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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 146

Written by Greg Millen, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 07/10/85, BBC One: 22/05/87, UK Gold: 24/05/93

Danny hates having Eileen as housekeeper, but Max can't back down on his agreement with her
Daphne tells Des that her new man is quite wealthy
Terry fails to warn Daphne off of Charles Durham
Des tells Julie that there's been an accident

Pacific Bank: Des explains that head office were just on the phone, and he knows how close Julie was to him - she realises that he's talking about Philip, and she asks if he's OK. Des implies that it's quite serious, and Julie says that she has to go and see him, despite Des's advice to stop and take it all in before she does anything. She says that she'd never forgive herself if she didn't get to see him, so Des tells her which hospital he's at, and then he offers to drive her there.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is drawing a sketch of Eileen, who adopts a very strange pose as she reaches for the teapot. Helen says that they should take a tea break, and Eileen comments on how tidy the house is - unlike the Ramsay house, where Danny leaves his dirty socks everywhere. Eileen says that it's difficult to get Danny to do anything, but Max is just as bad, and none of them seem to have grown up. Julie then walks in, in a terrible state, and Helen, then Eileen, go to comfort her as she says that she's had some bad news. Eileen is soon politely asked to leave, and Julie then tells Helen about Philip's accident - she doesn't know how he is, but she's going to see him. Helen points out that Loretta might be there, but Julie doesn't care, as she just wants to see how he is. She rushes off to get ready, ignoring Helen's attempts to stop her.

. . .

Welsby General Hospital: Julie is pacing up and down the corridor, when the sister walks by and suggests that she might be more comfortable if she sits down. Julie says that she can't relax until she gets some news, and the sister asks who she's referring to - Julie says that it's Philip Martin, but she isn't a relative. The sister says that there's no news on Mr Martin - or his wife. Julie is surprised to hear that Loretta was also in the accident, and she asks about the children, though the sister knows nothing about them. Just then, Philip is wheeled past, and Julie is shocked by the state he's in. The sister takes her over to a chair.

No 24 - Kitchen: Max comes home for lunch, and finds Eileen cleaning. He goes to get a drink from the fridge, but Eileen rushes over and says that she'll get him anything he wants. She starts to get food from the fridge, all the time complaining about how her social life is suffering as she's spending so much time at the Ramsay house. Max asks what's wrong, and she shows him the whiteboard that she was planning to use to keep track of who would be at home for meals - Danny has written 'I wanna suck your blood!' on it, and Eileen isn't impressed. Max explains that Danny's going to see a vampire film, and this is his way of telling her that he won't be home. She puts tea towels down on the chair before Max sits on it, and says that she would probably feel a lot better if she could just have a friend over occasionally. Max agrees to this, so she goes to call George and invite him to dinner, saying that it will be good for Max to be around a man with such good manners. Max hates the idea, but Eileen manages to guilt him into it.

Welsby General Hospital: Jim finds Julie sitting and waiting, and says that he thought she might like some company. She tells him that she isn't going home with him, and that she's still waiting for news, and she has no idea if Michael and Debbie were involved. She says that she keeps going to check on Loretta, but is just told that 'she's doing as well as can be expected', whatever that means. Jim asks her how long she'll be able to keep this up, but then the sister appears, and says that the neurologist has just seen Philip and there's no change, and he still can't have visitors. She and Jim try to get Julie to go home, but she says that she's made up her mind, and then she asks Jim if he'd mind leaving her alone for now.

No 28: Eileen is cleaning Des's lounge room, and telling him how nice it is to be across the street from him and Helen, as she seems so lonely. She explains that she was there when Julie came home with the news - and then starts fishing to find out what exactly the news was. Des won't talk about it, but Eileen is then distracted as she finds a Country Women's Association magazine, wondering who it belongs to. Des says that it belongs to Sarah Richards, and Eileen is appalled, and says that she'll be just like her mother. Des says that the squabbles between Eileen and Sarah's mother had nothing to do with him, and that Sarah is only staying for a short while, until she finds a place of her own. Eileen suspects that it was Sarah who upset Julie at the bank, but Des still refuses to tell her what's going on.

. . .

Welsby General Hospital: The night sister joins Julie and asks her if she's thinking of giving up and going home yet, but Julie insists that she isn't. The sister then tells her that Philip is improving, and they're doing their best to get Julie in for a short visit with him.

No 26 - Lounge: Max is complaining to Helen and Jim about the awful Eileen, but Helen jokes that Max is clearly masking his true feelings and is actually in love with her. Eileen then turns up, and Max does his best to escape, but she insists that he come home for dinner. Lucy, meanwhile, has been doing her homework and wants to know when Julie will be home. She asks about Philip Martin, which Eileen hears, but Max quickly drags her away. Helen and Jim then asks how Lucy knows about Philip, and they realise that she's been eavesdropping on conversations. Jim changes the subject to Max, commenting to Helen that he's been through a lot since Maria left. Helen says that she feels sorry for Eileen too, as she's very lonely - Lucy then says that Danny described Eileen as 'an old bat'. Jim and Helen share a look, but can't really argue.

No 24 - Kitchen: Eileen is waiting to serve dinner, and wondering why George is late. He then arrives with some flowers, which Max takes, and apologises to Eileen, explaining, in a very long-winded fashion, that he had planned his journey down to the minute, then he got stuck at some malfunctioning traffic lights. Eileen is very understanding, and sits the two men down so that she can serve the food. Max looks at his newspaper, trying not to engage in conversation, but George says that he's very worried about Eileen, as she's been taking on so much lately. Max says that the woman never seems to stop, and that it's George who should be worried - he suggests that George eat up all his vegetables, as he's going to need all the strength he can get. At this point, Eileen returns with the soup, completely appalled at what Max has just said.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Later, Max is watching TV, as Eileen sees off George at the front door, apologising for the evening. George insists that it was all Max's fault, and they agree that they'll go out to dinner next time. George then kisses her on the cheek, glares at Max and leaves. Eileen then goes over to Max and tells him that she invited George over for an evening of intelligent conversation, not the infantile jokes about body parts that Max provided. He tells her that he was just trying to liven things up a bit, because George is such a drip. He then sits with Eileen and says that this job is clearly becoming too much for her, so if she wants to call it all off, it's fine by him. She says that she's a woman of her word, and she'll stay, and she then hands him a bill for $80 for her work so far. He says that he'll give her $70, as he's not paying for George's meal tonight, and Eileen storms out of the house.

No 26 - Lounge: Jim is waiting up for Julie to come home - Helen joins him and suggests that he should go to bed. He says that he wants to be there when she gets back, but Helen says that he'll hear the door - and points out that she might not even come back tonight. Jim realises that Julie is grown up now, and he has to let her live her life the way she wants to, but it's one of the hardest things he's ever had to do. Helen thinks that he'll make a good job of it anyway. She goes to bed, and he stands up, looks out of the window and then turns off the lights. He then returns and puts a lamp back on for Julie.

. . .

Welsby General Hospital: A doctor comes out of Philip's room, and is about to talk to Julie, but then the sister calls him over. He goes to speak to her, and returns to tell Julie that Loretta Martin has just died. He offers his condolences, and asks Julie how well she knows Philip - wondering if she would like to be the one who tells him. Julie is a little lost for words, but then agrees that she'll do it, and goes into the room. Philip looks over at her, and thanks her for coming. He then asks after Loretta, and a tearful Julie breaks the news that she died a little while ago. Julie is relieved when he tells her that Michael and Debbie weren't in the car - they're staying with a neighbour, Mrs Finn, who's hopeless with kids. He realises how much loving and caring the children are going to need without their mother in their lives - he tells Julie that he's going to need her help.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Alan Cassell as George Young, Marina Sinclair as Sister, Tom Travers as Doctor, Jane Hopkins as Night Sister

Trivia Notes
Tom Travers previously appeared in episode 10 as Doctor Rowlands - it is likely that it is the same character in this episode, but he is only credited as 'Doctor' and not referred to by name on-screen
Past characters Maria Ramsay and Loretta Martin are mentioned

Summary by Steve