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Bryce Bukowski 2014
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High

When some of the Erinsborough High students were helping out at the school, planting trees at a working bee, an argument broke out between Josie Mackay and Bryce's friend Jayden Warley. Josie had heard from her new boyfriend Bailey that Jayden had been telling the guys that he and Josie had slept together. When Bailey brought it up in conversation, suggesting that Josie might like to get more serious with him too, she was horrified to learn about what Jayden had been saying about her, and made it very clear to everyone that she and Jayden had never even kissed, never mind anything else. Humiliated, Jayden blamed Bailey and challenged him to a fight later that day.

Bailey managed to talk his way out of the fight by bribing Jayden and his mates with some home brew that he'd stolen from his grandfather, Lou. Bailey then found himself spending more time drinking with Jayden and his group of friends, but he was also desperate to get back together with Josie, who'd since dumped him for his stupid behaviour. After Callum managed to persuade Josie to go and talk to Bailey and give him a second chance, she was surprised to find Jayden already at the Turner house, but she agreed to stay and talk to Bailey. But as the day progressed, Jayden was the one spending time with Josie, trying to impress her, and annoying Bailey in the process. A fight soon broke out between the two boys, causing Josie to walk out and leaving Bailey humiliated. When word started to get around school about Bailey's pathetic attempts to fight Jayden, he found himself being laughed at by Bryce and realised that he'd managed to burn his bridges with almost all of the people he'd recently considered to be his friends.

Later that year, following a tornado that had devastated Erinsborough, former mayor Paul Robinson had almost lost his life, causing him to rethink his recent behaviour. Following a bout of depression, Paul had become a nicer human being and was even starting to get on with many of the locals, but his brush with death made him realise that he'd have to become a little more ruthless if he wanted to get his old status back. As he walked through Lassiter's, surveying the clean up operation, Paul spotted Bryce throw some rubbish on the floor and told him to pick it up - Bryce refused, wanting to know who Paul was to tell him what to do. Paul, more forcefully, replied that he was the mayor, enjoying the rush of power as Bryce did what he was told.

A few weeks later, Toadie spotted Bryce outside his house and, after receiving mysterious poison pen letters about his wife Sonya, Toadie suspected the teenager of being involved. Toadie grabbed Bryce, demanding to know why he was there, and was left embarrassed as Bryce explained that he'd just been smashing eggs in people's letterboxes, as a Halloween prank.

Episodes Featured
6885, 6894, 6963, 7005

Biography by Steve