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Magic Moments > 2013 > Lucy's Return Episode 6789

Written by Sarah Smith, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 05/12/13, Five: 16/01/14

Toadie is concerned about that Sonya is taking on too much looking after Jacob and Elliot... Josh gives Amber a camera, then she reads a text from Ruby about "the kiss"... Terese calls in the big guns to deal with Paul

At Charlie's, Terese apologises to Lucy for calling her up, but says that she was desperate. Lucy says it's fine, and it’s great to finally meet her. Terese agrees and mentions that Brad has told her a lot about her - Lucy says that she's looking forward to seeing Brad again. Terese confides that Paul's been difficult from the start, but since he decided to run for mayor, it's been impossible. Lucy asks why she signed a performance based contract, and Terese says Paul pitched it as a promotion, and then made it practically impossible for her to reach her targets. Terese tells Lucy that she is at her wits' end. Lucy, smiling, says that it's a good thing she arrived when she did.


At Lassiter's, Paul and Lucy hug, and he claims that she shouldn't believe what Terese is saying. Lucy wants his side of the story, and a tour of the complex. Lucy mentions how some things have changed since she was last here - the hotel getting back its five star rating and the Eclipse Apartments all completed. Lucy reminds Paul how she sorted things out with the council, and it was conditional on hiring Terese. Paul tells Lucy that it was working brilliantly and that he even rewarded her with a promotion, but sadly she just can't handle the pressure. Lucy frowns, but Paul says that's his side of the story.

At number 30, Sonya is preparing to go and babysit Elliott, as Jacob has a meeting to sort out his wife's estate. Toadie's concerned at how much Sonya is doing, and he points out that Jacob is grieving and probably needs professional help, reminding Sonya that she's not a trained counsellor. She says he saw a counsellor, but now he prefers to talk to her. Sonya tells Toadie that all they do is talk about babies and she listens. Toadie is still worried, but Sonya promises she'll say something if it gets her down. She thanks him for caring and they kiss.


At Harold’s, Sonya asks Jacob what he's doing for Christmas, and when he says he's not seeing his family, Sonya invites him over. He's reluctant at first, because it's his first Christmas without his wife Hannah, plus he doesn't want to intrude on her family day. Jacob then agrees after Sonya reminds him it's his first Christmas with Elliott and he wants to create some happy memories.

Amber marches across Ramsay Street carrying her camera. She hands it to Josh, who is on his way to training. He says it's hers, and that he tried to call her a million times to explain what happened. Amber tells Josh that none of the million messages he left her made any sense and tells him that she hopes he kept the receipt. Josh tries to explain that he didn't kiss Ruby, he was the kissee. Amber wants to know how long it lasted. Josh says a few seconds, and insists that he tried to stop it, and besides, he was upset and didn't know they were going to get back together. Amber reminds Josh that they did and it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to her. Josh agrees, but Amber tells him that she can't see how that's possible when he was kissing someone else only hours beforehand. Amber stomps off leaving Josh looking shocked.


At Charlie's, Paul tells Lucy he's been supportive of Terese, but she can't cope with the job. Lucy wants the three of them to get together, and Paul calls over to Brad, who's at the bar. He reunites Brad and Lucy, and makes a swift getaway. Lucy asks how it's been living across the road from Lauren - Brad tells her that there've been a few awkward moments, but mostly it's been great. Josh arrives and Brad introduces him to Lucy, before the two of them leave. Brad tells Josh that Ruby has called, wanting to know why Josh won't call her back. Brad reminds Josh that he has to do the interviews - Josh tells his father that Amber found out about the kiss. Brad advises his son to tell Ruby that he wants to keep things professional.

Walking through the Lassiter's complex, Lauren points out to Amber that she and Josh were separated at the time of the kiss. Amber says that they got back together almost immediately afterwards, and then cryptically mentions that she and Josh then slept together - Lauren is taken aback and Amber hopes her mum’s not mad. Lauren tells Amber she's not mad, as long as Amber's comfortable and they took precautions, which Amber assures her they did. Amber tells Lauren that she was comfortable, until she found out that Josh kissed Ruby only hours beforehand.


Josh is talking to Ruby in Harold's, he tells her that he wants to keep things professional and reminds her he has a girlfriend. Ruby tells Josh she only sent him the text about the kiss to get his attention, and she doesn't find him that irresistible. However, the public love him and they want another article with lots of photos. Amber comes in and points out to Josh that he knew meeting Ruby upsets her, and yet he's still doing it. Ruby leaves and Josh tells Amber that it's strictly business. Josh invites her to come to the interview and photo-shoot in the afternoon to show Ruby and the world she's the best thing that ever happened to him.

Sonya and Jacob are pushing their buggies along by the lake. Jacob then sits on a bench with his foot on the wheel, while Sonya goes to take the empty coffee cups to the bin. Jacob takes his foot off the wheel, and the buggy rolls down the slope. Sonya notices and stops it before it goes into the lake.


A little later, Jacob is still very distressed at what nearly happened. Sonya calms him down and reassures him, and offers to look after Elliott while Jacob goes to his meeting.

Terese and Lucy are at table in Charlie’s, and Paul turns up for, what he calls, the intervention, though Lucy says it's just a casual meeting to sort things out. Paul asks Terese if she was aware of the targets when she took the job - Terese replies that this isn't about targets, it's about his attitude towards her. Terese points out that because she knows of the sexual harassment, his association with Marty Kranic and questionable campaign tactics, he's making her life hell. Paul acts innocent and asks Lucy if she's going to believe him or Terese - Lucy tells Paul that this rings all too true and she’s deciding to pull rank. Lucy continues to tell Paul that if he wants Terese to remain as manager, he must adjust her impossible targets and stop making her life so difficult. The alternative is that she will cut the hotel out of the Lassiters chain. Paul can't believe she's serious, but Lucy tells Paul that the choice is his.


On Ramsay Street, Josh is posing for photos while Ruby and Amber look on. Ruby tells him to smile, but Josh says he'll smile if his beautiful girlfriend joins him. Ruby allows Amber to join the shot, but says she's not feeling the love, so Amber kisses him. Josh goes to get his West Waratah Star jacket and Amber tells Ruby to back off because she and Josh are solid. Ruby says she's not interested, but a lot of other people are. Ruby tells Amber that personally, she thinks it's ridiculous for a hot, elite athlete to be in a serious relationship, and points out that he'll have girls throwing themselves at him everyday.

In Harold's, Toadie buys some cupcakes - Lauren asks what's the occasion, Toadie tells her that he's looking forward to spending time with his "girls". They both wish each other Merry Christmas and Lauren hands Toadie a few candy canes. Lucy comes in - Lauren is surprised to see her, as she didn’t know she was coming back. Lucy mentions to Lauren that it was last-minute and asks how she is. Lauren tells Lucy that she’s fine, and Lucy apologises to Lauren for not saying goodbye last time she was here and for not telling her that Brad was moving in, rather leaving it to Paul. Lauren admits that Paul didn't tell her. Lucy asks if she was mad at her, but Lauren claims that Brad was "a million years ago". Lauren then makes her excuses and leaves, and Lucy frowns.


At number 32, there's a teddy bear on the tree. Lauren picks up a family photograph and looks at it, then at the teddy bear.

In the Lassister's complex, Lucy marches up to Paul and asks him why he didn’t past the message on to Lauren about the Willis family relocating back to Ramsay Street. Paul tells Lucy that he can’t remember everything she asks, but she says that she asked him to do this out of respect. Paul, changing the subject, tells Lucy that he has thought about her ultimatum - Lucy reminds Paul it was not an ultimatum, it was an order. Paul tells Lucy that he’s decided he is going to take Lassister's out of the chain, and Lucy is shocked.


At number 30, Toadie arrives home with the cupcakes, and is surprised to find Elliott there. Sonya explains that Jacob will pick him up shortly, then there's a knock at the door, it's Jacob. He tells Sonya that hasn't been to his meeting, as he's been thinking about what a bad parent he is, and he asks Sonya to look after Elliott. Toadie shouts to ask Sonya about suncream, and she takes Elliott inside to look. Jacob drops Elliott's bag and quickly leaves. Sonya and Toadie return to the door to find Jacob gone - Sonya insists that he's just gone to run a few more errands, but she doesn't look convinced.

Featured Regular Characters: Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Paul Robinson, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner

Guest Cast: Maggie Naouri as Ruby Knox, Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Clayton Watson as Jacob Holmes, Ryder Smyth as Elliott Holmes, Chris Donis as Photographer

Trivia Notes
• Melissa Bell returns for another three-episode stint as Lucy Robinson
• Past character Marty Kranic is mentioned

Summary by Kyle