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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Carol Naylor Jayne Healey

Carol Naylor 1986
Occupation: Escort

Following the imprisonment of his wife Terry, Paul Robinson began to spiral into a depression, leaving his family worried. In a desperate attempt to change his life, Paul asked out as many women as possible, and it was whilst having dinner with one of these women, nurse Lee Adams, that he met Carol. It was a brief encounter, but it showed his family how low Paul had sunk.

After his mysoganistic comments offended Lee and she walked out, Carol saw a chance and approached Paul. She told Paul that they could make a transaction that would benefit both of them, and he paid her to spend the night with him. The following morning, Helen Daniels and Jim Robinson got a nasty shock when Carol appeared at the breakfast table, having got lost on the way to the bathroom. A fight broke out when Paul appeared, telling Carol she shouldn’t have left the bedroom, whilst Carol asked Paul why he hadn’t mentioned that he still lived at home. The final straw came when young Lucy asked who Carol was, and Paul dragged her off out of the kitchen. The fight continued in the driveway, as Paul told Carol he would take her home, and she assured him that he needed to pull himself together before he messed his life up any further.

Biography by Steve



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