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Magic Moments > 1993 > Phoebe and Stephen's Departure Episode 2003

Written by Jeffrey Truman, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Sally Anne Kerr

Channel Ten: 15/09/93, BBC One: 19/07/94, UK Gold: 05/07/00

Annalise is shocked to learn that David is not only Lucy's agent, but also her husband...

At The Waterhole, Lucy is desperate to keep the evening going, but Brad and Beth just want to go home. Lucy tells them that she'll pay for the drinks, and they leave - she then goes over to Mark and drapes herself all over him, as he tells her that it's very dangerous to be playing matchmaker. Lucy insists that Brad and Beth are made for each other, and she's just nudging them back to each other - and she's convinced that it worked.


At number 26, Annalise is still surprised, and tells David that Lucy hasn't even hinted that she's married. He's amazed that she didn't even say anything to her family, and complains that it took him all this time to get here and Lucy's not even home. Annalise offers him a drink while he waits, but he isn't impressed with the selection, so Annalise suggests that they go to the pub, as it'll keep him awake for a bit longer, and she can show him the town. He's very impressed with the view as he follows her out of the house.

At number 30, Phoebe and Stephen are finishing the packing, with some help from Wayne, when Brad and Beth get back. Beth tells them about dinner, and notices everyone glancing at each other - she insists that it was nothing more than some friends having dinner together, though nobody looks convinced, and Beth gives Stephen a slap to the back of the head.


At number 32, Helen is visiting, and Julie is delighted to have the family all back together again. Debbie is sulking in her room, and Philip explains to Helen that she wants to go to a different school, where nobody knows about what happened with Darren Stark - but she's coping well with studying from home until the holidays. Hannah wishes that she could stay at home until the holidays too, but Philip tells her that Debbie just needs some time to get over what happened. Hannah points out that it was Michael who got shot, not Debbie, but Philip tells her that it's still affected Debbie, and that Hannah won't miss out on anything if she carries on going to school for a few more days.

At the Lassiter's office, Paul is on the phone to Jeffrey Hockney, his accountant, about arranging for a large sum of money to be shipped. Jeffrey reminds Paul that he should let the authorities know, but Paul wonders if there's a way around that, insisting that it's nothing dodgy, just some investments. Jeffrey tells him that, although he'd love to help, he thinks he'd be better off speaking to someone in merchant banking, giving Paul a name to try. As Paul hangs up, Gaby walks into reception and notices that the light is on in the office. She walks in to find Paul at the computer - he says that he's just catching up on some family business, and Gaby offers to help, noticing the name DMH Marketing on the screen. She realises that it's Philip's company, but Paul quickly changes the subject, asking a suspicious Gaby how she feels about Philip changing his mind about leaving. She jokes that she enjoyed being the shortest-serving CEO in the company's history, but says that she's glad that Philip and Julie have worked things out. She tells Paul that she'd be happy to go for the top position again one day, and Paul says that he's glad to hear it, as he'd be sorry to lose her. He then quickly pushes her out of the office, saying that they'll talk again soon, and leaving her even more suspicious.


Back at The Waterhole, Mark is feeding dessert to Lucy and asks her to come back to his place. She puts it off, saying she's happy where she is, and then Annalise and David walk in. Annalise immediately spots Lucy and sends David over - Lucy is stunned to see her husband, and Mark is even more stunned to learn that Lucy is married.

At number 30, Phoebe and Stephen are almost done with the packing, with just a few things left to do in the morning. Stephen thanks Wayne, Brad and Beth for their help, and Wayne insists that he'll come back tomorrow. Phoebe then asks if anyone wants a drink, but Stephen says that he's tired and could use a back rub, so Phoebe slowly helps him to the bedroom. Beth then tells Brad that she doesn't have to be up early, so they could still have a drink together if he'd like to.


Out on Ramsay Street, a taxi pulls up and Lucy gets out, quickly walking towards the house. David stops her and reminds her that if anyone should be angry, it's him. Lucy points out that he just humiliated her in front of her friends, but David thinks that Mark seemed like more than a friend - he came halfway around the world to find her ready to jump into bed with someone else. Helen then arrives home and finds them arguing on the steps - she asks Lucy who this is and what's going on. David looks to Lucy to do the introductions - and she tells her gran that this is David Kazalian. Helen recognises the name as Lucy's agent, but then Lucy says that there's a bit more to it than that.

The next morning, at number 30, Stephen walks into the lounge room to find Beth and Brad asleep together on the couch. He quietly calls Phoebe, who says that it must have turned out to be a good night for them. She wakes them up, and Beth realises that they both fell asleep. Stephen just laughs and asks if anyone wants breakfast.


At number 26, Helen is preparing breakfast and asking Lucy for a full explanation about what happened last night. Lucy says that David wanted to surprise her, which he did - but Helen is more interested in why Lucy didn't mention that she'd got married. Lucy says that she didn't think the family would approve of someone like David, but Helen takes offence at Lucy's implication that they're snobs, though she does admit that he doesn't seem like Lucy's type, as they have nothing in common. Annalise then walks in, realising that Lucy is still upset with her - Lucy says that she and David have a very open relationship, but she doesn't wish to discuss it with someone like Annalise. Once Annalise has gone, Helen sits down and again asks Lucy what she and David have in common - Lucy explains that David has helped a lot with her career, and that he might be loud and brash, but he's also very intelligent and charming. She, however, can't answer when Helen asks if she loves him. David then comes in and Lucy still isn't in the best of moods with him. He apologises to Helen for last night, saying that he was still recovering from a long flight, and says that they should start afresh. He suggests that he should start calling her 'Gran' but she doesn't feel it's appropriate.

At the office, Gaby checks with Philip that DMH Marketing is his company - he explains that he's had little to do with it, as Paul asked him to set it up as a shelf company. Gaby explains that Paul was working on the computer last night, and she saw the company name on the screen; Philip has no idea what it was about, but is sure that Paul knows what he's doing, and he suspects that it's just some scheme to make a killing. Gaby warns Phil to be careful, but Phil says that Paul wouldn't involve him in anything dodgy, and if he did, he'd set Julie onto him.



Phoebe and Stephen are loading up the trailer for their move, with help from Brad, Wayne, Mark, Annalise and Beth. Annalise is sharing the gossip about Lucy and David with Phoebe, who admits that she's going to miss Annalise giving her all the news on everyone in the street each day. Beth, meanwhile, is worried about how she's going to stay on at the house, as she can't afford the rent on her own, but then Mark offers to move in with her - even agreeing to pay her share of the rent until she finds a new job. She shares the good news with Brad, and he and Beth then decide that they should get going, so they say their goodbyes to Phoebe and Stephen. Annalise realises that she needs to go and open the coffee shop, so she says her goodbyes too. Stephen hands over the books for the shop, and Annalise says that it's going to be interesting to see how Rick copes with this.

At the office, Gaby and Philip are worried with Paul's attempts to shift money around and delay paying bills. Philip wonders if it has anything to do with DMH Marketing, and asks if Paul can fill him in, but Paul insists that he knows what he's doing and Philip needn't concern himself. Helen then turns up, and asks Paul if they can go somewhere to talk. As they leave, Gaby is looking very worried for Philip.


Brad and Beth are walking through the park, amused at how quickly people started gossiping about them getting back together. Brad says that Stephen later offered his congratulations, and didn't believe that there was nothing going on. They agree that they'll just have to continue denying it until people start to believe them. Beth then says that she had a great time last night, but wonders if they'll be able to keep things as just good friends. Brad thinks that they can, though neither of them looks convinced.

Paul bursts into number 26, and immediately asks David what he thinks he's playing at. David wonders why everyone thinks he's playing a game, but Paul asks to be convinced of why Lucy would marry someone like him. David jokes that it's his sheer animal magnetism, then tells Paul that he'll just have to ask Lucy. David then explains that he saw the potential in Lucy from the moment he met her, and then as they worked together he fell in love with her and proposed. He also points out that Lucy gets a lot more from this than he does, as he works far harder for her than any of the other girls on his books. He says that the Paris Fashion Show is a real possibility for Lucy. Paul is satisfied, but warns David that if he ever hurts Lucy, he'll pay for it. David then asks if this means that they have Paul's blessing, but Paul doesn't answer.


Helen and Julie are outside number 32, and Julie can't understand why Lucy didn't mention her marriage, though Helen says that she'll understand when she meets David. They spots Phoebe and Stephen preparing to leave, and go over to say their goodbyes. Phoebe tells Stephen that she's sad to be going, as she has so many memories on Ramsay Street, but she's happy to be making a fresh start too. Julie says her goodbyes to them, and Helen gives Phoebe a hug, and reminds her and she and Hope are part of the family and always welcome to visit. Stephen insists that he'll take good care of both of them, and then they get into the car and leave, with Julie and Helen waving them off. Paul then comes across the street - Julie asks him about his chat with David, and Paul admits that it didn't go well, suggesting that they all talk inside.



In number 32, Julie wonders if David has some kind of hold over Lucy, and has involved her in something illegal - Paul thinks that David can see how ambitious she is, and is promising her the world. Philip then arrives home, and is surprised to hear about Lucy's marriage. Helen explains that Lucy keeps on defending David, but was very non-committal when she asked if she loved him. Philip warns them to be careful about sticking their noses in, but Paul insists that he's going to get a full background check on this David Kazalian. Philip then goes to answer a knock at the door - a detective from the Australian Federal Police explains that they need to talk about DMH Marketing. Julie is then stunned as Philip is taken to the police station for questioning, and Paul looks very sheepish.

Featured Regular Characters: Phoebe Gottlieb, Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Helen Daniels, Annalise Hartman, Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis, Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Guest Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Frankie J Holden as David Kazalian, Jeff Keogh as Jeffrey Hockney, Stuart Conran as Plain-Clothed Police Officer (Detective Morely)

Trivia Notes
Final appearances of Simone Robertson (Phoebe), Lochie Daddo (Stephen) and Laura Pearson (Hope)
Phoebe's final words are "You've been so good to me."; Stephen's final words are "I'll take care of her. Alright, let's go."
The detective gives his name as Morely, but is credited as Plain-Clothed Police Officer

Summary by Steve

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