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Features > The Features of 2007 by David

As a new year begins, we take a look back at 2007 which has proved to be another busy 12 months for The Perfect Blend team. Biographies, Magic Moments and regular comment articles have continued alongside interviews with stars such as Mark Little, Pippa Black, Anthony Engelman, Terence Donovan, Dan Paris and Dichen Lachman. But we’ve also come up with several fun and informative new features to expand the site. So as we look forward to a new year of The Perfect Blend, let’s take a look back at what’s happened since this time last year…

PerfectBlend on MySpace
Back in March The Perfect Blend got social by launching its own Myspace site. It’s proved to be a useful way of keeping people informed of our regular updates to the site and our friendships with Neighbours stars past and present has helped us continue to provide a steady stream of interviews. If you’re not already our friend, and you have a myspace account, we’ll be happy to add you.

The Fancard Gallery
On 18th March (Neighbours 22nd birthday) we opened a great new archive which gives you a look at the official fancards sent out by Neighbours actors to those requesting autographs. See how the cards have developed from simple black & white to the glossy and stylish items they are today.

Neighbours At The Movies
This Interactive feature challenged members of our sister site, The Neighbours Message Board, to apply appropriate film titles to Ramsay Street’s residents. The top five that matched each characters personality and storylines best, were chosen each fortnight and added to Perfect Blend.

Erinsborough Entrances
At the end of May, Erinsborough Exits was given a logical sibling in the form of Erinsborough Entrances. This reference section tells you how every character arrived as well as their very first words.

PB Loves & Loathes
June saw the Perfect Blend team begin reviewing the month gone by on UK screens with our ongoing critique: PB Loves & Loathes.

Family Trees
July saw us begin to map the genealogy of Erinsborough’s families. As Darcy Tyler’s girlfriend Alice Jamison once said; “This is the most incestuous street!”, and our trees show just how close many of the Neighbours really are.

Perfect Blend's Neighbours Soap Awards
Also in July, we presented our own virtual awards to those actors and storylines we felt deserved special recognition. Through email and The Neighbours Message Board, we asked you to follow the categories of the UK’s British Soap Awards and apply them to Neighbours.

Episode Summaries
Although several episode summaries had already been produced, since the end of July this section has been boosted with the first 27 episodes from 1985 and 40 episodes from 2007. The new additions of full cast lists, airdates and interesting trivia notes provided the icing on the cake.

What If...?
Another new interactive feature was What If…? This competition gave our message board readers the chance to let their imaginations run wild by suggesting what may have happened to Neighbours characters if storylines had been different.

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend's Revamp
In mid October, Neighbours: The Perfect Blend was given a whole new look to tie in with the UK screening of Neighbours' own revamp. A new header design, background, and title bars matched up with Neighbours own new titles and our newly extended menu bar has made site navigation easier than ever.

Actor Galleries
An often eye opening new gallery showing Neighbours stars in various film and TV appearances throughout their careers. In some cases, the changes from their Neighbours appearance has to be seen to be believed.

Sounds of Erinsborough
As part of our new Music section, Sounds Of Erinsborough provides a catalogue of the songs used as background music. Lyrics and dates used help you to pinpoint your favourite tracks, while artist names, album titles and availability details all assist in finding copies if required.

On This Day...
Making it’s debut on 27th October, 21 years after Neighbours began screening on British screens, On This Day… marks the anniversaries of special moments for Neighbours and anyone connected with the show.

The Many Faces Of...
A fun new gallery launched in late October. It made it’s debut with The Many Faces Of… Susan, as part of our Simply Susan tribute and has since focused on Rebecca Napier. Watch out for many more faces in 2008.

The Cliffhanger Catalogue
This impressively comprehensive listing was debuted in November and already covers every single episode from the 1980s. The Cliffhanger Catalogue chronologically pools together all the gripping episode endings Neighbours has ever had.

Finally, as an early Christmas present, we gave you the hugely revamped Lassiter’s section of Neighbourhood. Covering the complex’s 20 plus year history we give an overview of the land and buildings which have provided the Neighbours with most of their food, employment and entertainment requirements.

Looking ahead to 2008; there’ll be yet more in-depth reference areas in the Neighbourhood section, a useful format revamp for our Episode Summaries pages and we’ll soon be celebrating a significant birthday. Everyone here at The Perfect Blend hopes you’ve enjoyed what we’ve offered in the year gone by and that you continue to visit us for more exciting developments in 2008.