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Dale 'Macca' McGregor 2009, 2010, 2011
Occupation: Student

In a desperate attempt to stop her brother Harry from getting close to school bitch Amanda Fowler, Kate Ramsay decided on some underhand tactics. After setting up a Facebook page for Harry, Kate requested Amanda as a friend, knowing that all her friends would see if she accepted him, and her rejection would prove that she was just using him to annoy Kate. The plan backfired, however, when copies of Harry's page, with zero friends, were printed out and pasted all over the school, with Harry subjected to taunts by Dale 'Macca' McGregor and his mates. A few weeks later, Amanda got her own back on Kate by putting a video on the internet, of Kate crying after failing her audition at the Ministry of Dance. Unaware of what Amanda had done, Kate was confused when Macca and his mates started mocking her during an event in Lassiter's park, designed to get everyone cycling to provide the power for the upcoming environmentally friendly deb ball. Macca then found another opportunity to laugh at Harry, when he realised that he had a crush on Sarah Aquino from year 12. Macca told Harry that he didn't stand a chance of ever getting with Sarah and later, when Harry asked her out, she turned him down. She did, however, offer to let him make up her excuse, but Harry panicked and when he went back to talk to Macca, he claimed that Sarah had said yes, a lie that only made his humiliation worse when the truth came out.

The following year at school, Macca was up to his usual tricks, enjoying the drama when newcomer Andrew Robinson appeared on an internet video, kissing Donna Freedman. He soon met his match, however, when Summer Hoyland returned to Erinsborough. She remembered Macca from primary school and pretended to befriend him, only to end up humiliating him by printing out posters of him, dressed as Dorothy, from a primary school production of The Wizard Of Oz.

Later that year, Macca caused more trouble, joking about Andrew's new relationship with Natasha Williams, and causing chaos at a pool party organised by Andrew, leading Chris Pappas to get sacked from his job as a lifeguard. The following week, when Summer's stepmum Steph was at the centre of a local scandal, lying about the father of her baby, Macca was quick to get his own back on her, starting up some nasty comments on Facebook. However, when Macca then made some comments at Lassiter's, which Steph overheard, Summer didn't defend her stepmum, but rather took it out on her, pointing out that her decision to lie had caused problems for everyone in the family.

Meanwhile, after losing his job at the pool, Chris found a new one, helping out at the local gym. Andrew's pool party scheme had caused a big rift in their friendship, but when Macca and his mates started hassling Chris to use the gym without signing up, Andrew noticed what was going on and defended his friend, repairing some of the damage. The following year, Macca caused more trouble when it was revealed that Natasha had faked a pregnancy in order to try and keep Andrew as her boyfriend, calling her a 'skank' in front of everyone. And at the end of the year, Macca joined the rest of the gang for schoolies week, where Andrew woke up one morning with a Chinese tattoo he had no memory of getting, believing that it said 'Summer' - his girlfriend's name - Macca was quick to correct him, telling him that it actually said 'Pickles', the name of the clown car his dad had bought him.

Episodes Featured
5777, 5795, 5796, 5856, 5862, 5919, 5969, 5979, 5981, 5985, 5986, 6123, 6302

Biography by Steve