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Dane Canning 2011
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street
Parents: Jackie Canning
Siblings: Harley
Occupation: Handyman at Dial-A-Kyle

When Kyle Canning's mum Sharon was taken ill, he was forced to head down to Frankston to look after her, and asked his cousin, Dane, to go to Erinsborough and look after his handyman business. Dane quickly made an impression on Kyle's housemate, and on-off girlfriend, Jade Mitchell, by appearing at the house unannounced, and was soon making an impact elsewhere in Erinsborough, by continuing Kyle's attempts to stop his business being bought up to become part of the car park for a new shopping centre.

When Dane got chatting to some workmen, they dropped a hint that the council had been bribed to rush through the shopping centre plans. Dane passed this information to Erinsborough News editor Paul Robinson, also mentioning it to high school student Summer Hoyland who, desperate to complete her application to study journalism, decided to use it on her radio show. When Dane told Paul about this, Paul admitted that the rumours were unsubstantiated and that Summer could find herself in trouble, but that it could also bring about the end of the shopping centre plans. Dane was conflicted over what to do, but eventually decided not to say anything, leaving Summer to take the flack when it turned out that the rumours of bribery had been unfounded, and forcing the council to close down the radio station.

Having become friends with Jade, straightforward Dane struggled with their other housemate, junior doctor Rhys Lawson. Rhys managed to win over Dane when they threw a barbecue at the house, but when Rhys then decided to schmooze his senior colleagues with another barbecue, he warned Dane and Jade that they weren't invited and sent them off to the bar. But when Rhys then found a rat inside the barbie, he was forced to call on Dane for help, sweet-talking him into catching the rat whilst he entertained his guests inside.

Dane and Rhys' friendship continued on a night out when they tried to pick up girls by pretending that they were both doctors, though Dane was soon rumbled. Things then took a turn for the worse when the boys went on a night out together and Rhys swooped in on a girl that Dane had been chatting to, causing Dane to get his revenge by spiking Rhys' drinks all night. The next morning, Rhys was horrified to realise that his interview for the hospital's surgical programme had been brought forward and he was already running late for it. After messing up the interview and missing a place on the programme, Rhys first blamed Jade, who had taken the message about the changed interview time, before Dane owned up to being responsible for Rhys' terrible hangover.

A couple of weeks later, Kyle returned - on crutches after tripping over his mum's dog - and Dane stayed on for a few more days to help his cousin out and celebrate an early Christmas with his housemates. His help was required one last time when, after Kyle found out that Jade had been secretly sleeping with married Mal Kennedy for the last few weeks, they had a huge bust up and she decided to leave town. Dane drove his cousin into the city where they tried to catch her before she boarded her bus to Sydney, and the young couple finally got together. A few days later, Dane attended the Christmas party at Charlie's bar before returning to Frankston.

A couple of years later, Dane found himself in a Thai prison after stomping on a bank note and disrespecting the King. His grandmother Sheila struggled to work out how she could do anything to help and was planning to go out to Thailand, but at the last minute, Kyle offered to go and help his cousin instead, despite having only just reunited with ex-girlfriend Georgia.

Trivia Notes
In 2011, Luke Pegler was hastily drafted in to play Dane in order to cover the absence of Chris Milligan's character Kyle Canning, while the actor recovered after tearing an Achilles tendon playing football

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Biography by Steve