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Trevor 2023-
Lived: 32 Ramsay Street

When Haz Devkar, the new leaseholder of Harolds Cafe, moved into the sharehouse at 32 Ramsay Street, he brought with him his dog, Trevor. Trevor was a rescue dog, and Haz was besotted with him, but quickly found himself struggling to leave his four-legged friend at home whilst he went to work. Unfortunately, Hazs decision to take Trevor to work and hide him in the storeroom ended badly as customers including Harold Bishop and Cara Varga-Murphy found hairs in their food.

When Hazs housemate Mackenzie then came home one day to find Trevor not there, she assumed that hed escaped through the open side gate, and after a fruitless search of the street, went to break the news to Haz. He was then forced to admit what hed been doing, knowing that he would be in a lot of trouble if the health inspectors found out. Attempts to then keep Trevor at home on his own ended badly as he took his anxiety out on Mackenzie's expensive cushions. Haz did his best to hide Trevor's behaviour, but when Mack found out, she suggested that they, along with housemate Byron, and friends Holly and Sadie, could draw up a rota to make sure that someone was always available to check on Trevor and take him for walks. The plan, along with some Anxiety Training Classes, thankfully, seemed to work and Trevor's behaviour improved, though he later took a dislike to a jumper worn by Haz's new girlfriend Billie and ripped it to shreds.

With Billie already feeling jealous of the amount of time and affection Haz showered on Trevor, the jumper proved to be the final straw. When Billie found Trevor in bed with her and Haz one morning, she let him out into the back garden, but when he wanted to come inside, she ignored him and went to take a shower. When Haz found out what she'd done, he was furious, and she realised that she was never going to be as important as Haz's dog. Following a huge argument, Haz and Billie's short relationship came to an end.

As Christmas approached, the housemates at 32 Ramsay Street decided to hold their own early party to exchange presents. Holly, who had started dating Haz, was becoming increasingly uncomfortable about his closeness to Mackenzie, and could hardly hide her displeasure when Mack gave a delighted Haz a scarf that she'd knitted for him. Later, when everyone else was outside, Holly took out her anger on the scarf, blaming Trevor when Haz found it. Though Haz was upset, he couldn't understand Trevor's behaviour, as his separation anxiety had been improving, and there were people at the house when it had happened. After checking the camera he'd set up to keep an eye on Trevor, Haz found out the truth.

After this incident, Holly and Haz took a break from each other, but when she almost drowned in the swimming pool following an argument with Mackenzie, they got back together. However, within weeks, Holly had finally realised that Haz didn't like her as much as she liked him, and she ended things, telling him that he was now free to be with Mackenzie, as she was clearly the one he wanted. With barely enough time to process what had happened, Haz was in for another shock when Byron returned from walking Trevor and said that a woman named Alyssa had approached him at the park, claiming that Trevor was her missing dog, Bodie. Though Byron and Mackenzie encouraged Haz to speak to Alyssa when she started calling, he refused to engage with her, telling her that she had the wrong number, then deciding to keep Trevor in the house. As he asked his friends to remove any pictures of Trevor from social media, and started taking him to work at the cafe again, they became worried about how long he could keep hiding from the reality of the situation. As Haz then started looking into whether Trevor could legally be taken away from him, Mackenzie realised how much he was struggling, and offered to help him make an indoor activity centre for Trevor.

With the constant fear that Trevor was going to be dognapped, Haz realised that he couldn't continue to hide, and he contact Alyssa. They met up, and she explained that her six-year-old son, Max, was desperately missing his dog and refused to allow his parents to get rid of the dog bed. Feeling guilty, Haz agreed to give Trevor back to the Gavalas family, and said a painful goodbye. As Haz struggled to deal with his loss, Trevor then turned up at no. 32, having run away, and Haz was forced to say another painful goodbye as Alyssa and her husband, George, came to collect him. Seeing how much Haz was struggling, Mackenzie met with George, planning to suggest a shared custody arrangement, but was surprised when George explained that the dog was very unhappy, constantly trying to escape and not wanting to engage with Max. He suggested that Trevor would be happier with Haz, and Mackenzie took him home for a happy reunion.

Trivia Notes
The dog who appeared as Trevor was named Bodhi (occasionally incorrectly credited as Bodie)
Bodhi is a Groodle (a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle)

Biography by Steve