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Magic Moments > 1993 > Paul Does A Runner Episode 2004

Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Sally Anne Kerr

Channel Ten: 16/09/93, BBC One: 20/07/94, UK Gold: 06/07/00

Doug is confident about getting a new job... Philip is taken away by the police for questioning... Pam helps Annalise with a job application... Lou worries about missing Lauren, and Cheryl suggests that he should call the police...

At the coffee shop, Rick is going through the accounts and struggling to make sense of them, and Annalise says that she's relieved it's not her job to do them any more. She suggests that Rick will have to take a wage cut if he can't balance things. Lou then comes in and orders a coffee, and he tells Annalise that the police can't help him to find Lauren, and he's starting to think that he's worrying over nothing. As Annalise goes to answer the phone, Rick asks Lou if he could help with the books. Lou says that he can't, as he already has too much on his plate, and Rick is then shocked as Annalise grabs her bag and leaves, saying that she has somewhere else to be.


At number 32, Julie is struggling to keep herself distracted and wants to call the police station, but Helen calms her down and says that, between Paul and the solicitor, they'll sort out the whole mess and Philip will be home soon. Julie says that they're lucky this happened while Paul was in town, as if anyone can straighten things out, it's him.

At number 28, Doug is excited to have been called back for a second interview. Annalise then arrives, dressed up for her own interview, and picks up her CV from Pam. Doug asks Annalise if she'd like a lift into the city, in the ute, but she says that she's already booked a taxi. Doug leaves, with Annalise telling him to be confident, as they're the right people for the jobs. Pam compliments Annalise on her outfit, and says that she's surprised that she's applying to work for a stockbroker, as it doesn't seem like something that would interest her. Annalise jokes that it'll be easy to hook herself a rich man, who'll offer her financial stability, and Pam asks if she can hook one for her too.


Back at the coffee shop, Rick is still badgering Lou about doing the accounts, and accidentally lets slip that Cathy doesn't actually know that Phoebe and Stephen have gone. Rick says that he'll tell her, once he's proved that he can run the place. Lou says that he'll deny knowledge of any of it, but agrees to have a look at the books.

At the Lassiter's office, Paul is going through some files, and Gaby is demanding to know what's going on - she says that she'll call Philip and ask him, but Paul tells her that she can't, as he's been arrested for fraud. Gaby can't believe it, as Philip is the most honest man she knows, and she begins to ask questions, but they're interrupted by the arrival of a detective and police officer. The detective says that they have some questions, and a search warrant, in relation to a fraud case. Paul asks to see the warrant, and then the search begins, as Gaby drags Paul to one side - she says that she doesn't think that this has anything to do with Philip, and that Paul knows more than he's letting on.


Annalise is at her interview with Jeffrey Hockney, and he's impressed with how much she's improved her appearance, interests and CV since they last met, and realises that the job means a lot to her. He says that she's proved herself to be a lot more than a pretty face and the job is hers. He then asks her out to dinner - she assumes that if she says no, she'll lose the job, but he insists that she has the job, regardless of whether they have dinner together. She accepts the offer and he takes her for a tour of the offices.

Having shown out the police, Gaby returns to Paul and says that she suspected he was up to something the other night when she caught him on the computer - she says that she wants the truth, or she's going straight to the police. Paul says that he was trying to help Philip, by covering up evidence of his dodgy dealings, but Gaby thinks that it's all fake and Paul is responsible. Paul says that, when he found out that Philip and Julie were getting back together, he tried to help, but it was too late. Gaby, however, thinks that Paul was behind the whole thing, and was planning to set Philip up, following his split from Julie. Paul says that, whatever happened, it's too late to change it now - Gaby thinks that Paul could end the whole thing by going to the police and being honest, but Paul points out that there's no evidence against anyone except Phil.


Back at the coffee shop, Lou is giving Rick a lesson in bookkeeping, and Rick is alarmed that he's got so little left once all the outgoings are taken into account. Lou suggests that he could raise the prices, or cut back on expenses somehow. Lou points out that both of those things would lead to a loss of customers in the long run, so Rick then decides that he'll just have to work longer hours and cut back on staff - he then declares that he'll just have to sack Annalise.

At number 32, Paul returns with the news that Philip is still being questioned, and they can hold him until the charge him. Julie is annoyed that Paul seems to be insinuating that Philip is guilty - Paul points out that the police must have some reason to be questioning Philip, and it doesn't look good that he was planning to do a runner to Perth either. Helen thinks the whole thing is ludicrous, and that this sort of talk isn't helping - she says that Julie has been through a lot lately and she needs support. Paul apologises for being insensitive, and looks guilty as his sister says that she isn't sure what she'd do if she lost Philip now.


At the coffee shop, Rick is making lunch, and talking about Annalise, to a distracted and disinterested Gaby. As Gaby leaves the shop, Annalise walks in, and as Rick is in the process of sacking her, she tells him that she quits, as the pay is terrible and he treats her like a slave.

At the office, Paul is writing a letter - the phone then rings and he tells Chrissie that she needs to start packing up their belongings and go to the airport. He explains that there'll be a ticket waiting there for her and Andrew to go to Brazil. She thinks he's joking, but he says that this is the most important thing he's ever asked her to do, and tells her that he'll see her in Rio in a few days. As he hangs up, he realises that Gaby is in the doorway and has heard everything - she wonders why he doesn't want to stick around. He leaves the office, telling her that, when this is all over, she might want to think about everything he's given up to help Phil.


At number 28, Pam is relieved when Doug finally gets home, and he apologises, explaining that he went for a drink and then got stuck in traffic - he's confident about the job, but says that he'll know for sure in a day or two. Pam wonders why he isn't happier about the whole thing, and he says that the terms are different to what he was originally offered - it's a two-year contract in northern New South Wales.

At a restaurant, Annalise says that Jeffrey must eat here a lot, as the waiters are being very attentive. She admits that she wants a similar lifestyle, and everything else that life has to offer, and Jeffrey says that they're going to get along well.


Back at number 28, Pam tells Gaby about Doug's job offer - she says that it would be a long time apart, and the only alternative would be to sell up and move up north together. Gaby thinks it's a bit extreme just for two years, but Pam says that she and Doug have never been apart for very long, so two years living hours from each other seems a bit extreme too. Gaby thinks that Pam should tell that to Doug, and points out that Pam wouldn't even consider taking a job if it meant moving away. Pam explains that Doug's job is important to him, and having Doug around is important to her.

At the pub, Doug is sharing his problems with Lou, wondering why life can never be simple. He says that the dramas with Jill Weir made him realise how much he needs Pam by his side and he can't contemplate being apart from her for two years. Lou suggests that Pam could go with Doug, but he doesn't think that he could ask her to leave her life in Erinsborough behind.



Paul has dragged Helen out of number 26, and she wants to know exactly what's going on, and why he can't wait until the morning to leave. Helen points out that Philip is going to need his help when he gets home, but Paul says that, by leaving, he's helping Philip, and she'll just have to trust him. Helen doesn't understands, but accepts Paul's explanation that things are better this way, and tells Paul that she loves him. She asks when she'll see him again, but he doesn't know and says that he'll have to hurry or he'll miss his plane. He then gets into the taxi and a tearful Helen waves him off.

At number 28, Pam has come to the conclusion that she can't stay in Erinsborough without him - Doug agrees, and says that he's decided to withdraw his job application. Pam is shocked, insisting that she'd be happy anywhere, as long as Doug is by her side. She says that he'll be very unhappy if he can't find work, and points out that they're crying out for nurses in the outback, so she won't struggle to find something to do. She remembers what her mother said, when they first got married, about Doug not being good enough for her, and says that she was wrong about that.


In the taxi, Paul looks at the sealed letter, then asks the driver if he would make a stop at the Erinsborough police station later, if he paid him. The driver agrees, and takes the letter and the money.


In Chinatown, Annalise thanks Jeffrey for dinner, but as they're walking along the street, she spots Lauren. Lauren hurries into a building, but Annalise goes after her and says that everyone's been worried sick. Lauren wonders if Brad and Cheryl are worried, and says that Lou has Cheryl to occupy him now, so he doesn't need her around, getting in the way. Annalise accuses Lauren of just feeling sorry for herself, and says that Lou still loves her and misses her. She reminds Lauren that the next day is Father's Day, and she's going to tell Lou to expect a call from his daughter.

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis, Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Lauren Carpenter, Rick Alessi

Guest Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Jeff Keogh as Jeffrey Hockney David Rayside as Plain Clothed Policeman (Detective Fry), Frank Nucara as Taxi Driver

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, until the 2004 Season Finale
Lou says that Lauren is 'over 18' but doesn't give a specific age
Past characters Jill Weir, Christina Robinson and Andrew Robinson are mentioned

Summary by Steve