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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 163

Written by John Upton, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 30/10/85, BBC One: 18/06/87, UK Gold: 16/06/93

Terry jokes about killing Charles
Charles tries to convince Paul that Terry can't be trusted
Terry tells Paul that she hasn't seen Charles recently
Helen looks forward to moving to the cottage
Scott doesn't believe Terry's claims of innocence
Douglas doesn't like having his photograph taken
Terry tells Paul that she's pregnant

No 30 - Lounge Room: Paul sits down quietly, then asks Terry if she really expects him to believe that. She becomes annoyed with him for not believing her, and for going through her things, and he asks why she didn't say something sooner. She says that she was angry with him, and until now, she wasn't even sure that she was pregnant. Paul mentions that he saw her with Shane earlier, but Terry says that if he'd heard what they were saying, he'd know that she was just trying to apologise to him for ruining their friendship. She admits that she's told a few lies, but says that they weren't big lies, and they were only to get her out of trouble. A conflicted Paul says that he needs to go out.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Helen and Douglas, on their way to see a film, stop in for a coffee. They place their order with Scott and go to sit down - Douglas tells Helen that his solicitor is coming to the house tomorrow to finalise the loan for the cottage. Meanwhile, a glum Paul walks in, looking for a chat with Scott. He spots Helen and Douglas and goes to join them - Helen notices his bad mood and he claims that he just has a few problems at work.

. . .

No 30: Jim calls in and Terry offers him a cup of tea - she says that Paul's gone for a walk, and Jim notices the suitcases and says that he and Anne used to do the same thing. Terry then breaks down in tears, and Jim offers her a hug.

No 30: A little later, Jim has been telling Terry about Helen and Douglas's cottage and how their problems seem to have been solved - he asks if they can do the same for Terry now. A tearful Terry just shrugs, and Jim tells her that Paul loves her very much and he knows that she loves him too. Jim stands to leave, but tells her that she knows where he is, if she ever needs to talk about things. He hugs her and then leaves through the kitchen, as Paul comes in the front door - she asks him where he went, and he explains that he went to the coffee shop, then for a walk. She asks him if he came to a decision, and he tells her that they should stay together and act like everything's normal, at least until the baby comes. Terry goes to unpack the suitcases.

No 26 - Back Garden: The next morning, Paul and Terry find Scott washing Basil, and they joke about the apron he's wearing. Scott wonders why they're in such a good mood, and quietly offers his congratulations when Paul says that they're staying together. Terry offers to help dry Basil, and Paul tells his brother to come inside, as he has an announcement to make.

No 26: Jim and Helen are clearing the breakfast things as Paul and Terry come in. Paul announces that they're about to become parents, and Jim and Helen are both delighted but Scott, who's walked in just as the announcement is made, looks less happy. Jim and Paul go to make some coffee for everyone, and Jim tells Paul that Terry clearly loves him very much, as she was incredibly happy when she received his postcard the other day. In the lounge room, Helen tells Terry that she'll have a lot to keep her occupied now, during Paul's overseas trips. Paul and Jim then bring the coffee in, and Paul asks Helen about the cottage - Jim explains that everything is being finalised that afternoon, so it's a double celebration. Scott joins them all and reminds Jim that he's about to become a grandfather - Jim jokingly tells him to shut up.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry is finishing up a phone call, and is absolutely delighted as he tells Shane that he's been offered a job, following his audition for the talent quest. He starts to make plans involving getting an agent, but then realises that he'd have to give up 15% of his earnings, so has second thoughts. He then asks Shane for some advice on what to wear, but Shane declares that he'd had enough of giving advice to people.

No 30 - Lounge Room: Paul and Terry return home, and he asks if she's still feeling sick. She says that it comes and goes, and he says that he was planning to go into town to pick up a bottle of duty free champagne that he brought back with him. Terry tells him to take a coat as it's forecast to rain, and they have an awkward conversation about it, before hugging. Paul admits that he's beginning to like the idea of becoming a father.

No 26 - Lounge Room: Scott asks his dad for a lift to school - Jim says that Ross is picking him up shortly, but he says that they can drop him at the school on the way. Ross then arrives, remarking to Helen that today's the big day for completing the purchase of the cottage. She happily sees them all out the door, but as she closes it and looks around the room, her smile fades.

No 30: Barbara arrives to see Terry, explaining that she needs someone to talk to. She asks Terry how things have been, and Terry admits that they weren't very good for a while, as Charles made some trouble for her - but he forgot that women have the ultimate weapon. She then breaks the news to Barbara that she's pregnant, and Barbara says that Terry is a lot smarter than she realised.

Phone Box: Barbara is on the phone to Charles, explaining that she's going to meet Terry at the coffee shop in 20 minutes. As she's talking, Scott walks past with a big parcel - she spots him and freezes, but Scott doesn't see her and carries on walking. She continues her conversation, telling Charles that Terry is a lot smarter than they thought, but she'll explain everything later.

. . .

No 26: Douglas is showing Helen a painting, from one of his other clients who he's struggling to get along with. Helen says that it's very good, and Douglas thanks her for her help - and for lumbering her with an egomaniac for a client. She tells Douglas about Paul and Terry's news, and how she's quickly come around to the idea of being a great-grandmother. She worries that it will be difficult, living in the country, but Douglas insists that they'll visit often. Scott then arrives home, still carrying the huge parcel, and he unwraps it to reveal a giant stuffed toy that Lucy insisted on buying for the baby - then she met up with some friends and made Scott carry it home. Helen and Douglas are very amused, and Scott quickly leaves to help out in the coffee shop.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Scott is apologising to Barbara, who's been waiting outside for the shop to open. He explains that the manager had to be somewhere else today and that he was supposed to open up. Terry then turns up, surprised to find that Scott is there, and Barbara orders two coffees. Barbara compliments Terry on her stylish raincoat, and asks her why Scott was so frosty - Terry explains that he's her brother-in-law and he doesn't trust her much, but she's working on it - she's put too much into this marriage to let him ruin it. Across the room, Jan, the casual shop assistant, arrives, apologising to Scott and saying that her car was stolen from right outside her house. Scott say it's fine and rushes to take the coffees over to Barbara and Terry. At the table, Terry has been telling Barbara about the tape that she was using as insurance against Charles and admits that she's lost it and doesn't have any copies, but Charles doesn't know that, so she's safe for now. Barbara's face lights up and she suddenly declares that she has an appointment that she forgot about. She rushes out as Scott arrives at the table with the coffee. He says that Barbara seemed to have all the time in the world earlier when he arrived. Terry follows him over to the counter and asks if they can just be friends, and put all the other problems behind them. He doesn't agree with the idea, and Terry asks if he still thinks that there was something going on between her and Shane. Scott says that if Paul's happy then so is he, but Terry realises that he still dislikes her, and she throws the money down and leaves.

No 26: Helen and Douglas are wondering where they can hide the giant cuddly toy before Terry arrives. She says that she managed to keep Paul out in the garden with Jim, but then there's a knock at the door. Worried that it's Terry, Helen sends Douglas to answer, telling him to stall her. As Helen tries to shove the toy in the oven, Douglas compliments Terry and says that she's a very charming mother-to-be. She walks past him into the kitchen, looking for Helen, who asks Terry to help her with some champagne glasses. Douglas then announces that the solicitor has arrived - Terry goes outside to tell Jim, and Douglas asks Helen what she's done with the toy.

No 26 - Back Garden: Jim and Paul are chatting about Basil and then about the Ramsay family - Paul admits that he isn't getting on well with Shane these days. Terry comes out to tell them about the solicitor's arrival, and Paul goes in with her, but Jim stays outside to finish cleaning out Basil's kennel. He finds an old shoe, then pulls out a cassette tape, that's been chewed up.

. . .

No 26: As Paul and Terry are preparing the champagne, Jim comes in and tells them about the chewed up tape. Terry is suddenly very interested and asks if it could be saved, but Jim says it couldn't. As he leaves the room, Paul shows Terry an envelope and says that it contains airline tickets, so they can get away for a few days. Terry's very touched as he suggests a second honeymoon, and they kiss. In the lounge room, the solicitor is explaining the details of the loan to Helen. As she goes into the kitchen, he and Douglas share a knowing glance at each other. Helen then goes into the kitchen, just as Paul is looking for a napkin for the champagne - and he accidentally stumbles upon the giant pink cuddly toy. Helen tells them that it's a gift from Lucy for the baby, and they must both look very surprised when she hands it over. Back in the lounge, Jim has looked over the documents and signs them, before he proposes a toast - saying that he hopes that both Paul and Terry, and Helen and Douglas will be very happy together.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson

Guest Cast: Rod McLennan as Ross Warner, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Valerie Tamblyn-Mills as Mrs Jan Dodds, Les Terrill as Royston

Trivia Notes
Johnny Lockwood (Harry Henderson) appears, but is not credited

Summary by Steve