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Narelle Campbell 2022
Occupation: Lassiters Hotel HR Manager

When someone humiliated Harlow Robinson by projecting an image of her kissing Ned Willis onto her dress on the catwalk at Montana Marcel's fashion show at Lassiters, it was mistakenly believed that Katrina Marshall was behind the incident. Katrina and Harlow had clashed immediately, with Katrina feeling that Harlow was only given a job alongside her in housekeeping because her grandfather owned the hotel. It was agreed by the hotel's PR manager Narelle that Katrina would be suspended whilst an investigation took place, and Katrina was later questioned by both Narelle and Chloe, who pointed out her history with Harlow and the fact that she'd been photographed outside the tent where the fashion show was taking place. Katrina protested her innocence, telling them that Corey Smythe-Jones, Harlow's English boyfriend, had been hanging around too and was more likely to be responsible.

When it then emerged that Corey had been secretly harassing Harlow for weeks and had been responsible for everything at the fashion show, another meeting was arranged, with Katrina agreeing to be paid for the four weeks of work she'd missed, along with a five percent pay rise. When Paul found out the deal that Chloe had struck, he was appalled that she'd been so generous, and she pointed out that dealing with these things was above the pay grade of his executive assistant and she shouldn't have been doing it in the first place. As an argument broke out, Narelle was forced to mediate between them and as Chloe aired her grievances, explaining that Paul had been giving her too much work and taking his personal problems out on her, it was agreed that they would come up with a code phrase - 'We have a conference call with New York' - which would let Paul know that he had overstepped the mark, without causing embarrassment to any of them.

Episodes Featured
8838, 8853, 8855

Biography by Steve