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Monique Disney 2001
Occupation: Student

When Paul McClain and Tad Reeves attended a year 12 camp, they both caught the eye of classmate Monique Disney, but neither could work out which of them she fancied. As the group spent the evening looking up at the stars, Tad attempted to impress her with his knowledge of the constellations, but Monique showed who she was interested in, by taking Paulís hand. However, Paul and Tadís friend Flick Scully was annoyed when she ended up paired with Monique to share a tent, as an attempt to build new friendships, as Flick felt that Monique was just stringing Paul and Tad along.

Later that night, Tad, Paul, Monique and Flick met at Tadís camp, where he had a bottle of whiskey, stolen from his older cousin Toadfish. Paul and Monique took the opportunity to get closer and went off together to get some snacks, while Tad fell off the log he was sitting on and was stung by a scorpion. As the evening progressed, the effects of the bite took their toll on Tad, who started stumbling and slurring his words, but his friends simply believed that it was the alcohol. However, when Tad collapsed, they realised that something was seriously wrong and contacted teacher Susan Kennedy. As Susan realised that the kids had been drinking and that Matt Hancock, the son of teacher Evan, who had come along as a supervisor, had known about the alcohol earlier that evening, she was furious. By the time they all realised that Tad had been bitten, he was seriously ill and had to be airlifted to hospital.

The next day, Susan angrily suspended Monique, Flick and Paul from their final weeks in year 12 and Monique took the opportunity to show her true colours by dobbing Tad in as the one who had brought the alcohol in the first place.

Biography by Steve



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