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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Carol Brown Merrin Canning

Carol Brown 1985
Lived: 30 Ramsay Street
Marital Status: Ted
Children: Josie and Tommy

Nosy, judgmental and interfering, it seemed to her neighbours on Ramsay Street that Carol Brown had very few redeeming qualities at all. They tolerated the woman simply because she lived across the street, and one of the few people to give her any time at all was Julie Robinson. Carol made sure to offer her services to many local societies, simply so that it would give her a chance to get closer to the gossip.

When stripper Daphne Lawrence moved in with Des Clarke at number 28, Carol was one of several people in the street who voiced their disapproval. Over the weeks that followed, Daphne began to receive silent phone calls, while poison pen letters did the rounds of all the houses on Ramsay Street. Carol found herself an ally when Des’ mother, Eileen, arrived from Perth to stay. Together, they continued the campaign, although it was still primarily the vicious work of Carol. Des knew that although his mother was unreasonable, she would never stoop to these levels, so he confronted Carol. He warned her that if the campaign didn’t stop, he would be forced to contact the police.

Carol soon had other things to occupy her however. While returning a recipe book from his grandmother Helen one day, Paul Robinson found Carol passed out in her hallway, with her daughter Josie sitting outside on the steps, afraid that her mother was dead. Rumours of Carol’s problems with alcohol had been rife in the street for a long time, but this seemed to prove them. As Carol was staggering home one day soon after, she was attacked and knocked down. Danny Ramsay witnessed the entire incident and rushed over to help, but as Carol came to, she saw Danny crouched over her and accused him of mugging her. Despite pleas from Paul and Jim Robinson, whose son Scott had also become involved, Carol reported the incident to the police.

Meanwhile, Father Barry, who was aware of Carol and her drinking problem, having been counselling her for many months, visited her and tried to make her see sense. She refused to listen, claiming that she had simply blacked out and had not been drunk. When Father Barry returned with Paul, they told her that she had to open up and be honest about her problem if they were ever to help her. The following day, she phoned Paul and asked him to come over. She told him that she’d passed out again that afternoon, and when she woke up, she found that her husband had taken the children and left. She also revealed that a bartender had phoned to say that he’d found her purse in the bar, on the day she was attacked. Carol dropped the charges against Danny, and finally got the wake-up call she needed to start repairing her life.

Biography by Steve



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