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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jordan Lambert Hannah Jankiewicz

Jordan Lambert 2002
Parents: John and Chloe
Siblings: Marc, Jacinta and James
Occupation: Student

The youngest child of Chloe and John Lambert, spoilt Jordan had been staying at boarding school in Sydney, when she heard that the family home had been broken into. As her parents had recently separated, Jordan didn’t want her mum to be in the big house alone, so she flew home, only to be mistaken for another burglar by Darcy Tyler, a close friend of Chloe’s who had been sleeping in the spare room to keep her company. An unimpressed Jordan joined Chloe and Darcy for lunch the following day and announced that, since her mum clearly didn’t need her around, she would fly back to Sydney that day. But, once alone with Darcy, Jordan accused him of taking advantage of her mum and warned him to back off.

A few weeks later, Jordan returned, having heard that her parents were speaking again, and that reconciliation could be on the cards. Having realised that Chloe and Darcy’s close friendship had developed into some more, Jordan once again warned him off, telling him to step aside so that Chloe could repair her marriage. Darcy, however, refused to end the relationship and Jordan warned him that he was going to regret it. A few days later, Jordan suggested that her mum and Darcy join her for a night out at a new bar in the city. Although they reluctantly agreed, Chloe was forced to pull out at the last minute, insisting that Darcy should take the opportunity to try and get closer to Jordan. However, the next morning, Darcy was horrified when Chloe found him in the Coffee Shop and slapped him, explaining that Jordan had told her all about his attempts to come on to her the previous night.

Although Darcy explained that he had done nothing of the sort, Chloe realised that, even if Jordan was lying, she clearly needed some attention from her mother and suggested that the have a break from their relationship. When Darcy found that his car windows had been smashed in Lassiter’s car park a few days later, he immediately accused Jordan, but was embarrassed to learn that there had been a speight of break-ins recently. However, he was then attacked as he walked back to his car a few nights later and, after realising that the attack was completely unprovoked and they hadn’t even taken his wallet, Darcy again suspected that Jordan was behind it. Much to Chloe’s horror, Jordan admitted that she had hired someone, but only to scare Darcy and she guiltily headed back to Sydney.

Biography by Steve



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