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Hannah Amelia Rose Martin 1992-1999
Lived: 26, 32 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1983/'84
Parents: Philip and Julie Martin
Siblings: Michael and Debbie
Family Tree: Martin
Occupation: Student

Hannah Martin was born in the country after her mother and father, Julie and Philip, had just married. Philip had two older children, Debbie and Michael, from his first marriage and as they were older, Philip always indulged Hannah and affectionately called her 'button'. Although Hannah had a normal sisterly relationship with Debbie, she was never liked or welcomed by Michael, who felt Philip devoted all his time and love to his new wife and child. As a result, Hannah grew up quite scared of her older brother, and greeted her parents' decision to send him away to boarding school with great enthusiasm.

At the age of eight, Hannah found herself having to adjust to life in the city after Philip was made redundant and the family moved to Julie's home town of Erinsborough to live with her family at No. 26 Ramsay Street. Hannah soon settled into life in the suburbs as a friendship developed between her and neighbour Toby Mangel. Hannah also had the love and affection of her grandfather, Jim and great-grandmother, Helen, who were both thrilled to have a little one in the house again to dote on.

However, Hannah longed to return to the countryside after she was nearly kidnapped by a strange man one afternoon while she was out selling lollipops for charity with Toby. The man tried to force Hannah into his car, but Toby arrived on the scene in the nick of time, and saved Hannah from any harm. Further drama followed when a few days later, Hannah realised the man who had tried to abduct her was in her own house - it was Julie's old boss, Raymond Chambers who Julie had invited over for tea in the hope of getting a job with him. A shocked Hannah desperately tried to tell her parents that Raymond had been her would-be abductor, but it took them a while to believe her. A court case ensued, where tensions rolled over onto Ramsay Street when neighbourCameron Hudson took Chambers on as his client. A further blow was dealt to the Martins when Chambers was cleared of the crime, but he was caught trying to abduct another girl a few weeks later, and Hannah was vindicated.

Hannah's feud with Michael was revived when he arrived home for the school holidays and began to make things difficult for his younger sister. Michael spiked Hannah's orange juice with some of Jim's vodka, resulting in Hannah falling unconscious. Michael was soon packed away to boarding school again, but on his next visit posed a grave threat to Julie's safety by undertaking a complex plan to kill his stepmother. Julie eventually rumbled Michael's plan just in time, and he fled Erinsborough to avoid the wrath of his father, and the police, who were looking for him in connection with some local crimes. When Michael next showed up, Hannah was so scared of him that she called the police to report her brother's return, and he was later sentenced to six months in a detention centre.

The Martins were on the move again soon, but this time it was only a few doors down to No. 32, which Helen had bought as an investment and had agreed to rent to Julie and Philip. Hannah soon made some addition to the family with her pet dog, Holly, and cat, Crackers. However, her real penchant for animals was demonstrated when she fell in love with horses and pleaded with her parents for a horse. Julie and Philip were dead against the idea but Julie eventually worked out a deal with a local family, the Goughs, to let Hannah care for their horse, Painter.

After Julie found out that Jim wasn't her natural father and she was, in fact, the product of a rape, she was so disgusted with herself that she became irrational and depressed, and threw a bewildered Philip out of the house. As her parents' marriage crumbled, Hannah was faced with the possibility of Philip and Debbie leaving for Perth. She was so upset by the idea that she started wetting the bed, and after Julie came to terms with her parentage and realised she didn't want to lose her marriage, Hannah was relieved to see her parents reconcile and Philip back home at No. 32.

Hannah had found herself in various life threatening situations as she grew up in Erinsborough, including being trapped in a burning cottage with Beth Brennan and on a building site with her classmate Nicholas Greenway. But it was only when her aunt Lucy Robinson gave her a piece of Ayers Rock that Hannah started to suspect she was cursed. Debbie's boyfriend, Rick Alessi, told Hannah that it was bad luck to take any piece of the rock from its natural environment, and when Debbie was nearly electrocuted by a hairdryer hours later, Hannah was convinced the curse applied to her. In an attempt at ridding herself of the cursed rock, Hannah threw it over the back fence into No. 30's garden but accidentally smashed a window. She initially refused to own up to what had happened, but after Beth - who was living at No. 30 - commented on all the strange goings on in the house since the piece of Uluru had been thrown in her window, Hannah began to feel guilty. And after the rock then found itself in No. 28 and later No. 24, Hannah owned up once and for all, and was hugely relieved when Helen suggested they go on a trip to Ayers Rock and return the piece of Uluru to its rightful home.

No sooner had the apparent curse been lifted than Hannah found herself in a life or death situation in the middle of the bush with Philip while on a camping trip. While playing fetch with Holly, Hannah slipped down a rocky ledge. Philip managed to pull her to safety, but he ended up slipping further down the rocks and broke his foot. Hannah ran to the car to call for help but discovered they had left the mobile phone at home and as a last resort, she sent Holly to find help, while she tended to Philip's injury. Holly made her way to a roadhouse not far from Philip and Hannah's campsite and attracted the attention of a father and son, who contacted Julie after reading the Martins' phone number on Holly's collar. Julie then alerted the rescue authorities and there was relief all around when Hannah and Philip were found safely.

When Michael was released from the detention centre, the Martin family made a concerted effort to make him feel as welcome as possible this time round, with Julie particularly keen to put her past problems with Michael behind them. However, Hannah resented all the attention everyone was lavishing on Michael, and when he accidentally hurt Holly while playing with her in the backyard, Hannah accused him of always hurting people and told him she didn't want him home. Hannah's outburst prompted Michael to decide to move on and find somewhere else to live. But just before he was set to depart, Hannah apologised for the way she had treated him, and agreed to give him a chance. Michael was delighted by Hannah's extension of the olive branch and for the first time, Hannah started to see Michael as a proper big brother as opposed to someone to be fearful of.

As Hannah began blossoming into a young teenager, she started at Erinsborough High School, where she regularly found herself having to ward off the advances of Robert Dong. It was here that Hannah also made herself a best friend in the form of Miranda Starvaggi, who she got up to all sorts of scrapes with. At home, things were changing again. The family had moved back across to the Robinson house after Helen needed to sell No. 32 to raise the finances to buy into Lassiter's. Hannah welcomed the move since it meant she would see more of her gran, and was also distracted by her sudden obsession with ballet classes.

Tragedy struck for Hannah when Julie died suddenly following a fall from a tower while away on a murder mystery weekend with Philip and Debbie. It took Hannah a long time to take in her mother's death, and was often heard talking to 'Julie' in the kitchen. Hannah's grief was compounded by the fact that Jim had died the year previously having suffered a massive heart attack after playing with Hannah in the garden. She had blamed herself for her grandfather's death and now that her mother was dead too, Hannah felt as if everyone close to her was dying. Luckily, the love and support provided to her by Helen enabled Hannah to get through the dark days following her mother's death, and she was also helped by the arrival of 14 year-old Billy Kennedy, who moved in next door with his family. Hannah and Billy quickly became friends, and spent their time riding Painter and fishing for tadpoles. They also found an old abandoned hut near Lassiter's which they turned into their own clubhouse. And as they got to know each other better, Hannah started to develop a crush on an unsuspecting Billy.

When the new school term started, Billy came to Hannah's rescue after school tough girl Packo locked Hannah's plait into her locker door. But Billy became increasingly uncomfortable with Hannah following him everywhere by the end of the day, especially since he was a year above her in school and it didn't look good for him to be hanging around with a 12 year-old. Matters were complicated further when Mark Gottlieb rallied the local kids to attend the parish dance, and Hannah refused to go after hearing Billy was taking Nicole Cahill. However, Mark managed to persuade her to go after suggesting to her that Billy was probably only taking Nicole to make Hannah jealous. But the dance turned into a disaster when Hannah told Nicole that Billy was only there with her because he was trying to make her jealous, prompting Nicole to tease Hannah at the end of the night about her dress and being a mummy's girl, culminating in a brawl between the two girls on the dance floor. Philip was disgusted with Hannah over her behaviour at the dance, and made her go over to the Kennedys the next day to apologise to Billy. Billy reluctantly accepted her apology, but upset Hannah further by telling her she couldn't come down to the club house with him later that day. Hannah followed him down anyway, but was furious when Billy refused to let her in because Nicole was there with him. Hannah returned home in tears, but Philip comforted her, trying to assure her that she'd get over Billy in time.

Hannah faced further upset when Philip started seeing Molly Harrison, a woman he met in his newsagency. Devastated that her father could even think about seeing someone else after Julie's death, Hannah refused to give her blessing to the relationship, and decided to demonstrate her disapproval of the couple when Philip invited Molly over for a family dinner. Hannah made some tomato punch for everyone, and spike Molly's punch with chilli powder. But Hannah quickly regretted her actions after Molly had a bad reaction to the mixture, and was nearly sick. Philip immediately pointed the finger of suspicion at Hannah, and exploded in a furious rage at his daughter. Hannah accused Philip of not caring about anyone but himself, and Philip responded to her outbursts by forbidding her to go horse riding or to her ballet classes. Helen was also forced to confront Hannah about her recent attitude after witnessing her great-granddaughter being rude and dismissive of Robert while they were doing their homework together. But Hannah insisted that she was only speaking to people the way they spoke to her. Philip eventually decided to stop seeing Molly because of the hurt it was causing Hannah, and the sacrifice made Hannah realise how selfish she had been, and she apologised to Philip for her recent behaviour.

Surprisingly, Hannah responded to Philip's next romance in a much more positive manner. Jen Handley was already familiar to the family through her friendship with Cody Willis, who had moved in with the Robinsons after her family moved to Darwin. When Philip started seeing Jen, he was blown away by Hannah's acceptance of her as part of their lives, and she even took Jen with her to buy her first bra. Philip was thrilled at the maturity and selflessness with which Hannah was handling his relationship with Jen, and in time, he invited Jen to move in with the family - with Hannah's blessing.

When Lucy returned home after her international modelling career had failed, Hannah immediately suspected something was up with her aunt. Gone was Lucy's bubbly demeanour and in its place was a moody, selfish young woman, with a fondness for a stiff vodka. It transpired that Lucy had become addicted to drink and drugs after her career bombed, and the family rallied around her to help her overcome her addiction. But a further shock was in store when Hannah came across a copy of porn magazine Ambrosia in the clubhouse with Cody and they discovered Lucy was the centrefold. Hannah confronted Billy and Toadfish Rebecchi about leaving the magazine lying around her cubby house, and threatened to tell their parents about it. But Toadie told Hannah that he'd tell everyone about her aunt's career as a centrefold unless she kept quiet. Hannah decided to take drastic steps to protect Lucy from exposure, and went to the newsagency after school to take all the copies of Ambrosia off the shelves. But Philip caught Hannah putting the magazines into her school bag, and demanded to know what she was up to. Hannah told Philip that she had been forced into taking the magazines from the shop as a dare from some boys at school, and a furious Philip banned her from riding Painter for a month as punishment. It was only when Hannah lashed out at Lucy for being a hypocrite that the family realised Hannah was hiding something, and after Hannah told Lucy about her discovery, Lucy confessed all to Helen and Philip, explaining that she had posed for the pictures while at her lowest ebb in Europe. Hannah and Lucy put their differences behind them, and stood side by side as bridesmaids when Helen married Reuben White shortly afterwards.

When Hannah and Miranda became obsessed with pop star Dayle, they set up their own fan club and started holding meetings of the fans at Hannah's. But the first meeting proved disastrous when one of the girls knocked over a portrait of the recently deceased Reuben that Helen had left on an easel to dry. After clearing the house of her friends, Hannah showed Lucy the damage done to Helen's painting of Rueben, and Lucy encouraged her to tell Helen the truth about what happened. Philip was furious with Hannah when she told him what she had done, especially since she had thrown the 'Dayle' party at No. 26 without permission. Hannah went on to demonstrate a cunning side to her character when she came up with a plan to meet Dayle in the flesh. Hannah wrote the pop star a letter telling him she was dying and her last wish was to meet him. The plan worked, and Hannah was ecstatic when Dayle showed up on Ramsay Street to meet her. But Dayle's visit was cut short by the intrusion of Philip, who quickly set the record straight with Dayle. Hannah was taught a lesson when the press photographer arrived to take photos of the meeting and Dayle's manager decided to turn Hannah's lies to his advantage and do a story about how desperate one little girl was to meet her idol. Afterwards, Hannah admitted her shame to Philip and Helen, and most notably to Jen, who had lost a younger sister to a terminal illness some years before.

When Hannah left school early one afternoon in tears, Philip was concerned about her and asked Lucy to have a word with her after Hannah refused to speak to him. Lucy thought she had sorted things out after Hannah told her she had read an interview with Dayle in which he said he preferred blonde girls and that had upset her. However, Helen realised the real reason for Hannah's behaviour the next morning when she noticed her bloodstained clothes in the washing machine, and she told Philip that Hannah had had her first period. Philip decided to spend the afternoon alone with Hannah to talk it over with her, and Hannah was pleasantly surprised at how well her father was able to handle the situation. Philip even treated Hannah to a meal that night at Chez Chez to celebrate her becoming a woman, and Hannah told Philip that she was sure Julie would be happy with the way he was filling in for her.

In keeping with her ascension into womanhood, Hannah shocked Helen and Philip by sporting a love bite on her neck. Helen was horrified by the love bite until Hannah admitted that she had faked it in order to keep up with Miranda, who had got one from her new boyfriend, Daniel. Helen convinced Hannah that she didn't need a love bite to keep up with Miranda, and Hannah bravely agreed to face school without one. Miranda's admission that she had faked her love bite too made Hannah feel a lot better, but she remained uncomfortable around Miranda and Daniel, and enlisted Annalise Hartman's help in making her look more attractive to the boys at school. Annalise gave Hannah some make-up tips, but Hannah took the advice to extremes and plied the make-up on her face. And she horrified Philip and Helen when they arrived home to find Hannah had cut up her school uniform and gone gothic. Philip was furious with his daughter for her behaviour, and refused to let her adopt the new image. Hannah was cheered up considerably, however, when she found an anonymous love letter in her school bag, proclaiming how attracted the secret admirer was to her. Hannah and Miranda quickly set out to uncover the secret admirer and after ruling out Robert - much to Hannah's relief - the girls discovered the letter had either beenwritten by the class dork, Eddie, or the class spunk, Lance Hails, after Robert recognised the handwriting as being like theirs. Convinced that it couldn't have been Eddie, Hannah approached Lance to thank him for the letter. But Lance had no idea what she was talking about, and when Hannah produced the letter, he realised that he had accidentally put the love letter he had written to Jacquie Boyd in Hannah's bag instead - leaving both Hannah and Lance feeling awkward and embarrassed. To take her mind of Lance, Miranda lined Hannah up with Daniel's mate, Ollie, but he tried to get heavy with Hannah at a house party and she had to be saved by Billy. Hannah's lengthy friendship with Miranda suffered in the wake of the incident, after Miranda dismissed Hannah as behaving like a little girl.

Hannah finally got herself a boyfriend when Lance finished with Jacquie and asked her out. Soon after they got together, Lance started showering Hannah with expensive gifts, which turned out to be his mother's belongings. Hannah was furious when Lance revealed the truth to her, but he explained that he figured his mum had enough jewellery to start with, and Hannah forgave him when he presented her with a brand new ring that he had bought for her out of his own money. The relationship eventually fizzled out, however, after Lance began to boast to his mates in the boys' locker room about his relationship with Hannah, and didn't set them straight after they believed he and Hannah had gone all the way.

Hannah was devastated when Philip and Jen split up, and Jen moved out. Hannah pleaded with her to stay, but Jen insisted there was no hope for reconciliation between her and Philip. She did promise Hannah that she'd be always there for her if she needed her, however, but Hannah refused to accept Philip's decision to break up with Jen, and took her anger out on him at every opportunity. Just as Hannah had started to get over Jen's departure, she was landed with a huge shock when Cody was killed in a tragic shooting incident. Hannah could barely believe that yet another person she was close to had died, but she was supported through the ordeal by Georgia Brown, a troubled teen Philip had taken in as part of a Crisis Care programme. Hannah and George had initially hated each other, but the death of Cody brought them closer together, and by the time Georgia returned to her father, they were friends. Debbie's return from a year in the States with their aunt Rosemary Daniels also gave Hannah a huge boost, and she was thrilled to have her big sister back.

When Hannah and new best friend Zoe Tan decided to try out for places on the Erinsborough High team on television quiz show Brainorama, Hannah was convinced she had no chance of making the team. But when she found herself in the same room as the questions set by teacher Susan Kennedy to select who would compete, Hannah was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to sneak a peek at them. In class, Hannah got all the answers correct having memorised the notes and was immediately chosen for the team. But on television, Zoe was left to answer all the questions and Hannah realised that cheating would never get her anywhere in life. More trouble followed for Hannah when she and Zoe began to shoplift. Although Zoe was the main protagonist, Hannah still participated and was lucky enough to escape with a caution after they were caught trying to rob a dress from a clothes store in the mall. But the girls weren't so lucky the next time when they decided to pinch some chocolate from the Coffee Shop only to be caught by Kristy who called an angry Philip down to the shop.

An unlikely friendship was forged between Hannah and Toadie after they spent the day wagging school together at the clubhouse. The bond was strengthened at the school dance when they bumped into each other on the staircase, wallowing in pity over their disastrous dates. But Toadie landed Hannah in hot water when he left her holding his cigarette while he went to get his coat and she was caught by Mr. McKenna. Philip was furious with Hannah for smoking, and her attempts at explaining how she had been simply holding the cigarette for a friend failed to placate Philip after she refused to name the friend. Toadie eventually owned up to being the one who was really smoking at the dance, but McKenna refused to lift Hannah's punishment at school since she had lied to him and Hannah and Toadie found themselves having to clean the school toilets for the duration of the cleaner's strike.

Love blossomed for Hannah when Philip took in Casper Mack as part of the Crisis Care programme. Casper was a shy boy, who had little experience around girls, and as a result, initially appeared rude and ignorant to Hannah. But after Hannah confronted Casper about why he never wanted to be around her, she was surprised when he revealed that, in fact, he fancied her and was just too shy to say anything. They started dating, and even managed to keep seeing each other after Casper returned to his family. However, Hannah was convinced Casper would want to dump her after she was told by the dentist she needed braces. She pleaded with Philip not to get the braces for her, but he insisted it was necessary and tried to assure her that Casper would still like her. Hannah's suspicions appeared to be confirmed when Casper refused to kiss her after she first had the braces put on and she resolved to try and go about her life without opening her mouth to speak. But Casper explained that he hadn't kissed her because they hadn't had any privacy since she had got the braces, and as soon as they were alone, they made up for lost time.

Hannah was shocked to arrive home from school for lunch one afternoon and find Helen unconscious on the kitchen floor after suffering a stroke. Helen was rushed to hospital, and Hannah, Philip and Debbie kept a bedside vigil. Much to their relief, Helen pulled through, although she faced several months of rehabilitation and the stroke had left her severely restricted in her movements. Hannah was thrilled that her precious gran had survived, and proved to be of enormous emotional and physical support to Helen in the months that followed.

Romance blossomed for Philip when he hired Ruth Wilkinson as a physiotherapist for Helen. Hannah was pleased to see Philip find some happiness again, and was surprised to learn that Ruth was also Lance's mother, and thus, the relationship between Philip and Ruth brought Lance back into Hannah's life. However, this time round, the two remained simply friends, especially since it looked as if they would one day become step-siblings.

Hannah made a new friend when French exchange student Claire Girard came to stay with the Bishops next door. Claire had a penchant for mischief and soon had Hannah up to all sorts of mischief around the neighbourhood, most notably re-igniting the old Ramsay/Robinson feud, this time between Philip and Madge. As part of a school project on her ancestors, Hannah delved into her great-great-great grandfather's diaries and uncovered the Robinson family's historic claim that Ramsay Street should have actually been named after them. The diaries claimed that Jack Ramsay had cheated in the card game to decide who the street should be named after, and Hannah and Claire decided to balance things out - and wind Madge up in the process - by replacing the Ramsay Street sign with one reading 'Robinson Street'. As the feud took centre stage between the two families again, Helen was finally released from hospital after a lengthy spell to spend her birthday at home with the family. Helen immediately set about mending the rift between the two families once and for all by summoning Madge and Harold over to watch the video of the marriage of Scott and Charlene - the ultimate union of the two clans as one. After the rift had healed, the champagne started flowing at No. 26 and Hannah was thrilled to have Helen back home. As she started feeling tired, Helen decided to take a nap beside Hannah on the sofa, but as the evening wore on, Hannah began to realise that Helen was no longer asleep and had actually passed away. When Karl Kennedy called in to check on Helen, he confirmed Hannah's worst fears, and the Martins were thrown into mourning.

Helen's death devastated Hannah, and unable to handle the situation, she ran away. Philip desperately tried to find her as the relatives started to arrive for Helen's funeral, and pleaded with Claire to tell him if she knew of Hannah's whereabouts. Claire had no idea where Hannah had gone, but Toadie had a hunch that she may be at the old club house, and led Claire down there to check it out. Luckily, Hannah was there, and Toadie left Claire to talk to her. Hannah had retreated to the clubhouse to look through old photos, and reflect on her gran's passing. Claire comforted Hannah, and after talking of her own experiences of losing her grandmother, Claire managed to get Hannah to go home. Once safely back at home, Hannah was supported in her grief by Rosemary, who gave her Helen's wedding ring as a special keepsake. It was to be a huge source of comfort for Hannah from that point on, and as long as she had the ring, Hannah always felt that her beloved gran was with her.

After the first months following Helen's death saw Hannah and Philip alone at No. 26, the house soon filled up again after Philip and Ruth got married and she moved in with Lance and Anne. Hannah experienced a difficult period of adjustment to the new additions to the household, especially after Michael unwittingly suggested Hannah remove Julie's photographs from around the house and Ruth started re-arranging the furniture. The final straw came for Hannah when Ruth almost sold an old doll of Hannah's at a garage sale, and she was devastated at the prospect of losing the rag doll because Julie had given it to her. Ruth apologised to Hannah for the mistake, and assured her that she was in no way trying to erase Julie from her life. Still, Hannah had a tough time coping with the Wilkinsons integration into her family, and as tensions continued with Ruth, Hannah announced to Philip that she wanted to go to France for six months to stay with Claire and her family. Philip was against the idea initially, but as he realised how determined Hannah was to go, he was forced to accept her wishes and grant her his blessing. Just before she was due to leave, Hannah was shocked when Paul McClain declared his love for her. Hannah had always liked Paul ever since he had been fostered by Madge and Harold, and moved in next door. But she had never thought Paul liked her in the same way, so his admission on the eve of her departure for France caused Hannah to re-evaluate her decision to leave. Hannah was provided with a sympathetic ear from Rosemary, who had stopped off in Erinsborough to accompany Hannah on her journey to France, and she helped Hannah realise that if things were serious between her and Paul, then the relationship could resume when she returns. Hannah took her aunt's advice on board, and decided to press ahead with her travel plans. In a tearful goodbye at the airport, Hannah kissed Paul, and said her farewells to Philip, who she allowed call her 'Button' for the occasion that was in it, before flying off for the trip of a lifetime in France.

Upon her return to Erinsborough six months later, Hannah had changed considerably. For starters, her curly locks were gone, and replaced by a new short-cropped hair do. And Hannah had developed an air of arrogance while on her travels, as well as an admirer in the form of Claire's older brother, Pascal. Basically, she was missing France and longed to return, and the discovery that Paul had been seeing Jade Cleary while she was away failed to make her re-adjustment to life in Erinsborough any better. Gradually, Hannah settled back in though, and after a few weeks, she and Paul had gotten back together after Paul prepared a special dinner for her at the Coffee Shop one night. They split up again a few months later when Paul began to spend all his time on his new hobby, BMX bike riding. Hannah instead turned her attentions to Teabag Teasdale, a rival of Paul's on the BMX track, but Philip disapproved of Tea-bag and made it clear to Hannah that there was to be no romance between them.

It was a huge shock to Hannah when Philip and Ruth announced their plans to sell up and move to Darwin, where Philip had landed a job. Hannah was dead against the idea of leaving her hometown, and told Philip in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't be going with him up north. Her determination to stay was increased when she realised Lance and Anne were staying behind, and she tried to convince Philip and Ruth to let them all stay behind at No. 26. After that idea was rejected, Hannah asked Madge and Harold if she could stay with them, but they were full up with Paul and Tad Reeves. As a last resort, Hannah accepted Tea-Bag's invitation to stay at his place, but after visiting the dump with Philip, Hannah declined the offer.

With no other alternatives, Hannah was forced to accept that her future lay elsewhere, and she began packing to leave Ramsay Street. On her final day in Ramsay Street, panic set in when Hannah misplaced Helen's ring and she was convinced it was a sign that the move would be a disaster. Luckily, Ruth found the ring in one of the packed boxes, and returned it to a relieved Hannah, before having a heart-to-heart with Hannah about how much the move meant to Philip. Hannah felt better about going in light of the talk with Ruth, and spent her final night in her cubby house out the back yard with Paul. Here, Hannah reflected on her time growing up in the Robinson house with Helen, Julie, Debbie and Michael, and she and Paul vowed to always stay in touch. The following day, Hannah bid a tearful farewell to her friends and neighbours as she left the street she grew up in and that was so special to her for the final time.

Trivia Notes
In one of the show's most blatant rewritings of its own history, Hannah Martin was born in 1984, a year before her parents had met one another!
In 2005, Hannah made a cameo appearance in Annalise's 20th Anniversary Documentary
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Magic Moments
Episode 3418: The Martins' Departure

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