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Guest Character Profiles > Mr Udagawa Lawrence Mah

Mr Udagawa 1987, 1989, 1992
Marital Status: Mrs Udagawa
Occupation: Businessman

Japanese businessman Mr Udagawa proved to be an important client for Paul Robinson as he entered his second year in charge of the Australian end of the Daniels Corporation. Upon his first meeting with the company, he was very impressed to learn that Paul was the nephew of Rosemary Daniels, and that Rosemaryís mother, Helen, ran the chauffeur business Home James from its offices too. Paul realised that Mr Udagawa could become a valuable investor and attempted to keep him constantly on side. When he returned to town a couple of weeks later, Paul's father, Jim suggested that Paul bring him to number 26 for a family dinner, and Paul was only too happy to do this, knowing how important family was to Mr Udagawa. The dinner was a huge success and, as Paul drove Mr Udagawa back to the hotel that evening, a big deal was hinted at, so, Paul dropped into the conversation that he and his assistant Gail Lewis, were engaged. He then broke the news to the woman herself and eventually persuaded her to go through with a marriage of convenience. The next morning, before flying back to Japan, Mr Udagawa dropped in at the Robinson house with a bonsai tree as a thank you for dinner and also to congratulate a shocked Jim on his sonís engagement. Jim was shocked and Mr Udagawa was left embarrassed, having apparently revealed the big secret.

Some weeks later, Mr Udagawa was back in Australia and invited to dinner with the Robinsons at Paul and Gailís home, number 22. The wedding had already taken place, much to the surprise of Paul and Gailís relatives, and Mr Udagawa presented them with a Japanese scroll as a wedding gift. Following dinner, Paul and Gail showed Mr Udagawa the wedding photos and things were going well, until Gailís drunk father, Rob, walked in and made a scene. To cap it all off, Paulís sister, Lucy stormed out too Ė she was upset, having spotted Paul kissing another woman the evening before, little realising the truth behind her brotherís marriage. Following all of the drama, Mr Udagawa walked out and decided against making any deals with Paul, much to his horror. Gail realised how much the deal had meant to Paul and, feeling guilty for her fatherís actions, she arranged to meet with Mr Udagawa before he left the country. During their lunch, Mr Udagawa was quick to explain that it hadnít been Robís actions that had upset him, but the disrespectful way in which Paul had spoken to his father-in-law. However, Mr Udagawa was impressed with Gailís efforts to smooth things over and agreed to sign with the Daniels Corporation.

A couple of years later, Mr Udagawa was back in Australia and looking for a local bank at which to place his business accounts. Paul recommended his friend, Des Clarke, manager of the Erinsborough branch of Pacific Bank. Des was only too happy to bring in so much business for the bank and agreed to a meeting, swatting up on some Japanese phrases beforehand. Unfortunately, the meeting was a disaster as Des mixed up his words and, instead of calling all Japanese women beautiful, he announced to Mr Udagawa that all Japanese women were dirty. Mr Udagawa went straight to Desí boss, Gordon Hemmings and announced that he wouldnít be transferring to his bank, leaving Gordon with no choice but to sack Des. In an attempt to smooth things over, as well as saving his own reputation, Paul arranged a dinner, inviting Des, as well as Mr and Mrs Udagawa. Des was pleased when Kerry Bishop agreed to go along with Des to make up the numbers too.

Sadly, once again, Mr Udagawa was witness to a disastrous dinner party at number 22 Ė only this time, they didnít even get as far as the starters. When the garbage disposal broke down hours before dinner, Paul managed to get Joe Mangel, Kerryís fiancť, over to fix it. As he was finishing up, the guests arrived and Mr Udagawa mistakenly believed that Des and Kerry were engaged. They decided to play along with this, unaware that Joe was under the sink in the kitchen. As he overheard, he was furious and burst into the room, lunged for Des and ended up knocking himself out. Mr and Mrs Udagawa made a quick exit and, the next day, left for a couple of weeks in New Zealand, with both Paul and Des unsure of what would happen next. Luckily, Mr Udagawa was once again able to be talked around and everything worked out for the best, with Des opting to leave his job at the bank and finding a new career as a stockbroker.

Three years later, Mr Udagawa was once again back in Erinsborough, when he heard about Paul's nervous breakdown and the severe financial problems of the then Robinson Corporation. A quick drink with Jim assured Mr Udagawa that things weren't beyond repair. It proved to be a very short drink, as Jim was more preoccupied with the rebellious antics of his youngest daughter, Lucy, who had decided to go for a late-night swim in Lassiter's pond.

Biography by Steve