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Magic Moments > 2014 > Zeke and Vic's Wedding Episode 6863

Written by Alexa Wyatt, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 16/04/14, Channel 5: 30/04/14

After learning Lisa isn’t her daughter, an upset Lauren tells Brad she wants to call off the search... Zeke overhears Karl and Susan discussing what he might be hiding from them... Brennan tells Toadie he’s been driving around looking for Montague... Paul tells Brennan he’s put in an offer to buy the garage, and plans to sack him...

At number 24, Lou comes round, and apologises to Brennan for not getting back from Cambodia in time for Kate’s funeral. They both sit down; Lou asks Brennan if he is taking leave from work. Brennan mentions that he is taking a long lunch break and starts to tell Lou that Paul is planning to buy the garage in order to force him out of Erinsborough. Lou reassures Brennan that he’s not to blame for Kate’s death, whatever Paul thinks. Brennan tells Lou that he’s not bothered about the job, all he wants is Montague found - Lou agrees. Lou suggests Brennan gets in touch with Danni, to speak to her mum, who owns the garage and prevent the sale from going through.


Later, Brennan is on the phone to Danni. Brennan tells her it’s safe to come back from Adelaide now, as Montague wouldn’t risk coming back to Erinsborough. Danni is apprehensive, but Brennan promises he’ll look after her and she will be fine. Brennan, quite insistently, tells her to come back as soon as she can. Imogen calls round shortly after Brennan has finished talking to Danni to see how he is doing, and drops off the chilli con carne she’s made. Brennan sullenly thanks her for it. Imogen starts talking about the memorial they held for Kate, and how wonderful a person Kate was. Clearly in no mood to hear about it, Brennan tells Imogen he’s busy, and Imogen leaves, despondent.

Zeke sits down with Karl and Susan and admits that he does need to tell them something, as they suspected. Bemused by their declarations of love and support, Zeke goes ahead and explains that he’s met someone, and shows them a picture of Vic. Karl says to Zeke “Okay, Vic’s a girl…” Zeke says to Karl “Err, yes, Victoria… Did you think I was seeing a guy?! Seriously? You’d know if I was gay – I’d have told you ages ago!" Karl and Susan both laugh, Karl asks Zeke where he met Victoria - Zeke explains he and Vic met in London and says that she's amazing.


At number 32, Lauren is spending her day off doing paperwork for Harold’s, and has been clearing out old newspapers from Lou’s bedroom. Lou enters and Lauren proceeds to give Lou the paperwork - she asks if he can take them into Harold's and starts to explain that she has done the rotas for the next 2 months, she processed the weekly wages and she’s placed a couple of orders for items that she’s running short of. Lou advices Lauren to take a break, however Lauren explains that she’s got too much to do. Lou tells Lauren that he’s worried about her, as she’s ‘running around like a headless chook’. Lou asks Lauren what happened with Lisa, and Lauren makes out she’s okay with her turning out not to be her daughter. Lou doesn’t look so sure.

Imogen and Brad are in Harold’s; Imogen has come from work at the nursery and is sporting a big patch of dirt on her cheek. She spots Brennan shopping and apologises to him for being weird earlier. Brennan comments that he didn’t notice. Imogen asks Brennan how the chilli con carne was, he tells Imogen that he’s having it for dinner and will let her know. Brennan goes to pay for his items. Brad notices the mark on Imogen’s cheek and goes to rub it off, but she flips out, embarrassed as Brennan is still present. Brad asks Brennan to join them for dinner one night, as otherwise he’s eating alone. Brennan tells Brad he appreciates the offer, but he is fine, and that Danni’s on her way back to Erinsborough. Imogen asks Brennan if it is safe for her to come back. Brennan tells them that he believes it is, then he leaves. Brad says to Imogen “Poor guy. He’s lucky to have people like you reaching out to him”, though Imogen claims that she would have done the same for anyone.


At number 32, Lauren invites Amber on a shopping spree, to buy some business casual outfits for her photography internship. Lauren asks how the internship is going as Amber hasn’t spoken about it much, and Amber unconvincingly tells Lauren it’s going great. Lauren immediately picks up on this, and Amber admits she’s finding it tough, as her boss Rick yells a lot and doesn’t seem like a very nice person. Lauren informs Amber that this is one of the drawbacks of working life, being stuck with colleagues you don’t like, and tells Amber she should find a way to cope with it or move on. They leave for their shopping trip.

Over at number 28, Zeke speaks to Vic on the phone – she is on her way to meet Karl and Susan. Susan says that she can’t wait to meet her, and Karl tells Zeke he is assuming that they are pretty serious. Zeke confirms this and tells them he never knew what people meant when they said they’d met 'the one' until now. Susan thinks it's all lovely, and Karl wonders why Zeke never said anything when he was in London. Zeke explains he didn’t introduce Vic to Karl in London because he wanted her to meet both of them at the same time. Vic travelled over with him to Melbourne and he’d planned to introduce them earlier, but Kate’s death threw his plans off course. Zeke then has another revelation for them; explaining that “Vic’s not just my girlfriend. She’s my fiancée. We’re getting married – this afternoon!” Susan and Karl are suitably stunned by Zeke’s announcement.


Shortly afterwards, the conversation continues. It turns out the man Karl and Susan saw Zeke with was the celebrant, but he cancelled on them at the last minute so they had to find another. Karl and Susan question whether Zeke is rushing things by getting married, asking how long they have known each other, with Karl declaring that marriage is a big commitment. However, Zeke reveals an additional motive – his course is coming to an end, which means his British visa expires soon, and he doesn’t want to be sent home and be away from Vic. However if he marries Vic and they re-enter the UK as a married couple, he can stay there permanently. Karl says “you are getting married for a British visa?” However, Zeke insists it’s not like that, and declares that they love each other and want to be together. Nonetheless, Karl and Susan look a little disapproving. There is a knock at the door; Zeke tells them that it will be Vic. Vic enters and Karl and Susan offer her a warm welcome, wanting to know everything about her.

Brad is buying some takeaway in Harold’s from Lou when Lauren and Amber come in, fresh from their shopping trip. Brad asks how Lauren is, but she immediately takes it as an enquiry about whether she’s changed her mind about tracking down their daughter – and tells him she hasn’t.


At number 28, Zeke and Vic explain how they met at a pub quiz. Vic asks after Zeke’s photo album and Susan points her in the direction of some embarrassing photos of him! While Vic and Zeke are examining the photo albums, Karl and Susan start discussing them, Susan and Karl agree they won’t try to stop the wedding, as Zeke and Vic are obviously so happy.

At number 32, Lauren suggests to Amber that they invite Imogen over for afternoon tea, to show her all the clothes they’ve bought. However Amber gets a text from Susan, asking her to go and take wedding photos for Zeke, so she has to dash. Matt comes in, in uniform. Lauren says to Matt “Don’t tell me – another late shift?” Bailey sarcastically says “No, Mum, it’s for the dress-up party he forgot to mention”. Matt explains to Lauren that it’s really busy at the station due to the investigation into Kate’s shooting and promises to be home soon. Clearly a little sad that everyone’s going out, Lauren suggests she and Bailey have a mother-and-son night in, but Bailey explains he has a date with Josie, and leaves, telling Lauren not to wait up. Lauren looks lonely.


In Harold's, Danni is back, and Lou questions whether it’s safe for her to be in Erinsborough – but Danni tells Lou that she’s taken Brennan’s word for it. Lou mentions about Paul potentially buying the garage and sacking Brennan in order to punish him for Kate’s death, assuming it’s why Danni has returned, but it’s all news to her. They both wonder why Brennan would avoid telling Danni about the possible garage sale.

At number 24, Danni questions Brennan about why he didn’t say anything about Paul buying the garage. Danni offers to intervene by asking her mum to refuse the offer, but Brennan tells her that he doesn’t care about the garage – his priority is finding Montague. Brennan persistently probes Danni for any more information she can offer about Montague, but Danni has no idea where he might be. Danni asks Brennan if he seriously got her back here to interrogate her about Montague and reminds Brennan that he doesn’t know for certain if Montague was even the person who shot Kate. However, Brennan comments that Montague is a violent man and she of all people should know that. Danni insists she never saw him with any firearms while they were together, but Brennan insists this is no proof that they weren’t there. Brennan comments to Danni that maybe she doesn’t know him very well after all. Danni, getting upset, asks Brennan if he blames her for what happened to Kate. “No” is Brennan’s sharp answer. Danni says to Brennan “But you’ve thought it, haven’t you? You protected me from Stephen, he went after you for revenge – Kate got in the way”. Brennan insists that he never thought it was her fault, but all the signs are pointing to Montague – Brennan reminds Danni that he was even seen right before it happened - he needs to find him. Danni tells Brennan that he could have asked her all this over the phone, she mentions to Brennan that she shouldn’t have come back to Erinsborough, she proceeds to storm off into her room and Brennan looks annoyed.


At the Lassiter’s Complex, Amber takes photos and Karl and Susan look on happily, as Zeke and Vic tie the knot, but the last-minute celebrant is evidently not very good. The celebrant starts the proceedings “We are gathered here today to share with the bride and groom, Victoria and Emmanuel” Susan speaks up “Ezekiel!” the celebrant confirms the name, however Zeke says to him “Zeke, if that’s easier!” The celebrant continues “the most important moment of their lives, when they declare their love and commitment to each other”. Zeke says to Vic “I will go to the ends of the earth and back again for you. You complete my heart and my soul, and the journey I took to find you”. Vic says to Zeke “And now we start our new journey together, as partners, friends and lovers for life”. They exchange rings. The celebrant says to them both “By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce Victoria and Zack” Again Susan speaks up “Zeke!!” The celebrant finally gets Zeke’s name right “Zeke, husband and wife”. They kiss, and Karl and Susan clap and hug them.

Susan then raises a toast - “When a child finds true love, then a parent finds true happiness. And we can see how happy you two make each other. So whatever the future holds, we hope you’re always as happy as you are today”.



Back at the Kennedys, Susan, Karl, Zeke and Vic continue to drink champagne, and moan about the terrible celebrant! They thank Susan for her toast which ‘saved the day’, and Karl remarks that Susan would have made a better celebrant. Susan comments that she doesn’t think she Could ever get sick of weddings. Karl jokingly says to Susan “You’re not angling for a fourth, are you?!” The Kennedys then present Zeke and Vic with a wedding present – a night in a suite at Lassiter’s. Zeke and Vic thank Karl and Susan and decide to leave for the hotel, Zeke comments that he can show Vic some of his old hangouts. Vic says that it sounds perfect, and as they leave Susan wonders aloud whether she could be a celebrant. Karl asks Susan if she is serious - she says that Zeke think she needs something else in her life, and maybes she’s found it.


At number 32, Lauren is eating dinner alone. She looks at a framed photo of her, Matt and the kids, and looks sad. Going to her bag, she retrieves her phone and makes a call to Lisa…


Back at number 24, Danni tells Brennan she’s spoken to her mum, who’s agreed to reject any offer Paul makes on the garage. However Brennan doesn’t express the slightest gratitude for her having saved his job, leading to another row between them about Montague. Brennan tells Danni that he reckons she can help him find him. Danni says to Brennan “Even if I wanted to, how? You were adamant he’s not in the area anymore – it’s the only reason I felt safe enough to come back”. Brennan informs Danni that he’s not here now but when he finds out that she’s back, he’ll follow. Brennan suggests that she reactivates all her Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts and take photos of herself in the neighbourhood and upload them for him to see. Danni, not so keen on this idea, can't believe what she's hearing, but Brennan is serious and tells Danni that it’s the only way to flush him out of hiding. He won’t be able to resist the temptation – he’ll show his face. Danni, shocked at what Brennan is suggesting, realises that he just wants to use her as bait, but Brennan tells her that he's desperate and asks if she'll help.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis

Guest Cast: Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Laura McIntosh as Danni Ferguson, Sophia Emerson-Bain as Vic Elmahdi, Daniel Humphris as Wayne Foster

Trivia Notes
• Past character Kate Ramsay is mentioned

Summary by Kyle