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Magic Moments > 2014 > Paige's Arrival: Part Two Episode 6897

Written by Jutta Goetze, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 03/06/14, Channel 5: 17/06/14

Chris and Will agree to give things another go... Brad talks to a man in Adelaide... The man talks on the phone to someone whom seems to be Brad's long-lost daughter... A young woman gets out of a taxi with a teddy bear matching Lauren's bear... Lauren says that the matching bear went missing after her baby was born...

In the Lassiter's Complex, Josh comes past skateboarding and the young woman stops him and starts chatting to him about skating. Josh notices the woman’s tattoo and enquires about it - she tells Josh that it was a holiday in Bali that got out of hand in 2012. Amber spots them talking and joins them, slightly annoyed, asking if she's interrupting. The woman tells her she isn’t and excuses herself, she tells Josh that it was nice chatting with him and Josh agrees. Once she leaves, Amber asks who she was. Josh has no idea. Amber points out he nearly saw the woman naked, but Josh thinks she’s exaggerating - he laughs and kisses her.



At Lassiter's Reception, the woman walks in and asks Terese if she has any rooms available. Terese checks and tells her there’s a suite but it’s a bit expensive so she suggests a standard room with views of the lake. The woman asks how much the suite is and when told the price $450 per night, she tells a surprised Terese that she’ll take it. The woman reads the name badge Terese Willis as Terese mentions she needs a credit card imprint as a deposit. The woman says that she doesn’t believe in them and offers to pay cash instead and Terese accepts. Terese comments that she still needs a deposit as it's policy. The woman offers $500, then Daniel appears and offers to take the woman’s bags. Terese asks the woman’s name and she answers “It's Novak, Paige Novak”. Daniel takes her bag and asks what brings her to Erinsborough, asking if it's a holiday. “Something like that” is Paige’s reply. Daniel and Paige go up in the lift as Terese looks puzzled, and Lauren walks past the building.

Georgia rushes into number 26 and tells Chris she can't decide what to wear for Kyle's homecoming. Chris comments on the new haircut and the new outfit, and reminds Georgia that Kyle already loves her so she doesn’t need to get his attention. Georgia holds up both outfits and asks Chris to choose one - he doesn’t think it makes a difference as she won’t be wearing it for very long. Georgia says to Chris “That’s assuming he still remembers me, six weeks is a really long time”. “Well you know what they say absence makes the heart forget?” is Chris’s reply. Chris tells Georgia he has a date with Will, who wants Chris to meet his dog. Georgia is surprised about this, and Chris also thinks it’s weird but apparently it’s important to Will. Chris tells Bossy not to get jealous and tells Georgia to stop worrying; he’s sure Kyle’s missed Georgia like crazy. Chris leaves, as Sheila comes out of her room and Georgia asks if she’s leaving as well. Sheila huffily comments that her services have been terminated as a judge she might as well go to work. Sheila tells Georgia that she hasn’t got anything to worry about, Kyle is hers. Georgia is doubtful after all the things she said. “You’ve spoken to him? When?” is Sheila’s surprised response. Georgia explains that she sent him a message on Facebook, she was tired, emotional and soppy, she poured her heart out and Kyle probably thinks she’s an idiot. Sheila thinks he’ll be tickled pink but Georgia questions why he hasn’t replied. Sheila reminds Georgia that Kyle loves her, she might not know it but everyone else does. Shelia reassures Georgia and tells her all will be fine.


By Lassiter's Lake, Will introduces Chris to his small dog, Napoleon. Chris thinks he’s cute - Will says that he’s the cutest dog that graced this Earth. Napoleon starts barking at Chris, who replies by saying hello but Napoleon carries on barking. Will tries calming him down and asking him to sit but he doesn’t. Chris suggests bribery. Will has something prepared but tells Chris that Napoleon is a bit too smart and stubborn. Will praises Napoleon, but Chris points out Napoleon didn’t sit. Will, however, says that Napoleon has bad hips so he shouldn’t force him. Will then tries to get Chris to shake hands with the dog, but Napoleon just starts barking again. Chris doesn’t think Napoleon likes him. Will tells Chris that Napoleon is really protective of him with new people, and thinks that Chris moved too aggressively. Will suggests a walk to give Chris and Napoleon a chance to get to know each other.

Josh is advising Amber on lifting weights at Dingoes gym. Matt, meanwhile, goes over to Brad and asks if Brad has a busy schedule - Brad replies that things got out of hand whilst he was away and the staff aren’t happy with him. Matt tells Brad that he didn’t think yoga ‘gurus’ got stressed. Brad points out they do when they oversell their classes - he admits that he didn’t realise they would be this popular and points out he only started the yoga classes to pay for his Adelaide trip. Matt thinks having the extra work might take Brad's mind off things. Brad thinks that even if he and Lauren had found their daughter, she might not have wanted anything to do with them. Brad shrugs his shoulders and says “I guess we’ll never know”. Across the room, Amber is still convinced the woman was hitting on Josh earlier. Josh doesn’t think she was, asking if Amber’s going to get clingy on him again. Amber tells Josh that she was clarifying - Josh thinks Amber’s gorgeous when she’s clarifying. Amber tells Josh that sucking up isn’t going to get him out of this, but Josh is confused and asks about her and Daniel. Amber doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Josh thinks that if she expects him to be ok about the connection they have, then Amber can't get angry about him chatting to a hot girl. Amber tells Josh she can, so Josh claims that he’s made a date with the woman at the skate park. Amber isn’t pleased but then Josh starts laughing. Amber tells him he’ll pay for that comment.


In the Lassiter's Complex, Georgia answers a call from Kyle, asking if he’s here already, as she was about to leave. She asks why she doesn’t have to bother coming to meet him, saying that she took the day off work especially. The call is then cut off. Meanwhile, Paige is talking to Ethan on the phone. She explains that she met a woman with the surname Willis but her first name wasn’t Lauren. Paige thinks that Terese might be her biological dad's sister or something. She says that it completely threw her, so she decided to make up a fake last name, adding that she must stick to her plan she’s going to find her parents, suss them out and then decide what to do.

Inside Harold’s Store, Matt tells Lauren he thinks the stress is starting to get to Brad. Lauren doesn’t think this has been easy on any of them, and Matt agrees, glad they have decided to drop the search, as they can now move on. Matt tells Lauren she has another customer. Paige’s ears prick up when she hears Lauren's name. After Matt leaves, Lauren invites Paige to take a seat and says she’ll be with her. Paige keeps looking over, and when Lauren goes into the kitchen, Paige calls her on the number she’s been given by Brad. When Lauren answer, Paige hangs up. Paige now knows Lauren is the woman she’s looking for.


Kyle enters the Waterhole, impressed by its makeover - Sheila tells him it's time he turned up, and gives him a hug. She adds that she’s glad to have him home and safe, but he looks like he hasn't slept for three days. Kyle explains that it’s been pretty full on with Dane, who's on top of the world since he’s been set free. Kyle says “It’s been one big party” and he is exhausted. The conversation moves on and Kyle explains to Sheila that he has been home to shower and get changed, Sheila tells Kyle that he should have told someone, however, Kyle explains that his phone died and it’s now at home charging. Sheila tells him that Georgia is stressed out that he wouldn’t let her pick him up at the airport. He tells her that the flight out of Bangkok was the pits and a kid next to him spewed up on him just as they landed, he couldn’t get to his bag and he couldn’t let Georgia see him like that. Sheila tells Kyle that Georgia thinks he’s giving her the cold shoulder, and suggests that he should find her and explain himself.

At Lassiter's Lake, Will is calling for Napoleon and Chris suggests Will maybe shouldn’t have let him off his lead. Will doesn’t think he’s far away, commenting that Napoleon is really independent. Chris thinks Napoleon is ‘bona parte short alpha male’, but Will explains that he’s just got a mind of his own. Chris asks which one is the master - Will doesn’t believe they should be masters to their pets, but should treat each other like equals. Chris invites Will back for a beer, and Napoleon comes running when Will shakes the snack container. Chris then attempts to give Napoleon the snacks, but the dog barks at him. Will says that Napoleon isn’t usually like this, wondering if the problem is Chris’s body language, Chris thinks Napoleon can smell Bossy on him and that’s freaking him out. Chris suggests introducing Bossy to Napoleon, and Will agrees.


In Harold's Store, Lauren offers Paige another coffee, Paige accepts but tells Lauren's there no rush, as she can see she’s busy. Lauren thanks her. Amber comes in and Lauren asks her to work as it’s so busy, and so Amber takes some food over to a woman on a table next to Paige. Paige greets Amber, who ignores her. The woman complains that she ordered the sandwich on a brioche bun, not on an open sandwich, and it’s not a garden salad, and asks Amber to take it away. Paige tells the lady that the open sandwich is to die for and the salad will blow her away, suggesting that she tries it, and can always get a refund if she doesn't like it. Paige looks to Amber for confirmation, who agrees with this. The woman then backs down, and Lauren thanks Paige. Lauren suggests that, as it’s chaotic in the store, Paige should go outside and Lauren will bring her a coffee. Paige happily agrees.

Outside the store, Amber goes over to Paige and tells her she didn’t need her help as she was handling it, with Paige surprised that Amber isn't more grateful. “I saved you having to make the whinger a new meal”. Paige says to Amber. Josh greets Amber and Amber, who explains that her mum needed a hand. Amber points out Josh’s new friend is here, and she totally butted in before with a narky customer, even though Amber had it under control. Josh points out that Paige helped her out and she’s upset about it, but Amber replies that she doesn’t get a good vibe from her. Paige looks flirtingly at Josh and Amber points out Paige is hitting on him again, Josh thinks that Paige might have been flirting with Amber, who laughs disbelievingly. Lauren comes out and offers Paige another coffee - Paige declines. Lauren thanks Paige again, Paige says that she was happy to help, but doesn't think that the other waitress appreciated it. Lauren explains that Amber is her daughter. Paige is surprised they’re related and Lauren wryly says to Paige “You’ve got to love family! Have a good day!”.


At number 26, Chris tells Kyle it’s great to have him back. Kyle replies that it’s great to be back, at which point Chris enquires about Georgia's whereabouts - Kyle explains they got their wires crossed, and he hopes he hasn’t stuffed things up. Kyle asks Chris if Georgia was looking forward to seeing him and Chris tells him they’re as bad as each other. Chris tells Kyle he needs to get back out to Will as he’s got a double date and calls Bossy off the sofa.

Outside, Chris introduces the two dogs. Napoleon starts barking and Will thinks Napoleon is establishing boundaries. Bossy starts backing away and Chris tells Napoleon that Bossy just wants to play. Will tells Chris not to yell at Napoleon, as he’ll make matters worse.


Back inside the house, as the dogs can be heard barking outside, Georgia arrives, to find Kyle asleep on the sofa. She wakes him up, they awkwardly say hi and Kyle apologises about his phone battery going flat. Georgia says that he’s here now and that’s the main thing, and she shows him a koala bear she bought for him. Kyle is surprised and Georgia comments that it’s a bit daggy, but Kyle tells Georgia it's great and he loves it. Georgia proceeds to ask Kyle if he got her Facebook message and he says that he did.

Napoleon and Bossy are still barking at each other. Will thinks that once the dogs make friends they can take them out all the time to various places. Chris suggests they should get through today first, adding that Napoleon still doesn’t look happy. Will tells Napoleon to be friendlier, however Chris points out that Napoleon isn’t listening to Will. Will tells Chris to relax and stop stressing, but then Napoleon goes for Bossy and Chris tells Will to do something - they drag the dogs off each other.


Back inside, Kyle gets up to investigate what is happening outside, just as Chris rushes in carrying Bossy and tells Kyle they need to get her to a vet. Kyle asks Chris what happened and Chris explains that Napoleon got Bossy by the leg. Kyle tells Georgia he has to go and Georgia looks disappointed.

At The Waterhole, Paige is on the phone and tells Ethan that her real mum is lovely, kind and sweet, adding that her sister, on the other hand, is a nightmare. Paige explains to Ethan that she needs to find out more about them before she says anything - she needs to find a way in. Chris enters the bar and tells Will that Bossy is ok but needed some stitches and mentions that Kyle is at the vet's with her now. Will thinks that’s great news and says that he was worried it was going to be a big deal. Chris explains that it is a big deal, Napoleon went for Bossy, he ripped her leg open. Will replies that Napoleon just panicked and it was a bad idea to stick a new dog in with him. Chris disagrees and explains that Bossy was being affectionate and gentle like she always is, Napoleon attacked Bossy for no reason. Chris tells Will that Napoleon is a ‘psycho’, Will reminds him that he loves that dog, but Chris tells Will to train him, as he’s out of control. Will says that it's a shame their dogs don't get along but they can get past this. Chris, not very happy, tells Will that it’s not fair that Kyle has to foot the vet bill - it would be nice of Will to offer to pay it and apologise to Kyle. Will suggests he and Chris split the vet’s bill and forget it ever happened. Chris tells Will that he isn’t taking responsibility for the incident, but Will thinks he's taking it all too seriously. However, Chris disagrees and thinks Will isn’t taking it seriously enough, and he decides that things between him and Will are not going to work out, and goes to leave. Will says “Hang on a second, all of this over the dog?”. Chris points out its not about the dog - it’s the way Will has acted, and he hopes Will and Napoleon will be very happy together!



Paige enters Harold’s and Lauren wonders if she wants another coffee, joking that she won't be able to sleep tonight, but then Paige asks Lauren if she would be interested in recruiting one of her customers. Lauren confirms that she’s asking for a job, and Paige explains that she really needs one and would love to work here. Lauren asks if she has any experience in hospitality, and Paige explains she has a little and mentions she’s good with the coffee machine. Lauren explains that her dad is going overseas so she’ll need someone to replace him - Paige says that Harold's really is a family business. Lauren agrees and thinks Paige will fit right in. As Amber walks in, Paige double checks Lauren is taking her on and Lauren suggests a trial period. Paige is happy with that, and offers to start right now. Lauren accepts and they formally introduce themselves to each other. In the kitchen, Amber can't believe Lauren just hired a total stranger, but Lauren points out she’s a good judge of character. Amber, however, points out that Lauren doesn’t know anything about this girl. Lauren wonders why Amber's so against Paige and Amber tells Lauren she’s not; she just thinks Paige is going to be trouble. Lauren thinks Paige seems a nice girl and says to Amber “what sort of trouble can she cause?” Out in the shop, we see Paige texting Ethan with the words 'I'm in!'.

Featured Regular Characters: Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Olympia Valance as Paige Novak, Christian Heath as Will Dampier, Andrea McCannon as Kerry Wolfe

Trivia Notes
• After appearing for the first time at the end of the previous episode, Paige has her first lines in this episode, which are (as Josh skateboards past her) "Hey! Nice deck!"
• Christopher Milligan (Kyle Canning) returns after a two-month break
• Paige's room number at Lassiter's is 506
• Lauren's phone number is shown as 0491570156

Summary by Kyle