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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Liz Conway Christine Keogh

Elizabeth 'Liz' Conway (née Smith) 2001, 2002
Parents: Mr Smith and Grace Smith
Marital Status: Ian Conway
Siblings: Carmel and Susan
Children: Elly

Family Tree: Conway/Smith
Occupation: Administrator at Swedish Embassy

The Smith sisters – Liz, Carmel and Susan – were always close, but prone to the odd argument. However, things all went wrong after their mother, Grace, died after a long illness. One year when the family were gathered for Christmas, Liz accused Susan of wanting to keep the inheritance to herself and, as the years went by, the two sisters barely spoke a word to each other.

Liz married Ian Conway and gave birth to a daughter, Elly. The marriage didn’t last long, however, and Liz was left to bring up Elly on her own. Liz’s job meant that she had little time to dedicate to her daughter and managed to palm her off onto anyone who would take her. When Liz was offered six months work in Sweden, she had little choice but to contact her sister. Liz made her apologies and convinced Susan that she’d changed, before asking if Elly could move in. It seemed that Susan had little choice in the matter as, despite raising concerns, Elly turned up a week later in a police car. Unfortunately, Liz had led Elly to believe that she’d be back after only a few weeks, so the truth was hard for the young girl to take.

Over the months that followed, Elly mistakenly came to believe that Karl, and not Ian, was her father. Liz came to visit her daughter, surprising everyone with the news that she was expecting a baby with her new boyfriend, Lars, who also happened to be married. Elly took the opportunity to confront her mother about her true paternity and Liz was shocked by how mixed up her daughter was. After convincing Elly that Ian was her real father, she spoke to Karl, who explained that Elly simply needed some love and attention in her life. Liz wasn’t convinced that Lars would want an instant family and it took some persuasion, but eventually agreed to take Elly back with her and make some attempt at being a real mother.

Notes: Christine Keogh previously guest-starred in Neighbours in 1995 as the Kennedys' old neighbour from the country, Carmel Devine.

Episodes Featured
3913, 3988, 3989, 3992, 3993, 3997

Biography by Steve



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