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Magic Moments > 2013 > The 2013 Season Finale Episode 6790

Written by Sarah Duffy, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 06/12/13, Five: 17/01/14

Paul tells Lucy he’s taking Lassiter’s Erinsborough out of the chain... Lauren shrugs it off when Lucy apologises for not forewarning her about the Willises’ arrival... Jacob rushes off without explanation, leaving baby Elliott in Sonya’s care... Gem is suspended as a teacher while the police look into Bailey’s allegations... Georgia and Gem go away together

At number 32, Lauren proposes a family barbecue to celebrate the kids' last day of school before Christmas. Amber decides she’ll invite Josh along. Matt gets home from work; Lauren tells him that she thought he would have been home hours ago, and he explains that the police IT team have looked at Gem’s laptop and confirmed that it was used to hack Kate’s emails. Matt tells Bailey he’s off the hook, as Kate’s not pursuing the matter, but that the school will have to decide how to deal with Gem. Lauren asks Matt if Georgia knows, and he says that he's going next-door now to break the news.


At number 30, Sonya is still looking after Elliott. She leaves a message on Jacob’s voicemail, asking him to call her back, just as Toadie comes in with Nell. Toadie asks how long Jacob’s going to be, and Sonya is about to tell him what Jacob said before he left when there’s a knock at the door. Sonya thinks that it will be Jacob, however it’s Matt, looking for Gem and Georgia - Toadie tells him they’ve gone away together on a girls only adventure, and haven’t said in their note when they’d be back. Toadie asks Matt if there’s a problem.

Gem and Georgia are at the holiday cottage, where Gem has Georgia’s phone and ignores a call from Matt. Georgia has no idea that Gem has her phone, believing that she's lost it. Georgia asks Gem if she can ring it from hers to help find it – but Gem claims she can’t as her phone’s dead and she’s forgotten to bring her charger. Gem suggests that Georgia must have left her phone at the café they stopped at – but Georgia doesn’t even remember having it there. Gem tells Georgia to stop worrying and says they can pick it up tonight when they go to dinner. Gem suggests they extend their trip by heading up to Adelaide, but Georgia reminds Gem that they were only supposed to be going away for a couple of days. Gem says that there's no rush to go back, but Georgia reminds her that she’ll have to get back to work. Gem suggests she quit, so they can keep travelling – Adelaide, Darwin, even as far as Africa. Gem says that the world is their oyster, now Georgia is away from Kate and Kyle. Realising Gem’s serious about leaving for good, Georgia asks why she doesn’t want to go back and clear her name over the email hacking, but Gem says there’s nothing to clear as she didn’t do anything wrong. Georgia looks worried.


In number 22's back garden, Lucy is telling Terese about Paul’s decision to take the hotel out of the Lassiter’s chain, rather than amend Terese’s contract. Lucy is convinced that Paul’s bluffing, but Terese is worried that she’ll be jobless and homeless if Lucy’s wrong. Lucy tells Terese that Paul will not leave the franchise; he’d be crazy to do that. Brad arrives, just as Terese disappears indoors to take a call. Brad asks Lucy if she’s caught up with Lauren yet - she implies she got an odd vibe when she saw Lauren in Harold’s, and asks Brad what he meant earlier when he said things were awkward between him and Lauren. Brad shows Lucy the sketch of him, hanging on the wall, which Lauren drew after she left the street; Brad explains how Lauren went to extreme lengths to hide it and it made things tricky with Matt who wasn’t happy when he found out. Lucy asks Brad why Lauren would not want her husband to see it. Brad tells Lucy he thinks Lauren thought it was easier that way, Brad mentions that everything is all sorted now – they are good friends.

On the Turner driveway, Mason is decorating Hermione the car with tinsel, when Lauren comes out and asks him for some help indoors. Brad and Lucy are walking past; Mason shouts over to Lucy and asks how long she’s in town for. Lucy informs Mason that it’s a flying visit, and he proceeds to invite Lucy to the barbecue later – leading a none-too-thrilled Lauren to feel obliged to invite all of the Willises as well. Brad rushes off to tell Terese, and Mason goes inside. Lucy tells Lauren she doesn’t want to crash their barbecue, but Lauren insists it will be lovely to have everyone there. Lauren then asks Lucy if she’s enjoying catching up with Brad and talking about old times. Lucy says that she is, she loves what they’ve done with the house and then brings up the sketch in the conversation, and apologises if her not forewarning Lauren about Brad’s arrival has stirred up old memories, but Lauren insists she doesn’t have feelings for Brad, and tells Lucy she’ll see her later. Lucy looks suspicious.


Inside number 32, Lauren looks sadly at the Christmas teddy bear hanging on the tree, and recalls again her dream of dancing with Brad, and the pram with the crying baby.

At number 30, Toadie and Sonya are trying to call Georgia and Gem, with no success. They speculate over why Gem would want to hurt Georgia by printing off the email like that, and Toadie is increasingly worried as to what might be going on. Sonya reassures Toadie that there might be a number of reasons they are not answering their phones. Toadie decides to go and see Kyle, to find out if he knows anything more, and to call Auntie Coral. Before Toadie goes, he asks Sonya what she was going to tell him about Jacob before Matt arrived - Sonya claims it was nothing, and tells him to go. She looks sadly at Elliott after Toadie’s gone.


At number 26, Toadie has arrived and Chris mentions that he wishes he could help, but he is not one of Georgia’s favourite people right now. Kyle’s had no success contacting Georgia either, but assumed it was just because she was mad with him. Chris asks Toadie if they should be worried. Toadie fills Kyle and Chris in on the latest news from Auntie Coral - it turns out that the quad bike accident Gem was in, which supposedly led her fiance to dump her while she was in a coma, actually occurred after he dumped her – and Coral thinks Gem staged the accident so he wouldn’t leave her. Chris and Kyle start to panic that Georgia's alone with this person - Kyle reminds Toadie that Gem ruined their engagement and cut Georgia off from all the friends she had. Chris thinks Kyle has a point; Kyle decides he is going to look for them. Toadie gets a text from Coral, saying Georgia and Gem used to spend weekends together in Warrnambool – so Kyle and Toadie decide to head there to investigate. Kate arrives as they’re leaving, and looks to Chris for an explanation.

At number 32, Lauren and Matt are practicing their dance moves when Lucy, Brad and Terese arrive for the barbecue. Matt admits he started learning to dance after he saw Brad sweep Terese off her feet after the fun run. While Matt takes Brad and Terese out into the back garden, Lucy notices the sketch Lauren has drawn of Matt, hanging on the wall. Lauren insists it’s no big deal, and Lucy points out that she didn’t claim otherwise.


Back at number 26, Kate is feeling like Gem and Georgia’s disappearance is all her fault, for sleeping with Kyle, but Chris tries to convince her otherwise, saying they need to focus on contacting Georgia. He goes to ring some hotels in the Warrnambool area, but Kate suggests they could look at Georgia’s laptop, and see if she’s searched for accommodation.

Kate and Chris head over to number 30 to scour Georgia’s laptop, and find that she’s clicked on a property in Lorne a few times. Chris says that it looks pretty secluded, and Kate rings the cottage owners and leaves a voicemail, while Chris thanks Sonya for letting them use Georgia’s laptop – and suggests she could ask Sheila to help out if she’s struggling looking after the two babies. Kate cuts into the conversation and announces that she and Chris should drive to Lorne themselves, so they head off. Sonya promises to let Toadie know, and gets back to looking after Nell and Elliott.


On the patio at number 32, Lauren, Lucy and Terese raise a toast, while Imogen makes eyes at Mason and Bailey mans the barbecue. In the conservatory, Josh and Amber are sitting together, but Amber’s obviously in a bad mood and Josh asks her why. She admits she’s been reading some of the comments about him on the online Star article. Josh says she shouldn’t bother – he doesn’t. Amber says he should, and then quickly changes her mind. Back outside, Imogen is talking to Bailey about the Gem situation. Imogen tells Bailey that Gem’s a psycho, but Bailey defends her, saying she’s not a psycho, she’s just a little messed up. Bailey goes inside, leaving Imogen to talk to Mason. Mason thanks Imogen for going out of her way for Bailey over the Gem debacle; Imogen says she likes Bailey. Mason wonders if he's the only Turner that she likes, and then tries to inject some more holiday spirit into Imogen, but Bailey returns and interrupts them. Meanwhile, Terese, Lauren and Lucy continue to chat. Terese tells Lauren and Lucy that she’s having fun, being surrounded by her husband’s ex-girlfriends, and they have got to tell her about the old days and what antics Brad got up to. Lauren and Lucy both avoid going into it saying it was so long ago, but Terese tells them they’re being way too polite. Terese asks about who dated Brad first and the order, Terese starts “how did it go again? It was Lauren… No, not Lauren, no – it was you, Lucy, first… and then Lauren… and then Beth?” Lucy informs Terese that her and Brad were never that serious. Lauren puts an end to the discussion by accidentally pouring wine all over Terese. Lauren apologises and Terese tells her not to worry, but Lucy looks alarmed.

At the holiday cottage, Georgia’s car is now out of action; Georgia asks Gem if she’s had any luck finding the jump leads. Gem mentions that she found a heap of batteries but they wouldn't fix a car. Gem states to Georgia that it’s all a bit weird, two things have died, Georgia’s car and Gem's phone. Georgia goes on to say how odd it is the car was fine coming up here, and she’s only just had it serviced. Gem seems blissfully unconcerned. Georgia looks for something to eat, but there’s virtually nothing in the cupboards. Georgia is upset that they have nothing for dinner and a broken down car - she wants to go to one of the farms they passed to get some food, but Gem objects, saying it will be dark soon. Gem says to Georgia “We don’t want any more opportunities for the universe to work against us”. Georgia tells Gem that she's going to the gate and try to hitch a ride, but Gem says it’s too dangerous. Gem tells Georgia not to worry, trust her, it’ll all be fine, and they can go to get food in the morning. Georgia reluctantly agrees, and Gem smiles.


At number 30, Sonya is still struggling with Nell and Elliott when Sheila turns up to assist. Sheila asks if she's heard anything from Kyle and Toadie, and Sonya tells Sheila they are on their way to Warrnambool. Sonya admits to Sheila that she didn’t want to worry Toadie, but that she’s not even sure whether Jacob’s coming back for Elliott. Sonya explains how Elliott’s pram nearly went in the lake, and that Jacob now thinks he’s a terrible parent and asked Sonya to look after him shortly before disappearing.

As the barbecue continues at the Turner house, Mason catches Imogen checking out the fairy lights he’s rigged up. Mason tells Imogen that he thinks the girl who pretends to hate Christmas so badly doesn’t actually hate it after all. Imogen tells Mason that she’s a sucker for things that sparkle, but that doesn’t mean she likes Christmas. Mason plays along and asks Imogen why Hermione is still wearing her reindeer antlers and the tinsel and he believes that she’s not the Grinch she pretends to be. Imogen admits to Mason that Christmas this year isn’t so bad after all - Mason asks if it may have something to do with him. Mason holds out some mistletoe, but is promptly told by Imogen that it’s ‘so cheesy’ – so Mason takes Imogen even further around the side of the house for a mistletoe-free kiss instead!


Lauren comes inside to clear up, but is highly distressed to notice that the Christmas teddy bear is missing from the tree. She frantically searches for it on the floor, and is hugely relieved when she finds it. Lucy has appeared at the door, and asks if Lauren’s okay. Lauren says she’s fine, but is crying – and Lucy demands that she tell her what’s wrong. Lauren tells Lucy that she’s afraid to say. Lucy, comforting Lauren, asks her what could be so bad. Lauren tells Lucy that she’s afraid if she tells her, it’ll be real, and she’s spent so many years trying to keep it out of her mind, and now she’s dreaming about it. Lucy asks if it’s got something to do with Brad, and tells Lauren it may help if she talked about it. Lauren tells Lucy that nobody here knows, but twenty years ago, when she left Ramsay Street, she was pregnant to Brad. Lucy, shocked by what Lauren has said, asks if it's Mason, but Lauren says that no, before Mason, there was another baby - Brad's baby.

At number 30, Sonya is bottle-feeding baby Elliott, and Sheila has just put Nell to bed. Just then, Sonya’s phone beeps, Sheila suggests that it might be Georgia, however it is from Jacob, who says that he isn't sure when he'll be back.



Georgia is rifling through Gem’s bags at the holiday cottage, but Gem comes in and asks what she’s doing. Georgia admits that she’s going to hitch a ride to one of the farms they passed. Gem tells Georgia it’s miles away, but Georgia doesn't care, as she's tired and hungry and just wants to go home. Gem wonders why Georgia would want to ruin their good time like this, but Georgia just continues searching for the torch. Gem tells Georgia that she’s done everything for her, and it’s like she doesn’t even care. Georgia marches over to Gem’s bag and starts shaking it – and out drops Georgia’s phone! Georgia asks Gem why her phone is in her bag, wondering if she hid it there on purpose. Gem denies doing that but then admits to hiding it, saying that she did it for Georgia's own good, as she thought it would be better if she didn’t have contact with the people that hurt her. Georgia looks at her phone and notices the 48 missed calls. Gem, trying to change the subject, tells Georgia they should forget about it and go for a walk. However, Georgia reads a text message from Toadie saying that the police have proof that Gem hacked Kate’s email.

Georgia asks Gem what is going on. Gem tells Georgia that she tried to tell her but she wouldn’t listen. Georgia, finally figuring things out, realises that it was Gem who planted the email and humiliated her. Gem again tries to deny the accusation, claiming that she was protecting her from people who wanted to hurt her. Gem grabs Georgia by the arm – and when Georgia tries to move past her, she shoves her backwards into the oven. As Georgia hits the oven, she inadvertently moves one of the dials, and gas begins to hiss out. Georgia again tries to get past Gem, but during a scuffle Gem pushes her into a cabinet, and knocks her unconscious. Looking panicked, Gem grabs her bag and dashes for the door. As the gas continues to hiss, Georgia is lying motionless on the floor.

Featured Regular Characters: Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Imogen Willis, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Kathryn Beck as Gemma Reeves, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Ryder Smyth as Elliott Holmes

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Beth Brennan and Coral Reeves are mentioned
• The cupboards at the cottage only contain oil, a box of pasta and condensed milk
• Jacob's text message to Sonya reads: 'I’m sorry but I need some time. I don’t know how long. I’ll be in touch.’

Summary by Kyle