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Billie Alessio 2023, 2024
Occupation: Firefighter, Children's Entertainer

With housemates Haz Devkar and Mackenzie Hargreaves struggling to admit their feelings for each other, believing that the other wasn’t interested, Haz met Billie Alessio on a dating app and they began a casual relationship. His timing couldn’t have been worse, as Mackenzie was just about to tell him how she felt, when she saw him and Billie coming out of no. 32 that morning.

As Haz and Billie continued to see each other, they ended up on a date at the same beach where Mackenzie had gone for a day out with Sadie and Byron. As Mackenzie spent time with firefighter - and part-time children’s entertainer - Billie and learnt more about her, she realised that she wasn’t going to be able to compete with ‘Mary Poppins with abs’ and decided that she needed to move on from Haz and find someone else. As Billie and Haz enjoyed an evening together, Mackenzie went on her first date in two years, only to be stood up. However, she then bumped into a guy named Ed, reporting back to Billie and Holly that there seemed to be a spark between them. Though the girls were excited for Mack to finally start moving on with her life, Billie failed to notice just how uncomfortable Haz was becoming with the idea of Mack dating someone else.

When Billie attended the whiskey launch at Yorokobi Vineyard with Haz, Mackenzie, Sadie and Holly, the day ended badly when Holly realised that Mackenzie’s elusive new boyfriend, and new vineyard employee, Ed was actually her ex, Eden Shaw. Eden had treated Holly like a fool for months, and was now trying to do the same to Mackenzie. Having spotted Holly, Eden had disappeared and the gang had gone looking for him around the property. After failing to find him, they returned to the vineyard’s restaurant to find that Eden had stolen the ladies’ wallets, and had taken Mackenzie’s bag which contained her wedding ring from her brief marriage to the late Hendrix. During the day, Billie finally seemed to have noticed just how far Haz was willing to go for Mackenzie, as he comforted her when they got home.

However, Billie’s discomfort was actually with Haz's dog, Trevor and the amount of Haz’s time and affection he took up. After Trevor ripped up Billie’s favourite jumper, and Haz admitted that he would save Trevor from a burning building before Billie, she’d finally had enough when she woke up with him in the bed one morning. As Trevor followed Billie into the kitchen, wanting to be let out into the garden, she decided to close the door and leave him outside, while she went to take a shower. When Haz found out, he was furious with Billie, but she was unapologetic, leading to a big argument and the end of their brief relationship.

The following year, Billie entered the Lassiters Longest Lie-In. The event was designed by Krista Sinclair to improve hotel business, and involved people signing up to see who could spend the longest in a bed in the Lassiters complex, with the winners receiving an all-expenses paid stay at Lassiters New York. As the contest continued and people started to drop out and get disqualified, the beds were moved around and Billie ended up next to Haz. After an awkward chat and catch up, Haz was eating his room service order when he suddenly had to rush off to the bathroom. As he was gone for longer than the five minutes that were allowed for toilet breaks, he ended up getting disqualified. Another contestant, Remi Varga-Murphy, became suspicious of Haz's sudden reaction to the beans he'd been eating and, claiming to be going to the bathroom, she went over to Billie's bed and found the laxative she'd used to spike Haz's food, causing Billie to be disqualified too.

Episodes Featured
8912, 8917, 8920, 8921, 8925, 8926, 8929, 9005