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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 169

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 07/11/85, BBC One: 26/06/87, UK Gold: 24/06/93

Jim finds a badly-injured Paul
Lucy becomes upset as Scott implies that Terry hurt Paul on purpose
Shane admits that he doesn't know what to do to help Paul
Harry departs Erinsborough, and leaves a letter for Daphne
Jim tells Paul that Terry's been arrested and charged; Paul says that he doesn't give a damn

Ramsay Street: Scott and Lucy are walking home from school, and arguing about all the stick they've been getting about Paul and Terry. A couple of guys come past on their bikes and start hassling Scott, and then a fight breaks out, with the boys wrestling on the ground, and Lucy hitting them with her school bag. Jim is driving past and he stops and breaks it all up, sending the other two boys on their way, and saying that he'll see Scott and Lucy at home - Scott then thanks Lucy for her help, but points out that she didn't need to hit him too.

No 26: Helen notices a rather dishevelled Lucy and Scott coming in the door and asks what's been going on. Scott is irritated when Lucy says 'They started it!' and she explains that people were saying bad things about Paul and Terry. Jim joins them, looking for an explanation about the fight, but Lucy says that Paul is her brother and she won't have people saying things about it. Jim and Helen suggest that, rather than fight back, she could ignore it or just laugh it off - Scott agrees with Lucy, that everyone at school has been talking and it's difficult to ignore. The kids go to their rooms and Jim wonders if they should allow them to stay at home for a few days. Helen says that ignoring the problem won't help, and Jim realises that she's right. He admits that he'd like to see Paul with a bit of fight in him too, but he seems to have given up. They then start talking about repaying the money that Douglas stole from Jim's business, and they realise that they'll probably have to sell the house. Helen says that now might be the time to tell Scott and Lucy, whilst they have some fight in them - the kids then come into the kitchen, and Helen tells them that, when Douglas left, he took all of their money with them. Lucy is confused, but Scott understands and can't believe that he'd do this to them.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Des and Daphne are preparing to open up, when Max starts banging on the window. Daphne lets him in, but is annoyed as he starts talking about trying to help Terry - she says that she wouldn't lift a finger to help the woman who almost got her sent to prison. She says that it's Paul who's going to need everyone's support, though he and the Robinsons might be too proud to accept it. Max decides to go to number 26 now to see them all, and he's concerned as he notices the friendly banter between Des and Daphne, and suggests that he could send Shane down to help at the shop. Once Max has gone, Des says that he's surprised to see how well Max has accepted Shane and Daphne as a couple.

. . .

No 26: Scott says that he could get a full-time job to help bring in some money, as it's worked out well for Danny. Jim says that he'd rather Scott completed his education, and Helen says that they'll just have to cut down on some of the extras for now, such as Lucy's dance classes. Lucy becomes very upset at this and says that everyone will tease her, then she storms off, saying that she's going to get a job. Scott goes to answer the door - it's Max. After telling Scott to get down and help Daphne at the coffee shop, he asks Jim and Helen how things are going. In his none-too-subtle fashion, he then manages to upset Helen, talking about how Douglas Blake conned her, and she quickly leaves the room.

Ramsay Street: Scott finds Lucy sitting outside, and asks her why she behaved like that inside, as it only upset Jim and Helen. She says that she isn't sorry, and then she walks off, declaring that she's going to get a job, though Scott wonders who would employ her.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Scott arrives for work, and Des and Daphne are both pleased to see him. Daphne comments that he got here quickly, and asks if he's desperate for money, before realising what she's said, and apologising. Scott admits that the family is desperate and it's looking like they might have to move house. Des decides to go and see Jim, while Daphne chats to Scott about him running the shop in the evenings.

Street: Lucy is walking Basil - she sees a sign in a shop window for a junior hair stylist, then another for a paperboy. The newsagent comes outside, and Lucy asks him about the job. He says that he wants a boy, not a girl, but she warns him that if he doesn't give her the job, she'll take him to the anti-discrimination board.

. . .

Hospital: Shane arrives to see Paul, and a nurse shows him through to the ward. Paul asks Shane if he's come to gloat, but Shane insists that he didn't mess around with Terry - Paul says that he knows that; he now realises that Terry took them both for fools. He says that all of this has made him realise that there are two types of people in life - winners and losers. He says that he's sick of being a loser and so he's going to quit his job and look for new opportunities to be more like Charles Durham, who had everything. Shane looks concerned, as Paul declares that he's never going to let anyone walk all over him again.

No 26: Helen tells Jim that she has an appointment with Audrey Gibbs, the gallery owner, tomorrow and is hopeful that she might be able to sell some paintings and bring in some money. Des then arrives to visit, and offers Jim some advice, telling him that he should consider re-mortgaging the house to repay the debt to the business, as he'd still have a good credit rating. He offers to make some enquiries at work the next day - Jim is very grateful, and Helen even manages a smile.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Daphne is worried about how busy the afternoons are - Scott tells her that it's always like this, but it quietens down at around 5. She wishes that she'd asked Des to stay, but Scott is sure that they can handle things on their own. The paperboy starts blowing a whistle outside, and Daphne asks Scott if he can go and ask him to shut up. When Scott goes over, he's surprised to find Lucy hiding beneath a baseball cap.

No 24: Danny arrives home and starts complaining to Max about having no money. He asks for a loan, and is turned down, so decides that he'll have to go and find a second job. Shane then arrives home too, still worried about Paul's strange mood. He and Danny ask Max what's for tea, but he tells them that he has a last-minute urgent plumbing job and won't be back until late. He leaves, but neither of them believes his story, as he was wearing his best shoes.

Ramsay Street: Max is removing his overalls as he runs down the driveway, revealing a smart shirt and trousers underneath. As he stands at the van spraying on some deodorant, Lucy comes along with her whistle and barrow of newspapers and makes him jump. He buys a paper and sends her on her way, then starts fixing up his shirt and trousers. He just doing up his belt when a couple of ladies walk by and tell him he's very rude. Max just smiles to himself.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Jim hears the paperboy's whistle outside and opens the front door, saying that he doesn't want a newspaper today. He's about to close the door when he takes another look, lifts up the cap and realises that it's Lucy. She says that she told him she was going to get a job, and he smiles and gives her a hug.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Scott is a little surprised when his French teacher, Miss Drew, walks in and sits down. He goes to take her order, and she's also surprised to see him, but says that she's waiting for someone. He goes back over to Daphne, wondering who on earth would date Miss Drew, but then Max walks in and joins her. He isn't too impressed when he looks over and sees Scott and Daphne staring over at him.

No 24: Danny tells Shane that he's thinking about getting an evening job as a singer, which Shane finds hilarious. They start to argue over whether to use the potatoes for chips or mash, and then Shane decides that they should just go and eat at the Coffee Shop.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: Scott is wondering what Max sees in Kate, as she's so bossy, but Daphne comments that Max can be a bit of a tyrant too. They spot Shane and Danny walking past the window and try to block the doorway, with Daphne suggesting that she takes them both home and cooks them a meal. Shane doesn't see the point, and Danny then asks if he could sing at the coffee shop at the weekends, just for a free feed and little bit of cash. Daphne likes the idea, and Scott shows Danny to a table, still trying to block his view of Max and Kate. Once alone, Shane tells Daphne that Fielding Enterprises have offered him his own apartment, and he was wondering if she'd like to live there with him. Daphne says that she'll think about it, and he goes over to the table. He spots Max and Kate, and points them out to Danny, who wonders what they're talking about. He sneaks around the room and hides, listening in on their conversation - but is shocked when he overhears Max telling Kate that he isn't Danny's real father.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Suzanne Lobez as Kate Drew, Joshua Fenton as Papershop Owner, Unknown as School Bullies, Unknown as Old Ladies

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The guest characters for this episode were not credited

Summary by Steve