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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Ian Conway Peter Maver

Ian Conway 2002
Marital Status: Liz Smith
Children: Elly
Family Tree: Conway

After being left to look after their wild child niece, Elly Conway, for six months, Karl and Susan Kennedy decided to start a search for her real father, Ian, hoping that it would bring some stability to her life. Using a private eye contact of Lou Carpenter’s, they managed to track down an Ian Conway, who turned out not to be the man they were looking for. When Elly realised what they’d been doing, she was shocked and realised that they would go to any lengths to get rid of her, but Karl and Susan insisted that finding Ian might be for the best. When information on another Ian Conway came through, it turned out to be the right man and Elly decided that she wanted to meet him, after speaking to her friend Tad Reeves, who had found his birth mother only months before she had died. After leaving a message with Ian, he phoned back to say that he was going overseas for three months, and wanted to see Elly that day, before he left.

Ian’s arrival at the Kennedy house was fraught with tension. It had been 13 years since he had seen Karl and Susan and he was forced to make small talk with them as they all waited for Elly to come home. When Elly did return, Karl and Susan left them alone to chat, but she was in for a huge shock when Ian explained that he wasn’t her biological father – and he had assumed Elly knew that. He told her that, on the day he left Elly’s mother, Liz, she had told him that he wasn’t the child’s father and, when Elly probed him for more information, he admitted that Liz believed it to be Karl. Elly was stunned and spent weeks believing that Karl could be her dad, before Liz returned from Sweden and admitted that she’d made the whole thing up – Ian was Elly’s father.

Trivia Notes
• Peter Maver previously played both Martin Durrell in 1997 and Trevor Thomas in 2000

Biography by Steve



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