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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Patrick Connelly Craig Woolridge

Patrick Connelly 2001, 2002
Occupation: Manager

When Steph Scully decided to get away from her job at MOCO and applied for a job as a junior manager at another auto parts warehouse, her sister, Flick, decided to give her a makeover for the interview. However, when interviewer Patrick Connelly arrived at the pub and saw Steph all dressed up, he decided that she wouldn’t really fit in at a predominantly male workplace. In the year that followed, Patrick became the manager at MOCO and he and Steph crossed paths again when she was reassigned from delivery to an office job. When Patrick refused to listen to her pleas, she decided to resign rather than be seen as a pretty sales girl.

Trivia Notes
• Craig Woolridge previously appeared as Stu Cunningham in 1995, an attendant in 1997 and as David Walsh earlier in 2001

Biography by Steve



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