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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Rick Hansen Dominic McDonald

Rick Hansen 1987

When Lucy Robinson was recovering in hospital from an operation to remove a brain tumour, her doctor and soon-to-be stepmopther Beverly Marshall introduced her to a similarly afflicted patient, Rick Hansen. Rick and Lucy hit it off straight away as they were the same age, had a lot in common and Rick won Lucy over with his sense of humour. Rickís fondness for telling daggy jokes also made him a huge hit with Lucyís visitors, including her big brother Paul who sought out Rickís help with some funny gags when he agreed to be compere at a Lassiterís function.

Lucy quickly found herself falling for Rick but their friendship was almost over before it started when Lucy broached the subject of death with Rick one day and asked him if he was worried about dying. Rick angrily accused Lucy of badgering him and insisted he didnít want to talk to about death. He later apologised for the way he had reacted and they agreed to put it behind him. However, Lucy was stunned to walk into Rickís hospital room shortly afterwards and find the nurses stripping his sheets and talking about how much they would miss him. Lucy immediately thought Rick had died but she soon found out he had simply been discharged and she later spent a school holidays with him in the countryside.

Biography by Moe



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