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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 162

Written by Bruce Hancock, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 29/10/85, BBC One: 17/06/87, UK Gold: 15/06/93

Paul is suspicious of Terry and Shane
Paul angrily confronts Shane
Charles tells Paul that Terry is nothing but a tramp

Charles Durham's Flat: Paul is furious and says that he knows Terry better than Charles, as he's married to her. Charles says that Terry was still married to Gordon when he got together with her, and now she's doing the same thing with Paul and Shane. He then claims that Terry was at the flat only a few days ago trying to get back with him too. Paul says that she's changed and he doesn't believe any of this - Charles tells Paul that this is all perfect for Terry, a house and a husband who's away a lot, but he should save himself a lot of heartache and just get rid of her now.

No 28: Terry is looking for sympathy from Daphne, who's clearly running out of patience with her and her dramas. Daphne is surprised when Terry says that, sometimes, she thinks that killing Charles would be the only way to end this, unless the tape turns up. Daphne reminds Terry that Charles doesn't know that the tape is missing, and he thinks she's made copies - Terry starts to worry that he's going to find out the truth soon, then she again mentions that she's feeling sick, but says she'll go and see a doctor later.

. . .

No 26: Helen arrives home with Lucy, who has the afternoon off school. Lucy asks if she can stay at home tomorrow too, so she can see the housekeepers that Jim will be interviewing, as apparently the first two were unsuitable - the first one was like an army captain and the second was a husband hunter who kept snuggling up to him. Helen thinks that Jim was probably just joking, but says that Lucy can see the next one who comes to be interviewed, but she mustn't make any mischief as they don't want to frighten her off.

No 30: Terry rushes into the bedroom, grabs her address book from the drawer and rips out Charles' address, just as Paul comes in and realises what she's doing. She insists that Charles is horrible and Paul wouldn't want to meet him anyway, but Paul says that he has no intention of meeting Charles, so Terry has nothing to worry about. Terry looks at him and then walks out of the house.

No 26 - Lounge Room: Later, Helen and Lucy are looking through paint colours, when Douglas arrives. He approves of Helen's choices for painting the cottage, and then presents her with her wedding ring - she's delighted, sends Scott to get some champagne and calls the rest of the family to come over. As Scott returns with the champagne, Helen asks him to go over to number 30, as Paul and Terry's phone seems to be disconnected. Douglas tells Helen that their next bottle of champagne will be to christen their new cottage - Helen says that it all seems too good to be true.

No 30 - Lounge Room: Scott explains to Paul that Helen tried to call, and they find that the phone has been unplugged. Terry says that she must have knocked it when she was cleaning - Scott then tells them about Helen's celebration, but Paul says that he needs to be somewhere else and is already running late. He leaves, and Terry comments that Helen must be very happy. Scott says that she deserves to be happy, implying that Terry doesn't - he says that he knows when Paul's just pretending that everything's alright.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: Daphne is pleased when Paul comes in, happy to finally have a customer, and he orders a coffee. They get chatting about Charles Durham and Daphne, thinking that Paul knows everything, mentions that Terry went to Charles' flat the other day to get the tape back. Paul looks confused, and Daphne goes on to say that Shane isn't to blame either - he was just trying to protect Terry.

No 26 - Lounge Room: As Helen, Douglas and Scott sit down to drink their champagne, Lucy asks Douglas how much he paid for the ring. He explains that it belonged to his mother, and Helen is the only person who's ever meant as much to him as she did, so the ring is actually priceless. Lucy then goes to get something, and returns with a camera, surprising Douglas by taking his photograph. He quickly covers his face, then jokes that he doesn't like having his photo taken, as it makes him feel like an exhibit in a zoo.

No 30 - Lounge Room/Charles Durham's Flat: Terry is watching television alone, when the phone rings - it's Charles. She asks him to leave her alone, but he says that he just wanted to compliment her on her husband - he says that they had a lovely chat earlier. He then hangs up, and Terry looks shocked.

No 28/No 30: The next morning, Lucy runs in and finds Daphne baking - she says that she could smell it from outside. She asks if she can help, so Daphne gives her the bowl and says she can lick it. Lucy then asks Daphne if she's going to work at the coffee shop forever, and asks if she'd like to be the new Robinson housekeeper, as the other applicants were horrible. Daphne is sure that Jim won't hire someone who's horrible, but says that she'll carry on baking cakes for her. Shane then comes in, chases Lucy out of the house, and Daphne complains about all the visitors she's getting while she tries to cook. Shane mentions his falling out with Paul, but Daphne is sure that Terry had her reasons for saying what she did, and the friendship will soon be fixed. Shane isn't impressed with Daphne taking Terry's side, and he leaves. Daphne then calls Terry, telling her about Shane's visit and saying that he has every right to feel angry. She also says that Shane is probably going to tell Paul his true feelings about Terry and her behaviour, and Paul is very likely to believe Shane.

No 26: Helen and Lucy are preparing to make a good impression, as the next prospective housekeeper, Mrs Cooper, arrives. She's very friendly and tells Helen that she knows the area well, as she used to teach cooking nearby. Helen offers to give her a tour and then they can have a cup of tea - Mrs Cooper asks if Helen has been working here long, and Helen has to explain that she's Jim's mother-in-law. Mrs Cooper apologises for jumping to conclusions and jokes that maybe she should go outside and start again.

. . .

Street: Shane is walking out of Ramsay Street, as Terry catches up with him, begging him not to say anything to Paul. Paul, meanwhile, is watching them from a distance. Shane and Terry argue about the situation, and he suggests that she only married Paul because she thought she'd have a better life with him. He also suggests that she doesn't really love Paul and is now regretting her choice. As Shane accuses Terry of destroying his friendship with Paul, he storms off, and Paul walks off up the street.

No 26 - Lounge Room: Mrs Cooper is giving Lucy her opinion on films, and then compliments a surprised Scott on his INXS record. Paul walks in, and Helen introduces him to Mrs Cooper. Paul asks Scott for a word outside, and Mrs Cooper remarks that Helen must be very proud of her grandchildren.

No 26 - Back Garden: Paul sits down with Scott and asks him if he thinks Shane and Terry are having an affair. Scott admits that he does, so Paul wants to know everything that's been going on. Scott explains that Shane was meant to be at his new girlfriend's place one night last week, but he saw him coming out of number 30 one morning, and he was looking around to make sure nobody saw him. Scott says that he's sorry and he just can't lie to his brother, and Paul says that Scott seems to be the only person who's being honest with him at the moment.

No 26: Helen is showing Mrs Cooper out of the house, and Lucy is sorry to see her go. Lucy then says that she likes her, and Helen admits that she's very capable - Lucy suspects that Helen is jealous that they've found a new housekeeper who's just as good as she is. She then starts to wonder what Mrs Cooper will cook for them, but Helen gets tired of hearing about it and sends Lucy for a shower. Scott then comes in and Helen asks for his opinion on Mrs Cooper. Scott says that she seemed fine, and doesn't agree when Helen suggests that her constant cheerfulness might get annoying.

No 30 - Bedroom: Paul is angrily taking all of Terry's clothes from the drawers and the wardrobe and throwing them into a suitcase.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Douglas is trying to make Helen see sense, and points out that there would probably be nobody who can live up to her expectations for this job. Helen admits that she didn't think Jim was right for Anne in the beginning, and Douglas tells her that this is the same and that she needs to let go.

No 30 - Lounge Room: Paul is putting the suitcases by the door. He sits down and looks at his wedding photo, then Terry walks in and says that she's been to the doctor's. Paul asks if she's really been with Shane, making plans with him, and Terry asks if Charles has made him think this way. She asks for a chance to explain, but he refuses and says that Charles told him the truth about her, and he's beginning to see it for himself now. He says that it's no wonder she wanted to go overseas, as she must be getting pretty bored in suburbia, and then he points to the suitcases and says that she can go now. She tells him that they need to talk first - Paul won't back down at all, so then she blurts out that she's pregnant.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Judith Roberts as Mrs Cooper

Trivia Notes
Judith Roberts would later return to play librarian Frances Nagel in 1999 and 2001
Terry's dentist is called Richard Murray

Summary by Steve