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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Christine O'Donnel Amalie Rozsa

Christine O'Donnel 1985
Parents: Kerry and Steve O'Donnel

After moving into a bedsit, having left his wife, Maria, Max Ramsay found himself embroiled in the problems of his various new neighbours. When self-appointed cleaner Edith Harris started trying to find out more about mysterious new resident Steve O’Donnel, Max refused to get involved. However, when he came back one day to find a baby sitting alone in his room, he demanded an explanation. Steve admitted that the little girl, Christine, was his child and he’d hidden her there when the police had been at the building earlier that day, investigating a man who had left without paying his rent. Steve admitted that he walked out on his wife, Kerry, when she’d started talking about divorce and custody of Christine. He explained that they’d had financial problems and had been forced to move in with Kerry’s parents, who had no respect for Steve and took every opportunity to stick the knife in.

After owning up to Edith and Max, Steve started talking about disappearing up north with Christine, but Max convinced him to at least try to talk to Kerry first. So, the next morning, Steve went to meet Kerry in the park, while Edith looked after Christine. Disaster soon struck when Christine got her hands on some of Edith’s sleeping pills and swallowed them. Edith quickly called on Max for help and the two of them took the baby to the hospital, where she was quickly treated and given the all clear. Back at the building, Max and Edith arrived back only moments after Steve and Kerry, who had spoken to her parents and agreed to make a fresh start. Rather than mention the incident with the sleeping pills, Max and Edith simply claimed that they’d taken Christine out for a walk, before the O’Donnels thanked Max and Edith for all of their help, and left.

Biography by Steve



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