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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Kevin Brown Domenic Brancatisano

Kevin [Kev Karnage] Brown 2005
Occupation: Accountant, Wrestler

When Kevin Brown threw a dog out of the Coffee Shop, he was quickly taken to task by dog-loving new local, Dylan Timmins. He later found himself on the end of one of Izzy Hoyland’s convincing sales tactics when he bought some chocolate muffins which had been spiked with chilli by Izzy’s arch enemy, Sky. A few days later, it was revealed that accountant Kevin doubled as a wrestler called Kev Carnage. Kev ended up in a bout with local lawyer Toadie Rebecchi aka The Lawman. Toadie was forced to lose the match as it was Kev’s turn to win, but with some help from his coach, Lyn Scully, Toadie still managed to come out of it with most of his dignity intact.

A few months later, Toadie's mate Connor O'Neill had entered the wrestling circuit, as The Shamrock. Toadie had since decided to retire from professional wrestling and Connor's new hobby was an attempt to convince him to resurrect The Lawman. When The Shamrock faced Kev Karnage in his first professional match, it looked like Connor was about to be beaten to a pulp, until he was tagged by his new wrestling partner, The Lawman and Toadie's brief retirement was over.

Biography by Steve



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