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Mason Turner 2013-2014
Lived: 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Lauren and Matt Turner
Siblings: Bailey and Amber
Occupation: Apprentice Mechanic at Fitzgerald Motors, Waiter at Lassiter's Hotel, Concierge at Lassiter's Hotel

The eldest child of Lauren Turner and her police sergeant husband Matt, Mason Turner had fallen in with a bad crowd before the family moved to Erinsborough, and was spending the last few days of a stretch in juvenile detention when the rest of the family arrived in Ramsay Street. When Mason was released, he took his time making his way down to rejoin his family, leaving his parents extremely worried. When he did get there, he assured his mum that he'd turned over a new leaf and was putting his criminal past behind him, but later, when alone with his dad, he said that he could never forgive him for putting his own son behind bars. And it seemed that his past had followed him to Erinsborough when he learnt that number 32, the house that the Turners were now renting, had just been broken into, and Mason's younger brother Bailey explained that he'd ended up with a roll of notes containing $10,000, following the warehouse robbery that had landed Mason in the detention centre. Bailey was convinced that Robbo, Mason's accomplice in the robbery, had come looking for the money and wasn't going to give up until he'd found it. Although Bailey thought that he'd managed to hide the money, when the brothers went to get it they found that its hiding place, an old garden gnome, had gone missing.

Despite all of the family problems, Mason was quickly settling into Erinsborough, helping mechanic Chris Pappas, who was being threatened by dodgy Ralphie Mahone, and flirting with student teacher Kate Ramsay, lying about his age to win her over. It didn't take long for Kate to learn Mason's real age from Amber, and she quickly backed off, having already almost lost her teaching career after kissing student Noah Parkin. Mason continued his pursuit, buying them tickets to the hospital's fundraising camp out by the lake, but Kate ended up giving her ticket to Bailey and sending him along with her apologies. Mason then made a little more progress when he helped Kate to track down the Cannings' missing dog, Bossy and she agreed to go out for a drink with him, but later backed out again, unable to forget about the problems she'd had with Noah.

After managing to get work at the garage owned by Lucas, Mason was starting to settle into Erinsborough, though Chris was very suspicious of him, pushing Lucas to check his references. This led to Mason's grandfather, Lauren's dad Lou doing a little digging of his own, realising that things didn't add up, and finding out about Mason's time in juvie. Lou agreed to cover for Mason, and helped him to keep his job at the garage, but Bailey was still worried about the missing money, adamant that it had been Robbo who'd burgled the house. Wanting to prove his brother wrong, Mason contacted Robbo and after the call, was satisfied that Robbo didn't know where he was living these days. Believing that he could still trust Robbo, Mason even invited him to come and visit, unaware that Robbo was actually talking to him from just around the corner at Lassiter's. Quickly sucked in by Robbo's lies, it wasn't until Mason spotted Robbo and Amber kissing that he began to realise what an idiot he'd been - Robbo had been playing them all off against each other for months, and only Bailey had been smart enough to see through it. Now desperate to get Robbo out of town, Mason had taken a part-time waitering job at Lassiter's to try and pay him back, but it wasn't enough and Robbo suggested another burglary to get the money. Though reluctant, Mason realised that it was the only chance he had to get Robbo out of his and Amber's lives, and agree to rob Lassiter's the next day, but things went badly wrong when they were spotted and had to do a runner, only to be seen again by Sonya Rebecchi, whose wedding was taking place at the hotel that day. After seeing Mason's belt at the scene, and then again when he was working as a waiter at her wedding reception, Sonya was torn about what to do, then fate stepped in - a faulty gas canister caused an explosion at the reception, which sent Sonya into a coma and left her with memory loss, unable to remember her wedding - or the robbery she'd witnessed.

After helping neighbour Sheila Canning with a new birdbath for her garden, Bailey spotted the missing gnome amongst her collection and informed Mason. The brothers then jumped the fence into the garden, but were caught by Sheila, who admitted that she'd found the money, but wanted to know how the two young men had ended up with $10,000. Bailey quickly made up the lie that it belonged to Lou, who'd returned to his old job as an escort, and Sheila believed them, but it meant telling Lou everything if they wanted Sheila to return the money to him. Lou was shocked at the situation Mason and Bailey were in, but went along with the story and gave the money away to the hospital, though Mason was still convinced that Robbo would be back to get it one day in the future. Things then got worse for the Turners, as Amber's secret relationship with Robbo was revealed, and she then blurted out the other big secret - Bailey's involvement in the warehouse robbery. Though all of the revelations finally got Matt and Mason talking properly, it looked like Lauren - the last to know everything - was going to struggle to forgive her husband. Though a cricket match failed to thaw the frostiness between Matt and Lauren, they managed to patch things up after a disastrous lunch with neighbours the Kennedys, but a new crisis emerged when Matt received an anonymous note, blackmailing him over his secret and postmarked Mount Isa. Convinced that Robbo was behind it, Mason started trying to track him down, but got a shock when Rhiannon, a girl he'd had a casual relationship with, before going to juvie, arrived in Erinsborough. Rhiannon was hoping to pick up where they left off, causing Kate to back off once again just as she was starting to warm to Mason.

After learning from Rhiannon that Robbo was back in Mount Isa, hiding out at a mate's place, Mason was all set to head up there and end the whole situation once and for all. He also realised that Rhiannon was getting in the way of his winning over Kate, so told Rhiannon that he didn't want to be with her. Failing to get the message, Rhiannon rented a room on Ramsay Street, but when she found out that Mason was heading up north to confront Robbo, she confessed that she'd been behind the anonymous note, and had sent it because she was angry with Matt for getting Mason sent to juvie. Unfortunately, Bailey had already decided that the blackmail was the final straw, and he was going to end his family's problems by going to the police and confessing his part in the warehouse robbery. When Mason found out what Bailey was planning, he quickly headed to the police station, just managing to stop his brother in time and they later explained to their dad that Rhiannon had sent the note, and the Turner men were relived as it seemed that their secret was safe. Mason also went to see Rhiannon to once again tell her that he didn't want a relationship with her - she was heartbroken, and declared that she was stuck on Ramsay Street for the next few weeks, as she'd used up all her money on the bond and a month's rent in advance.

With Rhiannon having finally got the message and keeping her distance, Mason was able to make another attempt to win over Kate, but it quickly went wrong when he accidentally saw her topless whilst out sunbathing. His attempts to even the score, by flashing at her when she came over to the house, also went disastrously wrong when he ended up revealing everything to Sheila instead. Thankfully, Kate eventually saw the funny side of the situation and admitted that she was attracted to Mason, but her Uncle Paul was growing suspicious of Mason, after a conversation with Rhiannon, who almost let slip his criminal past. After getting the Lassiter's manager to do some research, Paul learnt about Mason's time in juvie and attempted to blackmail him into leaving Kate alone, but Mason decided to just be honest with her about it. Although slightly shocked, Kate decided that she was going to go against her instincts - which had often been wrong anyway - and try to make a go of things with Mason. He was delighted, and with Sonya's memory showing no sign of returning, it looked like things were finally going Mason's way, though it wasn't long before Bailey had figured out that his brother was the one behind the Lassiter's robbery, furious that he was keeping more secrets. Mason's worst fears were realised a few days later, when, following a recreation of her wedding and a vow renewal, Sonya got her memory back. She told the police that she'd witnessed Mason running from the building, and identified Robbo from photographs. With the police looking for Robbo, Bailey decided that it would be best for everyone if he confessed to his part in the Mount Isa robbery, and Matt also came clean. Formally charged, Mason waited to go to court, almost certain that he would be headed back to prison.

Mason's arrest for the Lassiter's robbery came at the worst possible moment, as he'd just been beginning his first big date with Kate. She was horrified to realise what her boyfriend had done, and ended things between them. The incident also gave Paul more reason to want to keep Mason away from his niece. However, when Mason visited Kate at the hotel - where she and Paul were staying whilst renovations took place at their Ramsay Street home - she ended up forgiving him and they fell into bed together. Although everything was telling Kate that Mason was bad news, something inside kept on drawing her back to him, and when Paul found out about the reunion, he tried to warn Kate off, but she told him that he couldn't control her and decided that she'd find somewhere else to live, moving in with Kyle and Chris at number 26. However, with the court case approaching, Paul suddenly had a change of heart and decided that he wanted to get to know Mason, rather than lose Kate from his life completely. When she found out how much the Turners were struggling with Mason's legal bills, Kate went to Paul and asked if he could give them the money to pay for it - he went one better, offering Mason the services of lawyer Tim Collins, as well as his job back at the hotel. Despite his existing lawyer Ajay warning him against it, and even offering to represent Mason for free, Mason stuck with Tim, unaware that Paul had told him to lose the case, and make sure Mason was in jail and out of Kate's life for good.

As Erinsborough was about to experience an eclipse, Mason decided that the moment was right to tell Kate that he loved her. Unfortunately, at the same moment, she was distracted as she thought she'd spotted her ex-boyfriend Mark Brennan who, two years earlier, had gone into witness protection, where, a few months later, she believed he'd been killed. As Kate explained the story to Mason, she told him that she loved him too, and that Brennan was in the past. Though confused about what she'd seen, Kate did her best to move on with Mason, until Brennan showed up on her doorstep. As she faced confusion over which man she wanted to be with, Mason learnt that Brennan had a girlfriend back home in Sydney and went to inform Kate, causing a fight to break out between Mason and Brennan. After telling Brennan that she didn't want him back, Kate went to inform Mason of her decision, only to find that it was too late, and that he didn't want to be with her now. Mason then focused on his upcoming court hearing, but his friends were starting to see through Paul and Tim and so, at the last minute, Mason agreed to drop Tim as his lawyer, and have Toadie and Ajay represent him instead. It proved to be the correct decision, as he got a three-year good behaviour bond, and ended up celebrating by accepting a date with new Ramsay Street resident Imogen Willis.

Though Imogen and Mason got on well, she quickly realised that he was still hung-up on Kate, and she ended the brief relationship. Mason was desperate to win Kate back, unaware that her recent odd and distant behaviour was down to guilt, as she'd just had a one-night-stand with housemate Kyle - the boyfriend of Kate's best friend Georgia. Although Kyle and Georgia had briefly split up at the time, both Kyle and Kate felt terrible about what had happened and had been trying to keep it a secret, which was why Kate had been doing her best to push Mason away. When Mason then tried to get her back, she responded when he kissed her, but said that she couldn't be with him again, and eventually admitted that she'd slept with someone else. Though Mason was upset, and tried to find out who it was, he then told Kate that he could forget about it, and move on, if it meant that they could be together again. Meanwhile, struggling with all of the menial tasks he was being asked to do at the garage, Mason thought about leaving, and when Paul heard this, he decided to take him on as the hotel's new concierge, hopeful that it would give him a better future, if he was determined to be with Kate. But as his career prospects were looking up, things weren't so good at home, as Robbo made an unexpected return to town. Mason and Amber reported him to the police, but he soon got bail and was goading Mason into punching him - Robbo used this to try and show Amber what a nice guy he was, by deciding not to report the incident to the police, as it would have seen Mason breaking his good behaviour bond and ending up in prison. Though Amber was softening toward her ex, Mason knew he was still out to make trouble - when he saw him under the bonnet of Hermione, the car that Mason owned with Imogen, he suspected he was up to no good, and when he found that the fuel line had been cut, and that one spark from the engine could have caused an explosion, he accused Robbo of tampering with the car, only to later realise that he'd put the wrong tubing in when fixing it.

Struggling to find a way to get Robbo to leave town, Mason also noticed that Kate was becoming more distant. At first, he thought that she wanted to break up with him, then he wrongly believed that she was pregnant, but she explained that she'd been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, and was unlikely to ever have children. Mason was sympathetic, until he realised that she'd been confiding in several other people before him, and she admitted that, as he was only 18, she thought it might be too much for him to deal with. Mason and Kate soon managed to patch things up, but he failed to realise how much support she needed, giving the more mature Kyle the opportunity to spend time with her instead, helping with research and talking to her about her appointments with the specialist. Mason soon had other things to distract him though - after Paul managed to concierge Robbo into a rigged game of poker, Robbo ended up owing the hotel owner thousands of dollars, and Paul agreed to wipe that debt, if Robbo wiped out the $5000 that Mason still owed him. Robbo was forced to agree, but he soon came up with a new scheme, calling on Amber and telling her his sob story - she soon gave in to his advances and they slept together, with Robbo recording the whole thing. He then called on Mason, threatening to put the video online and ruin Amber's life, unless Mason now gave him $10,000. After trying various ways to raise the money, Mason finally turned to Paul for help, telling him everything that had happened and asking him to come up with a way to get Robbo out of their lives for good.

As Paul insisted that he was going to deal with the situation, the whole thing left Mason very distracted, particularly with Kate and their relationship hit another rough patch, with them both unable to talk about their problems and struggling to be honest with each other. But as Robbo's threats continued, Mason knew that he couldn't wait for Paul and had to do something, so he confided in Chris and Josh and the three of them, along with Chris's boyfriend Hudson came up with a plan, as Hudson admitted that his family was very wealthy and he could easily get them the $8000 to pay the blackmail. Chris and Josh then went off for their meeting with Robbo, as Mason searched the squat, looking for Robbo's laptop, but the next morning, he turned up unconscious, having been run down by Imogen and Mason's car. With everyone desperate to cover up their part in the events of the previous night, the main suspect ended up being Toadie, who'd ended up drugged by a spiked drink and had woken up in the car the next morning, unable to remember anything. But after a few days in hospital, Robbo took a turn for the worse, and died suddenly, with his last words being 'Mason did...'

As he found himself a prime suspect, Mason asked Kate to give him an alibi for that night, insisting that he didn't hurt Robbo and she had nothing to worry about. Kate believed him and agree to go along with it, and Mason then turned his efforts to trying to access Robbo's laptop, which he'd found in the squat. Mason was also concerned when he found out that Lucas was looking for a mysterious man who'd come to him on the night of the hit-and-run and given him money owed by Robbo. After hearing this, Mason realised that it was the same man that had been hired by Paul to deal with Robbo - Marty Kranic - and that he could have been the one driving the car, sparing all the innocent people who were being questioned. However, when Paul and Mason went to meet with Marty, he was furious as Mason tried to convince him to go to the police, and warned both Paul and Mason that there would be serious trouble if they gave his name to anyone. Mason, however, quietly took a picture of Marty on his phone, and anonymously passed it on to Lucas. Before long, the picture was all over Erinsborough, as Lucas tried to find the man who could clear his name - Paul knew exactly where the picture had come from, and warned Mason that if Marty got found out, then the two of them were going down with him. Meanwhile, after finally working out that the password to Robbo's computer was Florence - his mother's name - Mason got in and was relieved to find that there was no evidence of the video of Amber. Looking through the emails, though, he was surprised to find that Robbo and his mum had been in touch, and had arranged to meet up to discuss the situation. After Lauren caught him looking on her phone, Mason explained what he was doing, and why, then Matt returned home, explaining that the police had been given Robbo's old emails, and he'd found the ones from Lauren and taken them. He then made Mason hand in the laptop and told Lauren to tell the police about the emails.

Tired of all the drama with Robbo, Mason was also planning to week away in Sydney with Kate, even managing to get a nice hotel room for them, through his job at Lassiter's. Kate was touched, and the pair were heading to bed together, with Kate finally feeling ready to sleep with him again after struggling with intimacy since her diagnosis, when he suggested that they should start trying for a baby together. Kate was stunned, but he pointed out that, as her chances of conceiving were so low, they should start trying to if they wanted to have a child together. This finally made Kate realise that her feelings for Mason were clearly not as strong as his for her, and she ended things between them. The following week, it was finally revealed that Hudson had been the one who ran down Robbo - his former swimming coach Don Cotter had given him an alibi which had proved to be false, and Hudson had confessed, unable to deal with the guilt any longer. As the truth slowly emerged about the events of that night, Matt was furious to realise just how deeply his kids had been involved, and was even more shocked to realise that Mason had gone to Paul, rather than him, for help - causing another huge rift between father and son. After more misunderstandings, they finally managed to sort things out and, much to Lauren's relief, even went on a fishing trip together.

Still desperate to win Kate back, Mason decided on a grand gesture, putting up a huge sign near the garage, asking Kate to take him back. When she turned him down, he climbed on a table outside Harold's Store and started declaring his love, but Kate made it clear that they were never getting back together. As he nursed his broken heart, Mason's friendship with Imogen grew as they bonded over their problems, but whilst Mason only saw her as a good friend, her feelings were stronger. Unaware of the way Imogen felt, Mason continued to encourage her and find ways for them to spend time together, but he was in a for another shock when Rhiannon made a surprise return to town. Back to help Matt try to pin the bribery charges, from earlier in the year, to Paul, Rhiannon ended up accepting a job from Paul at Lassiter's, in return for her not making a statement against him. Though Mason was pleased to have Rhiannon and her nine-year-old son Jackson living with the Kennedys on Ramsay Street, it became clear that Rhiannon was another woman who wanted more than just friendship from him. Mason made it clear that he wasn't really ready for another relationship, so Rhiannon suggested that they could just have a 'friends with benefits' arrangement, and she sealed the deal with a kiss, though they were both unaware that a devastated Imogen had been watching from across the street. Things soon became more serious, but Mason quickly realised that he wasn't quite ready for the sort of commitment and instant family that Rhiannon and Jackson needed. However, after splitting up, he realised that perhaps he'd been too hasty, concluding that Rhiannon actually meant more to him that he'd realised, and he decided to give things another try. But when Rhiannon then started making plans for them to become a real family and live together at 24 Ramsay Street, Mason was forced to end things, knowing that he wasn't ready for that, and telling Rhiannon that it would be unfair on Jackson. With little left for her in Erinsborough, Rhiannon accepted a job at Lassiter's in Darwin, and she and Jackson left Ramsay Street, with an upset Jackson forgiving Mason at the last-minute and promising to keep in touch.

With Rhiannon gone, another of Mason's past relationships was about to be laid to rest, when he found out that Kate and Kyle had slept together many months ago, and that Kate had pretended to have had an one-night stand with Brennan. After confronting both Kate and Kyle for information, Mason started to realise that he wasn't actually that hurt by it all, and that he was ready to move on from Kate - and that perhaps the right woman had been in front of him all along, in the form of Imogen. After Imogen's declaration at school that she was suffering from bulimia, she was reluctant to attend the school dance for fear of ridicule, but Mason took her arm and helped her walk into the building, and she was surprised when she received a round of applause. They grew closer as Mason insisted on putting Christmas decorations on Hermione the car, joking with Imogen about her dislike of the festive season, and they finally shared a kiss soon after, during a barbecue at the Turner house. However, later that day, word came through that Georgia had been injured, during an altercation with her cousin Gem. Aware that Kate had been out looking for them at the time, Imogen was upset when Mason immediately asked if Kate was alright. The next day, she told him that it was clear during that moment that he still had feelings for Kate and she wasn't prepared to be his second choice, effectively ending their relationship before it had even started.

Mason wasn't willing to give up on Imogen, however, and was upset when he realised that she'd been growing closer to Isaac Woods, a law student. With Isaac believing that Imogen was older than she was, Mason took great delight in revealing the truth, but it failed to have the desired effect, as Isaac explained that he'd suspected she was actually still at high school and was impressed with the lengths she'd gone to in order to keep it a secret. When Mason spotted Isaac sneaking into 24 Ramsay Street, he reported him to the police, who found out that Isaac had been selling the Kapoor family's furniture online, and Imogen was upset to realise that Isaac had only been using her to get food. Still looking for ways to get close to Imogen, Mason agreed to be the driver when she, Amber and Josh went on a camping trip, and he was happy when he and Imogen ended up sharing a tent. She, however, made it clear that she wasn't interested in him, but, wanting to get away from lovey-dovey Josh and Amber, she agreed to go abseiling with Mason, who'd done it many times before and had hired some equipment. Later in the day, after Mason and Imogen had both abseiled, Josh and Amber tracked them down, and a macho fight broke out between the two boys, with Mason goading Josh into taking part too. Disaster then struck, when the equipment failed and Josh fell, badly injuring his shoulder.

The accident left Josh's swimming career in serious jeopardy, and the Willis family placed the blame firmly with Mason, who was adamant that he'd done nothing wrong. Imogen stuck by Mason, certain that he wasn't to blame, and soon they were enjoying a relationship, though they had to keep it secret, worried that it would only worsen the war that was developing between their families. Terese, meanwhile, was unsure about the lawsuit that Brad had started, but couldn't face seeing Mason around the hotel all the time, so offered him a transfer, and promotion, to the Lassiter's hotel in Darwin. Though tempted, Mason realised that he had to prove his innocence, and with the help of Mark Brennan, he went to the accident site and they found a piece of the equipment that hadn't been collected by the hire company. When Imogen looked at some photos from the camping trip, she realised that the equipment in the evidence photographs didn't match what Josh had been wearing, and the hire company admitted that they'd swapped out the faulty gear in the hope of avoiding legal action. Finally off-the-hook, Mason was happy to be able to move on with his life, and when both Amber and Terese worked out what was going on, he was also able to go public with his relationship with Imogen. She, however, was starting to have her doubts about the whole thing and, on Mason's birthday, she told him that she couldn't be with him, as her feelings for him weren't strong enough. Mason soon noticed that Terese was treating him differently at work too, feeling bad about Imogen dumping him and the way they'd treated him over Josh's accident. Deciding that perhaps some distance might help to repair many of his strained relationships in Erinsborough, Mason made enquiries about the job in Darwin and accepted it. Though Bailey and Lauren, in particular, were upset to lose him, Mason knew that it was time to stand on his own two feet and, after saying goodbye to his family and friends, he bid Ramsay Street a fond farewell.

Trivia Notes
Mason's birth was mentioned on-screen by Lou in 1999, though when the character first appeared in 2013, he was about to turn 18

Magic Moments
Episode 6586: Mason's Arrival
Episode 6830: Mason's Departure


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