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Magic Moments > 2007 > Pepper's Departure Episode 5334

Written by Hamish Cameron, Directed by Jet Wilkinson and Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 01/11/07, Five: 14/02/08

Pepper asks Fitzy to try and watch over Ringo while she’s away. Karl explains that he’s entering the Triple E Undiscovered contest. Ringo signs up for the school swimming trials. Pepper is considering taking her dream job in Queensland, but Adam isn’t happy about the idea.

At the General Store, Elle meets with Tim Collins, who explains that Sebastian wants to implement some cost-cutting, and thinks that two assistant managers is excessive, so Elle must fire either Paul or Oliver.


As Ringo sits in number 30’s garden, pushing his food around the plate, Pepper comes outside to hang up some washing. She asks if he thinks he’ll be well enough to do the swimming trials and wishes there was someone to keep an eye on him once she’s gone, but he insists he’ll be fine on both counts. He asks her if it’s true that she’s got a better job and isn’t coming back, but she still isn’t sure. Adam then arrives and overhears this. Pepper goes to speak to him, while Ringo spits out the food he’d just eaten. Adam asks Pepper when she was going to tell him that she hadn’t turned down the job. He assumes that the job is more important than him, tells her to have a good trip and leaves.

In the pool changing rooms, Declan is talking with Justin and Ash when Ringo comes in. Declan is surprised to see him trying out, as Rachel mentioned that he had a phobia of water. Ringo explains that he’s been having swimming lessons for the past six months and he now feels ready to do this. As they all start heading out, Ringo has a moment of dizziness, then starts checking his body in the mirror. Declan walks in and catches him, explains that he forgot his goggles and quickly leaves.


In the pool area, Fitzy tells Justin to shut up, and tells Zeke, who is already in the pool preparing, not to tire himself out before the race. Zeke says that he wasn’t planning to take part, he’s just there for a laugh, but Fitzy encourages him to give it a try. Fitzy then sees Ringo looking like he’s about to pass out, and having to lean on the handrail, but he insists he’s fine and ready for the race.

On Ramsay Street, Paul and Oliver are putting stuff out for the hard rubbish collection, with Paul insisting that he isn’t going to give in to Elle’s demands for a new kitchen, as he needs to make room for Rebecca and Declan. Elle appears with a couple of meerkat statues which she insists must be thrown out. Paul asks her about her meeting with Tim but she doesn’t want to talk about it. On the other side of the street, Lou and Janae are fighting over a pair of skis that have been left out, so Paul and Oliver sit down to watch, placing bets on who’ll win. Lou ends up winning when Ned comes over and distracts Janae, so Oliver is forced to pay up. Mickey then comes over with his friend Tyler and asks Lou to play with them but he’s too busy looking for more treasure amongst the trash, so the boys decide to have a game of hide-and-seek.


Back at the pool, Zeke, Declan and Ringo are taking part in their time trial and Zeke easily wins, but Ringo suddenly stops, unable to continue and passes out in the water. Fitzy jumps in and pulls him to the side of the pool, as Ringo struggles to breathe.

Frazer is giving Karl a lift to the radio station, but the taxi has a flat tyre. Frazer is struggling to change the tyre, and Karl tells him that he really should be better at basic mechanics now he’s a taxi driver. Frazer jokes that the meter is still running, much to Karl’s horror. Karl explains that he’s entering the Triple E talent contest and is hoping it’ll be his big break. He decides to put the CD on, and it’s Frazer’s turn to be horrified. Frazer insists that he has no interest in music of any kind, but the River of the Soul starts playing.


Back on Ramsay Street, Mickey is about to hide in a big trunk that’s been left out for collection, but Lou warns him not to play with it. After Lou walks off, Mickey climbs inside. Meanwhile, Ned is impressed with the stuff he’s found and apologises to Janae for ever doubting her. Tyler then goes over to Lou, asking if he’s seen Mickey anywhere, while Mickey, inside the trunk, is pleased with himself.

With Karl’s music still blaring out, he and Frazer arrive at the radio station. Frazer tells Karl the fare will be $55.90, and Karl asks for a discount, since they’re mates. Fraze knocks $5 off, leaving Karl unimpressed, and is then shocked to realise that the CD won’t come out of the player. He’s considering ripping the entire stereo system out when Karl spots Marcia Hines leaving the building and asking Frazer if he can take her into the city. Karl decides that this could be his big chance and he joins them in the cab, making Frazer leave the music on so she can have a listen, and comparing himself to Van Morrison.


In the changing rooms, Justin and Ash are impressed with Zeke’s swimming talent, but laugh at Ringo’s pathetic effort. Declan tells them to shut up, then Fitzy comes in, to check that Ringo’s OK. Ringo snaps and tells Fitzy to get lost, so they arrange to have a little chat when they get back to school.

Arriving at Marcia’s destination, Frazer apologises for the music, and Karl pretends that he’s just realised that she’s Marcia Hines, Queen of Pop. Frazer asks him to stop harassing the customers, but Marcia insists that she’s always happy to meet a fan. Karl asks her about Australian Idol, and how she feels about discovering new talent where she least expects it, before trying to find out what she thought of his CD. She describes it as ‘nasty’, which Karl takes as a compliment, until she explains that she meant it was really, truly bad. She then ejects the CD and tells Karl that he just doesn’t have the music in him, but to always be true to himself. As she goes, Karl comments that Dicko is a better judge, but Frazer doesn’t agree.


At the school, Ringo is still insisting that he’s fine and just wishes he’d trained harder. Fitzy tells Ringo that he should speak up if there’s something bothering him, and Ringo insists that he would, before leaving, with Fitzy completely unconvinced.

On Ramsay Street, Janae and Ned return from scavenging the surrounding streets and find Tyler and Jake sitting in the driveway. Tyler says that he can’t find Mickey and he needs to go home now as his mum’s picking him up. Mickey lifts the lid of the trunk slightly and laughs, while Ned and Janae start a search.


At the bar, Rebecca is laughing at Paul and Oliver for their planned business trip touring wineries, and they all start joking about it. As Elle comes in and joins them, Rebecca says that Paul and Oliver make an excellent team and they make a toast to each other. Elle looks awkward.




On Ramsay Street, Pepper is getting ready to go, and is upset that everything else seems to be working out, but now she’s lost Adam. He comes up with his bags and says that he couldn’t let her leave without him. Janae hugs Pepper and Adam, as does Susan, before Pepper must say her goodbyes to Rosie. They insist that they’ll miss each other and will call every day, before Pepper tells Rosie about Ringo’s eating problem. She asks that Rosie keep an eye on him, but not say anything to Frazer. Pepper thanks Rosie for everything and they hug before Pepper waves to Ringo, who is standing in front of the house watching, and gets in the cab. Everyone waves her off, while Janae and Ned are still searching for Mickey. He watches all this, then calls out to them, but slips and the lid of the trunk slams, locking his inside…

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Nicky Whelan as Pepper Steiger, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Dan O'Connor as Ned Parker, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon

Guest Cast: Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Brody MacPharlane as Tyler Smith, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins, Chris Toohey as Justin Hunter, Zac Cracknell as Ash Schwimmer, Special guest appearance by Marcia Hines

Trivia Notes
• Nicky Whelan makes her final appearance as Pepper after 260 episodes in the role
• Cameo appearance by Australian Idol judge and singer Marcia Hines

Summary by Steve

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