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David Walsh 2001
Occupation: Education Department Rep

Education department representative David Walsh was brought to Erinsborough High to liase with principal Susan Kennedy in the wake of accusations of abuse towards pupil Jess Fielding. He brought with him a letter from the board which explained that Jess and Susanís reports about the incident Ė in which Susan had supposedly hit Jess Ė were conflicting and the board, and Jessí parents, were demanding a full explanation within three days. Although David was sympathetic towards Susan, he admitted that, from an impartial personís perspective, Susan had no injuries to back up her self-defence claim, and there were no witnesses, so it looked bad. In the end, however, Jessí friend, Tad Reeves, convinced her to own up and admit that Susan had only struck her by accident, as she was defending herself from an attack by Jess.

Notes: Craig Woolridge previously played Stu Cunningham in 1995 and an attendant in 1997, and returned as Patrick Connelly in 2001 and 2002.

Biography by Steve



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