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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Mike Aitken Ray Chubb

Mike Aitken 2001
Occupation: Competition/Race Judge

An old friend of Madge and Harold Bishop, Mike Aitken was the judge at the Erinsborough Dog Show. The $1000 proved enough temptation for Toadie Rebecchi and Matt Hancock to convince Matt’s younger brother Leo to train Toadie’s dog, Bob for the show and they thought that they were in with a good chance. However, neighbour Michelle Scully appeared from nowhere with her dog, Harvey, and beat them all to the prize. Later that day, Mike called in to visit Harold at the Coffee Shop where he worked and asked after Madge, explaining that he’d been overseas for a few months and hadn’t seen her around. Harold was forced to dredge up painful memories as he explained that his wife had died of cancer earlier that year. Several months later, Mike was called upon again to judge a waiter race between Harold’s Coffee Shop and Lou Carpenter’s pub, in which the Coffee Shop won by a whisker.

Biography by Steve



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