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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 165

Written by John Upton, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 01/11/85, BBC One: 22/06/87, UK Gold: 18/06/93

Danny is annoyed that everyone believes Terry over Shane
Jim and Max fall out over the Terry and Shane situation
Barbara learns that Paul and Terry have gone on holiday
Des tells Sarah and Fiona to stop competing for the cover girl prize
A hitman, meant for Terry, drives straight at Daphne

Street: Daphne lies in a heap on the floor and a woman rushes over to help her. Daphne stands up, insisting that she's fine, and the woman says that she didn't see anything, but heard a screech of tyres and was surprised that someone was driving so fast. Daphne turns down her offer of assistance and walks back towards the coffee shop.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry takes a coffee over to Barbara, who is checking her watch, when Daphne stumbles in. She insists that she's fine, but Harry helps her to a table, as Barbara realises what's happened. Harry and Barbara both start questioning Daphne about what happened and what she saw, but Daphne snaps that she didn't see the driver or get the number plate. Harry goes to phone for help, and Daphne says that the car drove straight at her - then realises that Charles must have been behind it. Barbara plays this down, saying that Charles would have no reason to hurt her, and he wouldn't want to attract the attention, but Daphne can't think of any other explanation. Harry returns and says that Max is on his way to collect Daphne - Barbara says that Daphne needs a friend right now, and suggests calling Terry, but Daphne says that she isn't back until this evening.

. . .

Charles Durham's Apartment: Charles is talking to a local priest, Father Morgan, about making a donation to prevent a refuge from being closed down. Barbara suddenly bursts in and says that the useless man hit Daphne instead of Terry, and he didn't even do that properly, before she notices Father Morgan. Charles quickly covers and explains that they're opening a business and that he and Barbara are headhunting targets from other companies. Father Morgan accepts this explanation, and Charles shows him to the door. He then walks back over to Barbara and angrily asks her how she managed to mess this up.

No 28: Max sits down with Daphne, who is still very shaken but insisting that she doesn't need to go to the hospital. Max goes to get her a glass of water and she starts to sob and says that she could have died. She then stands up, believing that Charles thinks that she has the tape and wants her dead - but as Max helps her with her coat, she suddenly remembers whose coat she's wearing and breaks down as she realises that Terry was the real target.

Ramsay Street: As Max and Daphne pull up in his van, Des runs out of the house and asks how she is. Max says that she's fine, but she's had a big shock - Daphne can barely stand, so Des carries her into the house and says that he's going to find whoever did this.

No 28: Des and Harry are preparing a meal for Daphne, to take in on a tray, and are arguing about its presentation. Des admits that he used to worry about Daphne so much when she was stripping, and as soon as she stops, she almost gets run over by a maniac. Daphne then wanders out and says that she couldn't sleep - she asks if Terry called, and Des explains that she rang a little while ago to say that she and Paul were going to be away for an extra day. Daphne is very relieved, and Harry helps her over to the table before saying that he has to get back to the shop. As he goes, he says that the police called about the car - they found it abandoned nearby and think it was just joyriders. Des then goes and sits with Daphne, and tells her how glad he is that she's OK as he doesn't know what he'd do without her. He tells her that he's cooked her a lamb chop - she says that she isn't hungry, but he tells her to at least try. He goes back to the kitchen and Daphne looks over at him and smiles.

. . .

Ramsay Street: As Shane is outside cleaning the limo and preparing to go to work, Max asks him if he can think of any reason why anyone would want to kill Terry. Shane isn't sure how to respond, and says that it's a peculiar question, but Max realises that his son knows something. Shane then admits that one of Terry's exes has been hassling, which was why he spent the night at number 30 and how all these problems with Paul started. Max is furious, but Shane tells him to speak to Daphne and Terry before he does anything.

No 26: Helen is preparing for the day that the purchase of the cottage is complete. There's a knock at the door, and Jim laughs as Helen realises that it's Douglas, and she hides the dirty breakfast dishes in the cupboard, saying that she wants this day to be perfect from start to finish. Lucy, meanwhile, lets Douglas in, and asks him if his new cottage has any horses. He explains that the farm next-door has some, and he's sure that they'll let her ride them if they ask nicely. Jim and Helen join them, and they chat about Jim's latest project and how he's hoping for an early retirement on the profits. Jim then leaves to take Lucy to school, and Helen tells Douglas how grateful she is for Jim's help with the purchase of the cottage. Douglas explains that he's dropped the price on his own apartment for a quick sale, so they can pay Jim back - Helen is relieved, and Douglas accuses her of being a chronic worrier.

No 28: Daphne is hiding the gun in a flour bin on top of the fridge, when Max knocks on the door. He demands to know the full story between her and Terry, but Daphne says that she can't tell him. He thinks this has gone far enough, with her almost being killed, but Daphne says that Terry will be back tonight, and he can ask her. Max still wants to know, and he thinks that Daphne could use someone on her side, to protect her, as the person behind all of this isn't about to give up.

No 28: Daphne has finished telling Max the full story, and he's shocked that Charles is getting away with all of this, but Daphne says that he's created a mask as a respected public figure, who donates to charity. Max then asks what's on the tape, and Daphne admits that Terry's never told her that, but the tape's gone missing now. Max asks where he can find this Charles bloke, but Daphne warns him against getting involved. Max thinks that maybe he could stop him from terrorising women, but Daphne isn't at all convinced.

Charles Durham's Apartment: Charles tells Barbara that they're going to finish the job on Terry when she gets back tonight. Barbara asks how he's going to do it, but Charles tells her to leave that to him.

No 26: Ross and Jim arrive, to work from home as the office is too noisy. They find a note from Helen, saying that there's lunch in the fridge, but they've barely had a chance to sit down before Jim receives a call from the company solicitor, saying that he has to see them urgently.

Pacific Bank: Des is showing Douglas and Helen out of his office, and they're joking about how they now only have $14 in their joint account, and it's a bit much to be broke at their age! Des then hands them the bank cheque for the cottage, made out to Douglas's solicitor, and he asks about the housewarming - they tell him that it'll just be a small party for family and close friends, and they leave.

Pacific Bank - Exterior: Douglas and Helen leave the bank, and he says that he'll go and drop the cheque off with Mr Royston now. Helen says that she has an appointment about her wedding dress in 15 minutes, and Douglas tells her that he was planning to buy her a wedding gift in an antique shop on the way. They part ways, and smile at each other as they go.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry takes a coffee over to Max, and gives him a slice of the shop's new chocolate cake to try. He then asks about Daphne, and they discuss how it's terrible that some people get away with driving so badly. Max asks Harry if he knows about this ex of Terry's, who's been hassling her. Harry says that he knows a little bit, but only because he had to go to the guy's house one night and rescue her. Max is delighted to hear this, realising that he can now find out where Charles lives.

No 26: Lucy and Helen arrive home - Helen is carrying a couple of parcels, and Lucy asks if one of them contains the wedding present, telling Helen that she should go and try it on, so she can give her opinion on it. Helen isn't in the mood for Lucy's blunt honesty, but agrees to give her granddaughter a preview, as long as she keeps her mouth shut if she doesn't like it. They go to the kitchen to get a drink, and Helen is surprised to find Jim and Ross's cases and blueprints all over the table. Lucy tells her Gran that she should get married in a submarine, so that she can have her picture in the newspaper, but Helen says that there are many more important things in life, then she goes to try on the dress.

Charles Durham's Apartment: Charles opens the door to Max, and asks him if he's the electrician. Max wanders in and says that he's a friend of Daphne and Terry, though Charles claims not to know them and reaches for the phone. Max takes it from him, and says that this has all gone far enough.

No 28: Daphne is preparing food for Sarah's party, and tells Shane that she's already feeling much better. Harry arrives with a chocolate cake for the party, and as he's leaving, he mentions to Daphne that he gave Charles' address to Max. Shane doesn't think that Max would do anything stupid, but Daphne isn't so sure.

Charles Durham's Apartment: Charles is trying to claim that he was just one of many men with whom Terry had affairs, but Max is refusing to listen, and the two men then start to fight.

. . .

No 26: Helen walks out into the lounge in her wedding dress and Lucy tells her that she looks beautiful. Jim arrives home, and Lucy asks him for his opinion - he quietly says that she looks lovely. Lucy runs off to get a book, and Helen notices the look on Jim's face - he tells her that he's very sorry, but there isn't going to be a wedding.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Rod McLennan as Ross Warner, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Jack Perry as Father Morgan, Unknown as Concerned Passer-by

Trivia Notes
The concerned woman, who helps Daphne in the first scene, is not credited

Summary by Steve