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Ray Krebs 2007
Occupation: Hospital Administrator

After putting in a bid to provide ante-natal care for the overstretched maternity ward of Erinsborough hospital, in one of the wings of Lassiter’s hotel, owners Elle Robinson and Oliver Barnes met with hospital administrator Ray Krebs, only to be told that he had received a cheaper bid from Eden Hills Hotel. Alarmed that someone had found out their figures and passed them on to a rival, Elle and Oliver tried to work out who it was, with Elle correctly realising that it was her father, Paul, bitter at losing his hotel empire to them. However, after Elle confronted Paul, he felt guilty enough to give them a tip on how to win the deal back – pointing out that Lassiter’s was much closer to the hospital than Eden Hills Hotel, which was more than 10km away. After going over the figures, Elle and Oliver met with Ray again the next morning, and pointed out that the additional distance to Eden Hills would cost the hospital an extra $5000 her quarter, meaning that their lower estimate would actually prove more costly in the long run. Ray accepted their bid and they happily celebrated securing their first deal as a business team.

Trivia Notes
• Ellis Ebell previously appeared twice in 2006 as Roger Nixon and Gerard Hancock

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