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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jack Hastings Doug Dew

Jack Hastings 2000, 2001
Occupation: Chauffeur Business Owner

The owner of a fleet of speciality cars and a good friend to Lou Carpenter, Jack Hastings brought his Jaguar into Carpenters Mechanics one day, with the view of putting a lot more work their way. When he spotted the VW Beetle that mechanic Drew Kirk was fixing up as a wedding present to his fiancee, Libby, he asked if Drew would sell it to him. Despite all of the business that it would bring to him and Lou, Drew opted not to sell. Fortunately, this didn’t put Jack off and, some weeks later, he brought in another of his cars to be fixed. Unfortunately, Drew and Libby’s puppy, Audrey, had been staying with Drew at work, as she couldn’t be left alone in their flat, and she ended up using the car as a toilet. As Jack was on his way over to collect the car, Lou grabbed him and treated him to a coffee as Drew desperately tried to clean up and cover up the smell. When Libby turned up, with only moments to spare, Drew grabbed her expensive perfume and sprayed it around the car. Luckily, although Jack noticed the smell, Lou explained that it was a new air freshener and they got away with it.

Notes: Doug Dew previously played Larry Roscoe in 1997 and George Baker earlier in 2000.

Biography by Steve



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