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Magic Moments > 2015 > Amy's Return Episode 7137

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 02/06/15, Channel 5: 16/06/15

Karl confessing to Susan that he has invested in Off Air Bar... Naomi searching for Paul's daughter Amy, despite requests from Paul to not proceed... Paige and Tyler kissing down the well... Paige urging Tyler to visit a doctor after a beating at the garage... Paige stealing a prescription from Karl...

Paige arrives back at Number 24, asking Tyler if they are alone. Tyler confirms that they are, and admits that he slept badly. Paige hands over some tablets that she thinks will help: Tyler is surprised and asks where she got them from. Paige jokes that she knows 'somebody' as she is not prepared to tell Tyler where they really came from. Tyler thanks Paige and comments they have a lot of work to get through. Paige checks that Tyler is going to be ok. He replies that they have little choice as they need to make six thousand dollars. Paige is worried that Tyler has some broken ribs and thinks Tyler should rest, but he replies that they can rest once Michelle is off their backs.


At Sonya's Nursery, Sonya is trying to work out how to assist Kyle in the beautification of Erinsborough project, distractedly hanging some tinsel on some plants. Mark jogs by and reckons that Sonya should lose the tinsel, to which Sonya agrees. Sonya asks how Tyler is: Mark is cheerful about the question, but does admit to the fact that he has not adjusted to Tyler's relationship with Paige, pointing out that you don't know what you have got until it has gone. Mark then asks why Sonya is interested in Tyler. Sonya explains that she saw Tyler with a customer who seemed to be getting stuck into him. Mark replies that he doesn't know, but thinks that Tyler could be having difficulties keeping up with the workload as he had fallen off his motorbike. Sonya wonders about the garage's owner, but Mark explains that he hasn't met him and knows nothing about him. Sonya then asks about Mark's feelings regarding Paige: Mark heads off, telling Sonya he will catch her later.

Karl is polishing some glasses behind the bar of Off Air, telling Susan about his ideas for the bar, including the installation of terrariums and aquariums. Susan wonders if Daniel knows about Karl's plans. He admits that he doesn't, but won't shove the ideas down Daniel's throat, as Susan advises caution, listing all the things that Karl has been enthusiastic about but turned cold towards. Karl realises that Susan has a point and says that he won't stick his oar in too much, as it is Daniel's bar. Susan reassures Karl that they do own fifteen percent of the bar, however. Just then, a man walks past: Karl debates whether he could pull off skinny jeans. Susan retorts that the question is whether he could even pull them on! Paul walks over to the bar and asks if Karl has seen Daniel: Karl replies that Daniel is in a meeting and offers Paul a drink on the house, much to Paul's amusement, who teases Karl about his new job.


A little later, Paul is pacing around the apartment, wondering to Naomi what Daniel was thinking. Naomi replies that Daniel was probably looking for someone to share the load, but Paul coldly says that the only load Daniel will end up sharing with Karl is bankruptcy. Paul gets out his phoney o call Daniel, but Naomi snatches it from him, pointing out that Paul trusted Daniel to start up the business and that he now needs to trust Daniel to run it by himself. Paul tells Naomi that she is annoying, but Naomi goes on to say that Craig Quill is heading to the apartment later that afternoon, Paul realising that the time has come for a 'take down' regarding his own offer to buy back Lassiter's.

Paige is assisting Tyler at the garage when she asks how his pain is on a scale from one to ten. Tyler admits it is only a three, and pushes Paige again on where the tablets were from. Paige confesses to having stolen the prescription from Karl and Tyler is pleased that Paige would do it for him. Paige replies that Tyler was in pain and had to do something, but she stops when Mark approaches, commenting that it looks as though they have a lot on. He then sees Sonya's Ute and offers to give Tyler and Paige a hand. Tyler replies that there is no need, but Paige stops Tyler, saying that they can't just turn away free labour, taking Mark up on his offer and adding that he can help them meet their target. Mark is surprised that they have a target and Tyler replies that their boss likes to crack the whip. Mark follows Tyler into the garage, asking Tyler to put him wherever he is wanted.


At Sonya's Nursery, Susan is relaying Karl's vision for Off Air to Sonya and Toadie, as they load trees carefully but quickly into their car. She wonders if she is being a negative person, but Sonya explains that the turnover for the bar will be growing every month, as she had previously gone over the books with Daniel. Susan thinks that, at least, is a bit reassuring, although now might have to worry that she won't see Karl as much as he will be so in love with being a barman. Sonya comments that it might be good for Karl to have a bit of space to go, where it isn't a matter of life or death. Susan replies that Karl has that at home already as Toadie explains that he and Sonya are in a hurry as they need to deal with the trees being loaded into the car. As Susan rushes off, Sonya confesses to Toadie that she would also be a bit hurt if she was in Karl's position of just having found a bank account that he knew nothing about. Toadie looks at her guiltily.

Outside Number 26, Kyle is on the phone to Sheila as a woman approaches, carrying the letter that Naomi had sent in her search for Amy Williams. Bossy runs over to greet her as she kneels down and asks Kyle what Bossy's name is. The woman asks if Kyle lives with Naomi Canning: he confirms that Naomi is his aunt but is at work down at the Lassiter's Complex. He drives off as the woman stops to look up at Number 22.



As Sonya goes to leave work, Toadie stops her, admitting that he has something to tell her. Toadie goes on to say that he has a secret bank account that he opened about six months previously when Erin turned up as an insurance policy. Sonya realises that Toadie did it in case she relapsed and Toadie confirms that was the case. Sonya says that Toadie was only doing what he thought was best for Callum and Nell: Toadie replies that he should have had more faith in Sonya and apologises. Sonya says that everything is fine and heads off in the car, telling Toadie that she has to go.

In Paul's apartment, Naomi greets Craig, who is stepping out of the lift. He sits down on the sofa after shaking Paul's hand. Paul begins by saying that it is a pleasure to meet Craig, despite the long wait, acknowledging the amount of damage limitation that Craig has had to do, but adds that is the price when a known predator is hired as an acquisitions manager. Paul continues that he is fed up of waiting, especially as the name of his hotel is being dragged through the mud. Craig tries to stop Paul, pointing out that Lassiter's is not Paul's hotel, but Paul turns to Naomi and asks her is she thinks that he is overstating things. Naomi replies that Paul isn't, what with newspaper stories with sleazy headlines, police reports and all. Paul carries on his speech, wondering how anyone could have put Ezra in charge. Craig retorts that Ezra's credentials were excellent: Naomi sarcastically confirms that they were, so long as nobody looked at them. Craig jumps up, telling Naomi and Paul that he is not there to take part in a kangaroo court. As he goes to leave, Paul asks Craig if Quill is ready to consider Paul's buy-back offer.


Sonya is unloading trees from her car near the Lassiter's Complex, when she discovers one of her tyres is flat. Just then, the woman who spoke with Kyle earlier walks past and asks Naomi if she needs a hand. Sonya refuses at first, but after calming down accepts the offer of help, checking that it is not too much trouble. The woman replies that she wouldn't have offered if it was, and helps Sonya to pull the spare tyre out of the car's boot. She then collects the jack and tells Sonya that it won't take long.

At the garage, Mark checks on Paige: she comments to him that the Brennan men always have the urge to supervise. After Paige explains that she is having issues with some of the parts she is working on, Tyler walks past on his way to get a coffee. Paige asks if Tyler is ok, as he seems to be very pale. Tyler replies that he just needs some caffeine and heads off. Mark tells Paige that Tyler seems really banged up and that he must have come off the motorbike very hard. He urges Paige and Tyler to close the garage for a couple of days, but Paige refuses. Mark accepts and tells Paige it's fine if she is happy getting dirty with Tyler, wiping a smudge off her face as he does. Paige moves away from Mark, explaining that she is going to help Tyler with the coffees. After she has gone, Mark goes over to the motorbike and pulls back its cover: he is surprised to discover that despite the alleged accident, it is completely undamaged.


Karl is deciding whether to sign the contract giving him a share in Off Air. Susan confirms to Karl that she is completely supportive over whatever he wants to do with regards to the bar, but offers the suggestion that she do the books to make sure that everything goes as it should. Karl is surprised, as he thought Susan would urge him to sleep on it, but Susan reminds Karl that he is never swayed when he has his heart set on something and Karl replies that Daniel is unlikely to turn down a free bookkeeper. Karl signs the contract.

Sonya's tyre has nearly been changed when she thanks the woman sincerely for her help, apologising if she was a little rude earlier because of the confession that Toadie had made to her. The woman admits that she gets it, stating that it is the way people behave around money that tells you who they really are. Sonya thinks the woman is talking from experience: she admits that she is and advises Sonya to make sure she has proof over what is going on, never taking the other person's word as the whole story. Sonya explains that Toadie would never cheat her, but the woman replies that she trusted her husband and that he cheated on her with other women, leaving her with debts that she didn't even know about. Just then, Kyle heads over and explains that Naomi isn't where he thought she was, Sonya suggesting Paul's penthouse instead. Sonya notices the woman's expression and asks if there is a problem. The woman says that there isn't, but that she just wanted to speak to Naomi alone. She heads off and Kyle wonders if Sonya knew who the woman was: Sonya confirms that she doesn't but that she likes her.


A little later, Sonya returns home to bunches of flowers from Nell and Toadie. Toadie apologises for his bank account, but Sonya replies that it is fine as she wants Toadie to have the instinct of looking after the children. Sonya relates the story of the woman from earlier and explains that she doesn't want to be in a situation where she had lost all faith in live. Toadie replies that he doesn't either, and takes Sonya into the lounge to sign a document, signing half of the house over to her. Sonya says that she loves Toadie and signs the documents, commenting how thoughtful it is of Toadie.

Naomi and Paul are waiting for a phone call from Quill. The phone eventually rings and Paul tells Craig that he has made a good choice and that his solicitors will draw up the relevant paperwork the next morning. Naomi cheers and hugs Paul, both of them laughing happily. Paul says he couldn't have done it without Naomi: Naomi replies that Paul was the one that had Quill on the mat and they both kiss. Paul backs away and says that he is trying to do the right thing. Naomi retorts that the right thing might be for them both to be together. She doesn't get a response and so goes to walk off. Paul stops her and says that they should have dinner together. Naomi checks that it is not for work: Paul confirms it is for them, not work. Naomi agrees and happily goes, saying that she will get them a nice bottle of wine.


Downstairs in reception, the woman from earlier sees Naomi leave the hotel, dropping off her key card for the penthouse at the reception desk and asking receptionist Glen for the card to be replaced as it is playing up. The woman realises Naomi has just come from the penthouse and so walks slowly over to the desk, secretly taking the card that has been left there. She walks over to the lift.


In the penthouse, the woman is discovered by Paul, who asks her who she is and what she is doing in the apartment. The woman comments that Paul is shorter than she remembers. Paul asks her if they know each other. She replies that if she is honest, they don't know each other at all. Paul is confused, thinking that it might be someone with an issue about the council, much to the surprise of the woman, who realises that Paul doesn't recognise her at all. She admits a lot has happened in the last twenty years, but thought Paul might have had at least an inkling of who she was. Eventually, Paul realises the woman's identity: it is his daughter, Amy.

Featured Regular Characters: Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Paige Smith, Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Guest Cast: Zoe Cramond as Amy Williams, Luke Jacka as Glen Darby, Alec Gilbert as Craig Quill

Trivia Notes
Zoe Cramond makes her first appearance as Amy Williams
The role of Amy was previously played by Nicolette Minster in 1988 and Sheridan Compagnino in 1992
Amy's surname is now Williams, having last been given as Robinson during her 1992 appearances
Alec Gilbert, who plays Craig Quill in this episode, previously appeared in 2004 as Ted Smith and in 2011 as Reverend Lewis
Past character Callum Rebecchi is mentioned

Summary by Alex