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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 164

Written by John Upton, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 31/10/85, BBC One: 19/06/87, UK Gold: 17/06/93

Terry and Paul argue, and she tells him she's having a baby
Paul tells Jim about his problems with Shane
Paul suggests a second honeymoon to Terry
Jim signs the documents for the loan, and makes a toast

Ramsay Street: Shane and Danny are heading out for a run, when they see Jim. Danny calls out, and Jim says good morning to him - Danny asks if Shane gets the same greeting, but Jim says that he isn't buying into this silly feud, and he goes inside. As they run off, Danny wonders what that was all about - then realises that Jim is taking Terry's side in all of this. He thinks it's unfair that people are taking it out on Shane, who hasn't done anything, and has known the Robinsons for a lot longer. Shane doesn't seem to want to discuss it, and runs off.

No 28: Sarah appears for breakfast, and Des asks her if Daphne's having a lie in. As Sarah attempts to interfere with his breakfast routine, she says that Daphne's bed hasn't been slept in - Des wonders if she's had an accident, and Sarah suggests that she fell off the stage last night. Des points out that Daphne is no longer stripping, and would have told him if she was going back to it - Sarah then says that she hopes that Daphne didn't meet some kind of maniac last night!

. . .

No 24: Max is in a good mood, cooking breakfast, but isn't happy when neither Danny nor Shane wants to eat the kedgeree. Danny admits that they're not in the best of moods, as the Robinsons all seem to be believing Terry over Shane. Max is annoyed to hear about the way Jim blanked Shane this morning, and wonders if perhaps, rather than Terry lying, it's Paul being 'out of his tree with jealousy'. He then forces Danny to sit down and have some breakfast, but Danny grabs the first opportunity to run out of the door.

No 28: Des is snapping at Sarah, who tells him to take out his bad mood on Daphne when she finally returns. She then comes through the door, refusing to say where she's been all night but tells them that she's fine. Des tells her how worried they were and asks if she's gone back to stripping - Daphne says that it's none of their business, even if she has.

No 24: Max tells Shane that he should be fighting, rather than allowing his good name to be dragged through the mud. Shane insists that he can deal with it, and sits down to eat Max's burnt kedgeree. Max is becoming increasingly annoyed, but Shane says that it's of no concern to him or to Jim and they should both stay out of it. Max, however, points out that Jim is always criticising the Ramsay family - and this time, he wants an apology!

No 26: Max arrives to see Jim, and launches into a rant about how Paul is ruining Shane's character and Jim is going along with it. Jim stops him and says that Shane has been known to play around with women - and Paul has chosen to believe Terry's story, so they should respect that. Max, however, says that he knows his son and until Paul takes it all back and Jim offers an apology, he wants nothing more to do with the Robinson family. Jim declares the feeling to be mutual, and Max walks out.

. . .

No 28: Daphne is looking at a gun, turning it over in her hands, when there's a knock at the door. She hides the gun under a cushion and finds Shane at the door, with some croissants for her. Shane says that he was talking to Harry, who said that Daphne has a problem - Daphne explains that she stayed out all night, and now Des thinks that she's gone back to stripping. Shane asks her what's really going on, and she shows him the gun and explains that she was with a friend last night, who was suicidal and threatening to kill herself, so she took the gun from her and ended up taking her to the hospital. She tells him that she's going to have to find a safe place for the gun, then advises Shane on his problems, telling him to be the bigger man in the situation with Paul. As Shane leaves to go to work, Daphne picks up the gun and looks for somewhere to hide it.

Ramsay Street: Barbara is banging on the door of number 30, but gets no reply. She spots Shane leaving Daphne's place and runs over to him, asking if he knows where Terry is. Shane explains that she and her husband have gone away for a few days, and Barbara quietly curses to herself.

Pacific Bank: Sarah is lecturing Danny on keeping his work area tidy and being respectful to his superiors, but Des tells her to tone it down a bit. Danny, meanwhile, sneaks over to Fiona, and hands her some papers - and she thanks him for doing some of her work. Des comes over, sending Danny away, and tells Fiona that her work has improved a lot lately and he's very impressed. Sarah butts in with a suggestion that the coffee breaks need to be more closely observed, and the break room should be kept tidier. As the two women bicker over it, Max comes in and requests a new chequebook from Danny. They chat about the situation with Shane and Paul, but when Sarah makes a barbed comment about Terry's behaviour, Max loses his temper and storms out of the bank. Des then calls Sarah and Fiona over and tells them that he's had enough - he's already made his recommendation for the cover girl, and a woman from head office will be coming over to make the final decision later that day, so all of their bickering has been a complete waste of everyone's time.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Max arrives to meet Kate, apologises for being late and kisses her on the cheek. Harry brings them some coffees - on the house - and Max wonders why he did that, suspecting that he was trying to get some gossip so he could slander the Ramsay name, like everyone else. Kate accuses him of being paranoid, and asks what's happened. Max explains the situation with Shane and Paul, and Kate says that Max will just have to truth that Shane is level-headed enough to deal with it on his own. Max comments that it's easy for her, as she isn't Shane's father, but she makes him promise that he'll at least try to keep his nose out of it.

Pacific Bank: Danny hands some more files to Fiona, and tells her that he hopes she wins the contest - she admits that she's more concerned about people finding out that he's been doing her work for her. Des wonders where Sarah is, and Danny explains that she's still being interviewed and has been in there for a while. Then, the interviewer appears and apologises for the delay, but announces that Sarah is the winner. Sarah walks out of the office and everyone starts to clap and congratulate her, but Danny and Fiona wonder how on earth she managed to win it.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Danny has been telling Harry about what's happened, and that Fiona is blaming him because she didn't win. He also tells Daphne that Sarah is being very smug about the whole thing. Harry then gives Danny his coffee on the house, and Daphne warns her grandfather that he won't make any money if he carries on like that. Harry suggests that Daphne should go home, as she looks very tired, but she admits that she prefers work, as if she goes home, she'll have to talk to Des and she has no idea what to say to him.

No 28: Des and Sarah arrive home to find a note on the fridge, from Daphne, saying that she's left some lemon chicken in the oven for them. Des is touched, but Sarah think she's just trying to make them feel guilty. As Sarahs stomps off, Des answers the door to Harry, who says that Des needs to start being nicer to Daphne, as she doesn't even want to come home at the moment. He explains that, last night, Daphne was with a friend who was suicidal. Des feels terrible, and Harry points out that, for someone who claims to be Daphne's best friend, he's been treating her very badly.

. . .

No 28: The next morning, Daphne congratulates Sarah on her win, and Sarah says that she's planning to hold a charity fundraising party next week, and would love it if Daphne could help. Des then appears, and keeps trying to apologise to Daphne, but Sarah interrupts with questions about hair and make-up and then asks Des if he's ready to leave for work. Daphne walks off with her breakfast, and Sarah asks Des if he apologised. Des angrily says that he never got the chance, and Sarah smiles to herself.

Pacific Bank: Fiona is still annoyed with Danny, saying that he let her down with the band, and then she took his advice over the contest, and it was all a waste of time. Danny says that he's forming a new band and he'd love Fiona to be a part of it - she tells him to get lost. Sarah overhears, however, and asks if Danny's band would like to play at her charity fundraiser next week - Danny asks her if they're raising money to get her a facelift. Ignoring this, Sarah then asks Des if he's checked the new loan applications - Des, however, is distracted and says that he's been 'a prize mug' before walking out of the bank.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Barbara comes in looking for Terry, and gets a frosty reception from Daphne, who explains that Terry has gone away for a few days. Barbara explains that things have improved for her and she's going interstate soon, so wants to say goodbye to Terry. Daphne explains that she'll be back later today, and is coming by the shop at 4pm. Barbara is pleased to hear this, and quickly leaves.

Payphone: Barbara is using a payphone outside a shop - she says that Terry will be back at 4pm, and asks what she should do.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry asks Daphne how things are going at home now - Daphne says that Des and Sarah are both trying to be nice, but she's had enough of both of them. Des then comes in and apologises to Daphne for his behaviour - they patch things up and share an awkward kiss. Des then shows her a postcard he received from Eileen - complaining about George's snoring!

Ramsay Street: Max asks Shane if they can have a word - Shane assumes he's about to get another lecture about the Robinsons, but Max actually says that he's going to stop interfering from now on. Shane is surprised, but Max says that someone had a word with him, and made him see sense.

Street: Barbara meets with a hitman, who gets out of the car and asks him how he'll know her. Barbara says that he'll know her - he gets back into the car, and says he'll wait for her signal.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Daphne asks if she can take her break. Harry tells her that she can have an hour, and says that she should take a jacket, as rain is forecast. She says that she left hers at home, so Harry gives her the blue raincoat that Terry left in the shop the other day.

. . .

Street: Barbara is nearby, getting impatient. In the distance, she sees someone wearing the blue coat, and she nods to the hitman, who starts the car and speeds up the street. Daphne sees the car coming towards her and, as it doesn't slow down, she looks around in shock...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Suzanne Lobez as Kate Drew, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Uncredited as Fiona, Unknown as Interviewer from Head Office, Unknown as Hitman

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The guest actors were uncredited for this episode

Summary by Steve