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Sergeant Geoff Cram 2002
Occupation: Army Sergeant

After Stuart Parker joined the army, he quickly clashed with his sergeant Geoff Cram. Although Sergeant Cram felt that Stu was too cocky, he went on to impress his senior after coming first during an orienteering exercise, almost beating the course record with his time. Later, Sergeant Cram called Stu in for a meeting, explaining to him that he didnít feel that he was serious about the army. Although Stu insisted that he was serious about joining up, the Sergeant told him to think it through before he signed up for his four years. Afterwards, Sergeant Cram overheard Stu bad-mouthing him to some of the other recruits and called him back to his office. After another lecture, Stu came to the decision that perhaps the army wasnít for him, and he returned to his friends in Ramsay Street.

Trivia Notes
ē Joe Ferguson previously played Giles Peterson in 2001 and returned in 2008 as Ryan Holmes

Biography by Steve



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