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Detective Senior Constable David Oakley 2013
Occupation: Homicide Detective

When Robbo Slade was left for dead after a hit-and-run, the list of suspects was a long one, and when he died a few days later in hospital, homicide detectives Ellen Crabb and David Oakley were brought onto the case. The prime suspect at that point was lawyer Toadie Rebecchi, who had woken up the morning after the incident, in the car, with no recollection of how he got there, having had his drink spiked the night before. However, it then emerged that Robbo's dying words had implicated Mason, the son of police senior constable Matt Turner. When Mason's car - which he owned with Imogen Willis - was found at the hospital car park, it had a piece of the headlight missing - which matched a fragment found at the scene of the accident, seeming to confirm that the car had been the one that had hit Robbo. Though both Mason and Imogen were claiming that the car had been stolen, and that they both had alibis for their whereabouts that night, it was actually all part of a web of lies to protect Mason's younger sister, Amber.

When some security footage showed that aspiring professional swimmer Hudson Walsh had been nearby on the night of the hit-and-run, he was questioned by Oakley. Hudson said that he'd been going home, but when they asked why the footage showed him walking in the opposite direction to his address, he then said that he'd actually gone to visit his former coach Don Cotter for some advice, but had kept it quiet as he didn't want to upset his new coach, Brad Willis. The police contacted Don, who confirmed Hudson's story, and he was allowed to leave. Later, Matt and his colleague Kelly were searching the old radio station, after a tip-off that Robbo had been squatting there. When Oakley arrived to check on their progress, he could barely contain his dislike for Matt, who had so many personal connections to the suspects in the hit-and-run, and told him that he'd be taking him off the case.

It was a couple more weeks before more progress was made in the case, as Robbo's phone was found, and then Marty Kranic came forward. On the night of the hit-and-run, Marty had threatened Robbo into handing over some money, which Marty had then used to pay back Lucas, who'd been conned by Robbo's trick of using marked cards in his poker games. Marty had been hired by Paul Robinson to scare Robbo into leaving town, but he was sure to leave Paul's name out of it, instead claiming that he'd seen someone getting into a car - and then identifying Toadie from the photographs of the suspects. Toadie was brought in for questioning again, and ended up being charged with the crime, but then Brad came forward and said that he had new information - Don had lied about Hudson being with him on the night Robbo was run down. Hudson was brought in again, and this time, he confessed that he'd been the one who ran down Robbo.

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Biography by Steve