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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Kerry O'Donnel Uncredited

Kerry O'Donnel 1985
Marital Status: Steve O'Donnel
Children: Christine

After being forced to move in with her parents, Kerry O’Donnel’s marriage to Steve began to crumble and divorce was mentioned. When Kerry brought up the subject of custody of their baby, Christine, Steve panicked and left with the baby, hiding out in a block of bedsits. When his new neighbours found out about his situation, they talked him into meeting up with Kerry. The next morning, Kerry and Steve met in the park, where he finally opened up about the way her parents treated him. Kerry agreed that it was unfair and decided that they would go and speak to her parents, as a united front. Having sorted things out, they headed back to the bedsit to collect Christine from Steve’s neighbours Max Ramsay and Edith Harris, before making a fresh start.

Biography by Steve



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