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Nicholas 'Nick' Atkins 1998
Lived: 30 Ramsay Street
Siblings: Caitlin; Ben (adoptive)
Family Tree: Atkins
Occupation: Teacher at Erinsborough High School

After spending time travelling the world, tutoring the children of rich families, Nicholas arrived in Erinsborough to look after his sister, Caitlin. He arrived just in time to find her running away with her boyfriend, Josh. This immediately led to many arguments between Ben and Nick, both feeling that they could be a better carer for their younger sister. Soon after his arrival, a fan of Toadie's, Karen Oldman, called by and mistook Nick for Mr. Rebecchi himself. Toadie was worried that Karen would be disappointed to find out his real identity and so managed to convince Nick to keep it going for a little while longer. An uncomfortable Nick was relieved when it all finally came out into the open and Karen decided to give things a go with the real Toadie.

In the end, Ben moved away to Sydney to work with his natural father, Geoff Burke, and Nick was left in charge. Managing to score some casual supply work teaching at Erinsborough High, Nick quickly managed to settle into the neighbourhood. He soon struck up a close friendship with colleague Jacquie Boyd, which upset Caitlin, who had a strong dislike for Ms Boyd.

One of the more unpleasant pupils at Erinsborough High, Mickey Dalton, had had a big fallout with Paul McClain, framing him for shoplifting at the Coffee Shop. When a fight broke out, Nick attempted to break it up, resulting in Mickey taking an awkward fall and damaging his ankle. Mickey's mother decided to sue Nick for assaulting her son and Susan was upset to have to suspend him from work. However, thanks to Paul and Hannah, the truth about the incident came out and Nick was allowed to return, although he admitted he wasn't sure he wanted to teach any longer.

When Nick and Caitlin's mother returned from the Middle East, Nick told his younger sister that they'd be going home to Adelaide to join her. And so, despite Caitlin's protests, they left Erinsborough for good.

Trivia Notes
This character was originally going to be called Lachlan, but the character name was changed at the last minute. Because of this, for the first few weeks of his appearances, Nick is referred to as Lachlan in the episode guides


Biography by Steve