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Over their 20 years in Erinsborough, the Kennedy family have amassed quite a collection of highlights, so we thought we'd put them all together to look back on. They can all be clicked on to read detailed summaries of any of the episodes.

Karl's Arrival
Grumpy Dr Karl Kennedy makes his first appearance on Ramsay Street, coinciding with the tragic death of Julie Martin


The Kennedys Move In
Karl is joined by wife Susan and their children, Malcolm, Libby and Billy, as they move into 28 Ramsay Street


Susan's Confession
Whilst in Africa, Susan confesses to Brett Stark that she committed euthanasia on her cancer-stricken mother


Malcolm's Accident
In the 1996 season finale, Mal suffered an accident leaving him fighting for breathe, forcing Karl to save his son's life


Mal and Catherine Depart
Having split up over her kiss with Darren, Mal and Cath are reunited and fly off to travel the world together


Karl and Sarah Kiss
The beginning of the Kennedy family's first blockbuster storyline, as Karl shares a kiss with his secretary Sarah Beaumont


Susan Slaps Karl
After learning about Karl and Susan's secret relationship on Ruth and Philip's wedding day, Susan slaps her husband


Karl Saves Joel's Life
In the 1998 season finale, Karl saves the Kennedy lodger, Joel Samuels, from drowning in a river


Bill Leaves Ramsay Street
Bill says his farewells and leaves Erinsborough for a carpentry job in Queensland


Bill and Anne's Reunion
Bill and Anne are reunited, as she joins him up in


Libby And Steph's Bike Crash
On the eve of Libby's wedding to Drew, she and best friend Steph suffer a shocking road accident


Darcy's Arrival
Susan's dashing nephew Dr Darcy Tyler arrives in


Libby And Drew's Wedding
After a very long road to the altar, Libby and Drew finally become man and wife


Elly's Arrival
Susan's troublesome niece Elly Conway turns up on her doorstep with a Police escort


Libby Gives Birth To Ben
After deciding to keep her miracle baby, Libby's life is on the line as she gives birth to Ben


Ben's Christening
The Christening of the newest member of the family, Ben Ian Kennedy Kirk


Mal's Return
Malcolm makes a surprise visit as he returns from London on


Elly's Departure
After a brief stay, Elly bids farewell as she returns to live with her


Susan Slips On Milk
The beginning of Susan's controversial retrograde amnesia story, as she slips on milk and bangs her head


Drew Dies
Libby is devastated as Drew dies in hospital following a horse-riding accident


Susan And Karl Renew Their Vows
As her memory starts to return, Susan rips up the divorce papers and renews her vows with Karl


Darcy's Departure
Dastardly Doctor Darcy is set to jail after stealing from the Kennedys and injuring Lyn Scully


Libby Returns To Town
After a spell teaching in the country, Libby returns, horrified by her dad's new relationship with Izzy Hoyland


Ten Years Of The Kennedys
A stunned Susan learns of Izzy's pregnancy, leading to a very public confrontation with Karl


Susan And Karl's Divorce
Karl and Susan head to court to finalise the details of their divorce, dredging up plenty of memories


Libby Leaves Erinsborough
Libby and son Ben make a permanent departure from Erinsborough as she leaves to reunite with Darren


Karl and Izzy's Wedding
Karl and Izzy finally head to the altar, but she's having some serious doubts about the wedding


Karl's Heart Attack
Karl suffers a heart attack due to stress and, believing he's dying, makes a last call to Susan


Susan and Alex's Wedding
Susan marries terminally ill Alex Kinski, who passes away in his new wife's arms later that night


Cassie's Death
The death of much-loved pet, Casserole the sheep, brings Karl and Susan closer together


Karl and Susan's Reunion
After two years apart, Karl and Susan finally realise that they can't live without each other


Karl and Susan's London Wedding
Karl and Susan become man and wife again, as he surprises her with a wedding on the Thames


Libby And Ben Return
As Susan suffers medical and legal problems, Libby and son Ben make a surprise return to Erinsborough


Susan's MS Diagnosis
After weeks of unusual symptoms, Susan loses her sight and is finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis


The Roof Collapse
Karl, Libby and Zeke are trapped as a roof collapses during an illegal dance party


The Rafting Disaster
Libby and Zeke's lives are on the line again, as they're caught up in a rafting tragedy during camp


Zeke Is Found
Having been missing for weeks, Zeke is finally tracked down by Karl and Susan at Phil Andrews' warehouse


Libby And Daniel's Wedding
Libby and Daniel finally make it down the aisle, only for her to collapse at the end of the ceremony


Rachel's Departure
Susan's step-daughter bids farewell to the Kennedys as she accepts a scholarship in England


Ben's Departure
After being found to be a gifted writer, Ben leaves for a specialist arts school in the country


Zeke's Departure
Susan's stepson Zeke bids farewell as he heads off to


Libby's Return
Following Steph's sentencing, Libby returns to Erinsborough with a new outlook on life


Libby's Departure
Libby departs after re-evaluating her future, looking for a life of her own away from home


Mal's Return
As the Kennedy's relationship begins to show new cracks, Mal returns to try and unite his parents' marriage


Audrey's Death
The death of beloved pet dog, Audrey, brings the Kennedys together briefly as they unite in grief


Karl and Susan's Reunion
As Susan realises she still loves Karl she races to stop him from submitting their divorce papers


Holly's Return
Karl and Izzy's daughter, Holly comes to stay with her father and step-mother


Zeke's Return
Zeke returns to Erinsborough to visit Karl and Susan, but what is he hiding?


Zeke and Vic's Wedding
With his secret revealed, Zeke marries his English love, Victoria, whilst Susan decides to become a celebrant


Libby and Ben's Return
As Libby accepts a temporary post as Assistant Principal at Erinsborough High, she and Ben make a welcome return home


Nate's Arrival
Rachel and Zeke's cousin, Nate Kinski, comes to stay with his former Step-Aunt