cooking. Max is about to explain, but then Shane bursts into the house, in a rush to get ready for work.

Ramsay Street: A distant Scott returns from taking Basil for a walk, and Jim tells him that he'll need to hurry up, as his breakfast is inside getting cold. Scott mentions that Shane's been staying out a lot lately, but Jim interrupts and says that what Shane does is Shane's business. He leaves for work, and Scott goes inside the house.

No 24 - Kitchen: Danny is telling Max what a great day it is, with the audition and his first week's pay - Max points out that Danny should probably start contributing to food and lodgings. Shane then appears, complaining that nobody's ironed a shirt for him and that he's probably going to get fired. Max offers to give him a lift to the coffee shop, so he can get the bus from there.

Ramsay Street: Still very worried about what he saw earlier, Scott is leaving for school when he runs into Danny, who reminds him about their band rehearsal at lunchtime. Scott says that he won't be able to make the audition, as he wouldn't be able to concentrate - but Danny refuses to take no for an answer and says that they agree to do this, so they're doing it, whether Scott likes it or not. He then says that if Scott values their friendship, he'll go and get his guitar - and Scott runs back into the house.

. . .

No 24: Later in the day, Danny returns home to get changed before the audition, and to show Max his first pay packet. He complains that it's only $138.25, but Max says that it used to be a lot less when he was young. Danny then asks how much he owes for the food and lodgings, and Max shows him some figures that he's been working on, and concludes that Danny will need to contribute $109 each week. Danny is horrified, and says that he'll only be left with $29, and he'll have to pay for his lunch and bus fares from that. Shane walks in, and Danny suggests that he should pay more, as he's earning more, but Max explains that, as a landlord, he can't be discriminatory.

No 26: Scott is practising on his new guitar, when a woman knocks at the door - she declares that she might have known the house would be full of sex and rock 'n' roll, and Scott realises that she's come to apply for the position of housekeeper. Scott lets her in, and she has a look around, and says that it's typical of someone to make an appointment with her, then keep her waiting. She sniffs the air and asks if there's a dog in the house, as there was no mention of it in the advert. Jim then rushes in, apologising for being late, and Mrs Newton says that she'll have a look around now that he's here. She asks why the previous housekeeper left, and Jim explains that it was his mother-in-law, and she's leaving to get married.

No 24: Shane has been going through the figures, and reminds Max that this is still their home, and that the rent is a bit steep, especially for Danny. Max suggests that Shane could always help his brother out. Danny then appears, wearing a bomber jacket with 'The Rams' on the back - Max jokes about how subtle it is, but Danny says that it's hardly subtle of Max to charge his youngest son to live in his own home either. Max thinks that they both need to learn a real lesson about the value of money, but he reduces Danny's rent to $40, giving him his change. A satisfied Danny then leaves for the audition, and a worried Shane watches as Max starts going through the figures again.

No 26: Jim has finished showing Mrs Newton around, and reminds her that he'll have to see other applicants, though she says that she has other ads to answer before she makes up her mind about anything. Jim shows her to the door, just as Danny arrives, and Mrs Newton declares that the blackest day for Australia was when they abolished National Service. Danny and Scott then leave for their audition, and Jim wishes them luck.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry is pacing around the room, when Shane comes in for a coffee. Harry tells him to help himself, as he's a bit preoccupied - the phone then rings, and Harry asks Daphne where she is. He then hangs up and asks Shane if he could mind the shop for 15 minutes, until Daphne arrives, as he has to go to a very important meeting. Shane isn't keen on the idea, but has little change to object before Harry leaves.

. . .

Audition Venue: People including clowns, a magician and a belly dancer are auditioning. The next auditionee, Billy Frenzy, is called to the stage, but he only gets the chance to perform one line of his song before the next act is called. Scott and Danny, already worried at how badly the other acts are faring, are asked to hurry up and get on with it.

Audition Venue: Scott and Danny begin their performance, but again they barely get a chance to do anything before the next act is called. Scott starts to protest that they worked really hard for this, and that they could at least listen to more than four bars - the director gives them another chance, but listens to even less of them the second time around. The next act, The Turtles, has already walks out, so the secretary calls for Harry Henderson to come to the stage. Danny and Scott are surprised as Harry walks in and goes onto the stage, where he explains that he plays various musical instruments, as well as singing, dancing and telling jokes. The director asks Harry to make him laugh - Harry tells a few terrible jokes, and the director then calls for the next act.

No 26: Jim answers the door to a woman named Eva Thomas, who says that she knew exactly what he'd look like, and then starts trying to guess his star sign. She starts to correctly describe his personality, and says that it's very sad that he's a widower. Jim tries to explain to her that the position is for his housekeeper rather than his new wife, and Eva says that she realises this, but she knows that they're going to become firm friends, even if he doesn't employ her. Jim looks very uncomfortable as she talks about the chemistry between them, and he offers her a tour of the house.

. . .

No 30: Scott arrives to visit Terry - she asks about the audition, but he says that he hasn't come over to talk about that. He blurts out that he saw Shane leaving the house earlier, and he wonders why Terry even married Paul if she doesn't love him. Terry says that he made a mistake, and calls Scott's bluff when he threatens to tell Paul. Shane then arrives - Terry explains what Scott thought he saw this morning, but Shane says that Scott was right and that this situation has gone far enough. Terry then tells Shane to get out if he's so worried about his reputation, but Paul comes in and asks what all the shouting is about. Everyone is silent and he asks what's going on, and Scott then tells Shane to explain things to Paul...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson

Guest Cast: Peta Doran as Eva Thomas, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Patsy Martin as Mrs Newton, Peter Scott-Tulloch as Billy Frenzy, Catherin Dukes as Audition Secretary, Jon Finlayson as Audition Director, Andrew Zenz as Paperboy

Trivia Notes
Patsy Martin would later return as Edna Jackson in 1989, as Ruby Lovejoy in 1992 and as Wendy Baker in 2000
Jon Finlayson would later return as Brian Hansen in 1986
Jim's star sign is Libra

Summary by Steve