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Rafael Humphreys 2018
Parents: Maria Silva
Occupation: Barman at The Waterhole

Born in England, Rafael Humphreys moved to South America with his Brazilian mother and English father when he was two years old. In Sao Paulo, Rafael's mum found work in a factory run by Paul Robinson, and when a fire broke out, she died from smoke inhalation, while Rafael was left with serious burns on his back after trying to save her. He and his father moved back to England, but Rafael had always felt that Paul was to blame for the fire, and when he received an old trunk containing some of his mum's possessions, he read in one of her diaries that she'd been concerned by the poor health and safety practices in the factory, worrying that one day, someone would be seriously hurt.

With a renewed sense that Paul had to be made to pay, Rafael returned to Brazil, but the police there were unable to help as Paul had already been cleared of any wrongdoing. He then looked into Paul's life in Australia, and went to Erinsborough to try to get justice. Rafael arrived at Lassiter's, the hotel that Paul part-owned, and began watching him. With a big party being held that night, Rafael found a discarded card key to access the penthouse where Paul lived with his family - his sons Leo and David, his daughter Amy and her son, Jimmy. Rafael stole the king from the chessboard in the lounge room, and snooped around until the family returned - he then hid, and waited until they'd all gone to bed, before watching over Paul as he slept.

Rafael then found a place to stay at Erinsborough Backpackers, and some casual work at The Waterhole, where he found out more about Paul from gossipy bar manager Sheila. As he spent more time in Erinsborough, Rafael caught the eye of newly-single David, who made several awkward attempts to chat him up, before he finally agreed to have a drink. Things seemed to be going well, until Sheila mentioned that David was Paul's son, and Rafael quickly made his excuses and left. He then doubled down on his efforts to make Paul pay, focusing his attention on Robinson Heights, a housing development that Paul and Amy were working on. Rafael reported them for unsafe work practices, but this only succeeded in getting them a warning, and work immediately resumed.

Feeling that he was failing his mother, Rafael broke into the worksite to do more damage, but was caught by local police officer Mishti Sharma. She was stunned when Rafael said that he wanted to report Paul for murder, and she listened as he explained the full story at the police station. Rafael was left disappointed as Mishti told him that there was little that she could do about a case that had happened so long ago in Brazil, and he warned that her that, if someone else ended up being badly hurt because of Paul, then it would be on her conscience. When Rafael then spotted Mishti and Leo together in Harold's Cafe a few days later, and realised that they were a couple, he was alarmed, wondering if there was anyone he could trust in Erinsborough. Deciding that David was his best option for finding out more about Paul, Rafael approached him, apologising for his behaviour on their previous date and asked if he'd like to get a drink.

That evening, they met at the penthouse, where David was babysitting Gabe for his friend Paige. As they chatted, Rafael did his best to find out more about the family and Paul's business dealings, and David eventually let slip that the old tenants on the land used by Robinson Heights had been treated badly and given terrible compensation by the previous developers, and Amy had forced Paul to offer them a higher amount. Whilst David was in the bedroom with a crying Gabe, Rafael looked through some papers and found proof of what he'd been told, before photographing it. After suffering another recurring nightmare about the fire, Rafael took action and emailed the photographs to local newspaper, the West Waratah Star. As Paul and Leo once again managed to salvage the situation, Rafael was left even more frustrated with the perceived injustice of it all. Although his relationship with David continued to develop and they slept together, he still hid his real reasons for being in Erinsborough, but when he overheard Sue Parker voicing her disgust at Paul, he formed a new plan with her to destroy Paul's life.

Sue used her son Jayden, who'd been working as an apprentice for Amy at the Robinson Heights site, to cause an accident in which some concrete slabs would fall from a truck, the plan being that Rafael would then report it to the police as a concerned passer-by, but that it would all happen at the weekend to avoid anyone being hurt. Unfortunately, Leo happened to be on the site when the concrete fell, and found himself trapped. Although Leo escaped with only minor injuries, it wasn't long before the truth came out, and Rafael, Sue and Jayden were taken in for police questioning, whilst Paul and his family were shocked to learn what Rafael had been hiding. Paul insisted that he had no memory of the incident, but that he wanted to help get to the truth, whilst the revelations also brought about the end of David and Rafael's brief relationship. Paul kept to his word, and told Leo about Dakota Davies, his old business partner who might know more about the fire. Leo flew out to London and met with Dakota, but she quickly caught on and disappeared, though later sent a flash drive containing a statutory declaration that admitted her guilt in starting the fire as an insurance job, clearing Paul's name.

With Sue and Jayden sentenced to six months each in prison, Rafael received a $10,000 fine - which Paul offered to pay - but his main concern was returning to the UK to try and get the police to track down Dakota. Having patched things up with David, Rafael said his goodbyes to Paul and his kids, telling David to consider giving his ex, Aaron, another chance, before leaving Erinsborough with fresh hope of getting justice for his mum.

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Biography by Steve