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Magic Moments > 1985 > Eileen's Arrival Episode 21

Written by Hugh Stuckey, Directed by Greg Shears, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 15/04/85, BBC One: 24/11/86, UK Gold: 30/11/92

Danny is helping Shane to change a tyre, when the jack collapses and the car falls on top of Danny. Shane manages to lift the car on his own, and Max asks him how his back is. He seems fine, and Max is amazed...

At number 28, Daphne comes out, ready for her night at the theatre, and Des tells her she looks great. She says she might get up on stage and do her act, but a shocked Des quickly realises that she’s joking. She tells him that the music he’s listening to is a bit morbid. Then Paul arrives and takes Daphne away, leaving Des to look depressed on his own.

. . .

At number 24, Max tells Shane that it was a miracle that he managed to lift that car on his own, and asks if he’s feeling any after-effects. Shane asks if Danny’s ok, and Max says that he’s fine. Danny reminds his father that a car fell on him, but he’s alright. Maria appears with a newspaper, and shows them all an article about a woman who lifted a car to save her child. Max suggests that Shane goes back to diving training, but everyone else looks very unimpressed.

Des has fallen asleep on the sofa, when Daphne comes in. Des quickly gets up and pretends that he was just putting a record away, but she wonders if he was waiting up for her. The phone rings, and Daphne think it’s Paul. Des picks up, and Daphne calls ‘Goodnight loverboy’ down the phone, and Des hangs up. He tells her that it was another call from that weirdo.

. . .

The next morning, Daphne asks Des if the phone rang again last night, and she brushes off all the weird phone calls. Des tells her that they can go out together that evening to forget about it all.

Scott and Danny meet up in the street, and Scott asks if it’s true about Shane picking up the car. He says that Max was at their place last night, and Danny wonders if his father remembered to mention the son who was trapped under the car. Danny and Scott then decide not to bother going to school that day and they run off down the street.

. . .

Max has invited a reporter round and is telling him about all the trophies Shane has won. Shane and Maria come out of the bedroom and the reporter and photographer introduce themselves. The reporter asks for more details, and they get a photo of Shane in front of his trophies, then the photographer goes to look at the car. Max explains about the other accident, and says that Shane is about to hit the comeback trail. Max lets the man out, then happily hugs Maria.

Scott and Danny are messing about by the shops, making noises to scare shoppers. They see Carol Brown and start making cow noises, which frighten Mrs Brown into dropping her shopping everywhere.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Daphne is practising her act, when there’s a knock at the door. A woman asks if Desmond lives there, and Daphne stops for a moment, then realises that she means Des. Daphne lets her in, and then she explains that she’s Des’ mother, and thinks that Daphne is infact Lorraine, before hugging her.

That evening, Des gets home and goes into the kitchen when Eileen says ‘surprise’ and Des asks her what the hell she’s doing arriving with no warning. Eileen says she was very embarrassed, mistaking that oddly-dressed girl for Lorraine. Eileen wants to know who Daphne is, and Des explains that the marriage just wasn’t going to work out. He asks why she didn’t come to the wedding, and she says she hardly had any warning, but she’s here now. She wants to know more about Daphne, but Des says that they’re just friends, and they were about to go out for dinner. Eileen tells him that she won’t disrupt his plans, and they can have a chat later.

. . .

Max arrives home and says he’s had a great day. He suggests they should have champagne after everything that’s happened. Max goes to speak to Shane, but Maria wonders if they’re doing the right thing. Max says there’s nothing wrong with Shane, but Maria isn’t quite so sure. He says that if his back starts playing him up again, then they’ll stop the training.

Paul is walking up the street, when Carol Brown stops him and tells him about the possums in her roof. She starts to blame the whole epidemic on Daphne, who she’s seen feeding the animals. He asks her if she doesn’t like animals, but she reminds him that she has fish and a budgie, and tells him to have a word with Miss Lawrence.

. . .

Daphne thanks Eileen for being so understanding about their night out. Des tells her that he has his own life now, and they get ready to leave, but just as they’re going, she starts to clutch her chest and Daphne rushes over to her. She tells Des to call a doctor, but he doesn’t seem too bothered.

At number 24, Maria comes in and the rest of the family are sitting on the sofas. Max tells Danny to go and do his homework, but he says he doesn’t have any. Maria turns off the tv and says she’s been to see the doctor about Shane. She explains that only one dive could lead to Shane being crippled for life. Max wonders how the doctor knew about it, and Shane admits that he went to see the doctor and has been told that he can never dive again. Max is amazed, having seen Shane lift up the car, but Shane says it was a one off. Max asks why he went along with all the plans, and Shane says he just didn’t want to disappoint him.

. . .

The next morning, Eileen is outside hosing the lawn when she bumps into Carol and Julie. Eileen explains who she is and that she’ll be staying for a while, and she asks both women in for a cup of tea. Carol says she can’t, as she has things to do, but Julie says she’ll have a quick one before work. Julie explains that she used to go out with Des.

Max knocks on Danny’s door and asks for a chat. He explains to Danny how sorry he is for the way he treated him and says he believes in his ability as a diver. He asks if they can give it another try, but Danny isn’t so sure. Max starts saying how dedicated Shane was, and Danny wishes that his father would stop talking about Shane for a minute.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Julie is asking Eileen about her condition and she says that it has the doctors baffled. She says that she was so embarrassed having an attack on her first night there, ruining Des’ night with that nice Daphne. Julie is surprised to hear that Eileen thinks Daphne is nice, and starts explaining how she went out with Des before Lorraine came along. She admits that she has no idea why Lorraine pulled out of the wedding. Eileen admits that she had no idea all this was going on, and says she’s lucky Des has nice friends like Daphne. Julie seems surprised, and says Daphne is fine, if you can accept what she does. Eileen wants to know more, and so Julie explains that Daphne’s a stripper. A shocked Eileen has to sit down.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Merrin Canning as Carol Brown, Bill Banks as Frank Morgan, Scott Taylor as Zed (photographer)

Trivia Notes
• Eileen Clarke’s first episode
• Eileen lives in Perth alone after divorcing Des’s father
• Maria mentions a story in the newspaper of how an English woman weighing 7 ½ stone lifted a Morris Minor car off of her son when he became trapped under it
• Max ensures the newspaper reporter has the name Shane written down as a previous article about his diving called him Shaun
• Danny is reading One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
• Off screen Shane and Maria each visit the family GP

Summary and captures by Steve