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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 161

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 28/10/85, BBC One: 16/06/87, UK Gold: 14/06/93

Terry again turns to Shane for support
Scott tries to share his suspicions about Shane and Terry with his father
Terry is angry as Scott accuses her and Shane of having an affair, just as Paul walks in

No 30: Shane explains that he slept on the couch last night, as Terry thought she had a prowler - Terry says that Scott saw Shane leaving and jumped to his own conclusions. Scott says that he's sorry and walks out. Shane then says that he's glad to see Paul, as he couldn't have taken another night on the couch, and quickly leaves. Terry then tells Paul how much she missed him, but he's clearly not very happy about what just happened.

No 24: Danny is strumming on the guitar, and Max realises that he's still unhappy about the audition. He tells him not to worry, as these talent quests are always won by the son of the bar owner, or someone who's slipped a bribe to the judges. Max is struggling with his accounts and asks Danny if he could stop with the guitar, or buzz off - Danny then offers to take a look at Max's sums - he has a quick look and says that it should be pretty easy. A glum Shane then walks in - Max asks him if his new girlfriend has kicked him out, but Shane just says that he's tired and is going to bed. Max turns up the TV, but Danny says that he can't concentrate on the accounts, so either turn it down or buzz off!

. . .

No 30: It's just after midnight and Terry looks over and sees that Paul hasn't come to bed yet. She wanders out into the lounge room where he's sitting - he asks her if the story about the prowler was true. She offers to make them some hot chocolate and says that it was just a prowler and Paul needn't worry. He says that he'll go and ask Shane if she won't talk to him, so she admits that she's being hassled by someone, and slowly reveals more information about Charles and how she met him whilst she was still married to Gordon. Paul asks how Shane got caught up in it, and Terry says that he's often at the house while Paul's away, and it was Shane's idea to stay on the couch. Paul asks if she's implying that Shane's trying to steal her away from him - she quietly says that's not what she means, but Paul storms out of the house.

No 24 - Lounge Room: Paul is banging on the door and shouting Shane's name - Max opens the door, closely followed by Shane and Danny, and they're all wondering what's going on. Paul tells Shane to stay away from Terry, or he'll kill him. Shane says that Terry asked him to lie earlier, but there's nothing going on - he was at the house when Charles Durham called so she asked him to stay because she was scared. Paul wonders why Shane was there in the first place - Shane insists that Terry asked him over, but Paul doesn't believe him and once again threatens Shane if he doesn't stay away from Terry. Once Paul has gone, Danny closes the door, declaring it all to be very embarrassing, and Shane wonders why Paul didn't believe him.

No 30 - Bedroom: Paul returns, telling Terry that Shane won't be coming to the house again. He says that Shane always lied to get himself out of trouble, even when he was a little kid, but Terry says that Shane did nothing wrong. She insists that she did nothing to encourage him and that she was just scared - Paul comforts her and says that they can talk tomorrow, but things will seem better after they've had some sleep.

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane is very quiet, as Max checks if he's alright, and Danny says that he should have just punched Paul. Max tells an indignant Danny to shut up, and Shane then declares that Terry must have lied to Paul. He tells his father and brother the full story about Charles Durham, but Max tells him to look at things from Paul's perspective, as Shane and Terry did once go out with each other. Shane tells them that they split up because Terry was so possessive, and now she's got Paul twisted around her little finger too. He decides that he's going to go over and tell Paul everything, but Max stops him and says that it won't work - jealousy is a terrible thing and Paul is just trying to protect his marriage.

. . .

No 30 - Bedroom: Paul is getting dressed - he looks at a sleeping Terry and then leaves the room. Seconds later, Terry wakes up and realises that he's gone, so she rushes out of the room.

Ramsay Street: Scott is taking Basil for a walk, when Paul runs over and says that they should clear the air. He thanks Scott for his concern and apologises for his behaviour yesterday, but insists that everything's fine now. He heads off to get some groceries, and Scott walks down the street, passing Danny, who tries to ignore him. Scott asks him what's wrong and suggests some guitar practice later, but Danny says that he's looking for a new guitar player for the band, and that the last thing he wants is to be associated with Scott or his family.

Pacific Bank: Danny arrives, five minutes late, hoping that Des won't notice, but he does. After a little bickering with Sarah, Fiona asks Danny if he has any news about the band - Sarah starts telling Fiona that Danny never submitted the tapes and that he said Fiona had a voice like a rusty bucket. The argument is interrupted by Des, who says that he has a special announcement from head office. He then has to take a call, and Sarah says that the announcement is probably about Danny being sacked, which Fiona agrees would be a good idea.

Pacific Bank: A little later, Des finishes his phone call and turns around to find the group still gathered and waiting for his announcement. He explains that head office are going to produce an in-house magazine, and that their branch is going to feature on the cover of the first issue - and they need someone to model. Sarah smiles, until Danny tells her she's got no hope. Danny then says that the whole thing sounds very sexist, but Des explains that it won't only be based on looks, but also on overall efficiency, and he'll be on the judging panel. Afterwards, Danny goes over to Fiona and tells her she stands a good chance of getting the job - she tells him that, if it were open to men, he'd be the winner too.

No 30: Terry thanks Daphne for coming over - Daphne says that if Terry's being sick in the mornings, it might be a sign of something, but Terry realises what she's getting at and says that she just feels terrible about what happened last night. She wonders how she's going to face people, and says that she has no idea where Paul's gone either. Daphne asks how much Paul knows, and Terry explains that she told him about Charles, but not everything, as she's scared that he'll leave her if he finds out the truth. She then starts talking about Paul finding a job overseas, where they'll be safe, but Daphne tells her to be realistic, and suggests that they need to try again to find the tape. Terry says that she'll go and have another look at the Robinson house, as that tape is her only hope.

. . .

No 26: Terry calls out and, believing that nobody's home, she starts going through the tapes. Scott then walks out and asks what she's up to - she says that she's pleased to see him, as she wants to explain about the mix-up last night. Scott says that he saw the way that Terry and Shane were looking at each other, and he's not stupid.

No 30: Terry walks in to find that Paul has come home. He says that he's been thinking about things, and Terry blurts out that they should move overseas. Paul says that he can't leave his family and the company wouldn't give him an overseas job yet anyway - instead Paul says that he's going to see Charles Durham and sort things out once and for all.

Pacific Bank: Sarah is serving a customer, telling them that if they want personalised service, to always ask for Sarah Richards. Danny is standing behind her and comments that she's hard to forget, so she kicks him and serves the next customer. Sarah then goes over to Des and talks to him about an idea she's had for a gift for newlywed couples who are opening up joint accounts. As they're talking, Danny swipes a box from under Sarah's counter and rushes out to the back, before returning wearing a blonde wig. A red-faced Sarah snatches it back from him, and Des, struggling not to laugh, tells Danny that this sort of behaviour isn't suitable in the work place.

. . .

No 30/Charles Durham's Flat: Charles phones, and Paul answers - Charles explains that he was hoping to speak to Terry, but when he says his name, Paul calls him a gutless wonder. Charles wonders what Terry has been saying about him, but Paul simply says that she's married to him now, so Charles should just give up. As Charles remains silent, Paul comments that he clearly doesn't have the guts to speak up, never mind face him. Charles, however, says that he'd be happy to face Paul, and gives him his address.

Charles Durham's Flat: Paul walks inside and Charles tells him to take a seat. Paul angrily tells Charles to stay away from Terry, but Charles replies that he feels quite sorry for Paul, which is why he invited him over. He insists that he doesn't need to go chasing after women, and that whilst it's true that he once loved Terry, he soon saw her for what she really is, and now she's doing the same thing to Paul. Paul is stunned as Charles declares that Terry is nothing but a tramp.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Unknown as Fiona

Trivia Notes
The guest characters are uncredited for this episode
Past character Gordon Miller is mentioned

Summary by Steve