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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Steve O'Donnel Greg Fleet

Steve O'Donnel 1985
Marital Status: Kerry
Children: Christine

When a mysterious new face moved into the bed-sit opposite Max Ramsay’s, fellow resident Edith Harris tried to get to know him, but he refused to let her in. Although she suspected that he was hiding a lady friend, it was actually his baby daughter, Christine. The next day, when the police turned up at the building to investigate some residents who had disappeared without paying their rent, Steve panicked and hid Christine in Max’s room. When Max returned home that evening, he was shocked to find the baby in his room and Steve was forced to own up to Max and Edith. He explained that his wife, Kerry, had been talking about a divorce, as the marriage was on the rocks and they were living with her parents. When she’d mentioned custody of Christine, Steve had taken the baby and disappeared. Although Max and Edith tried to talk him into telling Kerry where he was, he announced that he was going to move up north and would invite Kerry to come along, but if she didn’t want to join them, he and Christine would manage alone.

Fortunately, Max convinced Steve that he would only get himself deeper into trouble by disappearing again, and he went to phone Kerry to arrange a meeting. They arranged a meeting in the park the next morning, with Edith looking after the baby. However, disaster struck when baby Christine accidentally swallowed some of Edith’s sleeping pills while her back was turned. Whilst Steve and Kerry patched up their differences and agreed to speak to her parents about their lack of respect for Steve, Edith and Max waited anxiously at the hospital. Although the nurse mistook Max and Edith for husband and wife, and Christine for their grandchild, the baby was fine. Back at the bedsits, Max and Edith arrived moments after Steve and Kerry, and claimed that they’d just been out for a walk and there was nothing to worry about. Steve and Kerry explained that they’d had a long talk with her parents and had decided to give it another go living with them. They thanked Max and Edith with a bottle of wine, before packing up and moving out.

Notes: Greg Fleet returned to Neighbours in 1988 in the role of Dave Summers, one of the criminals responsible for the death of Daphne Clarke.

Biography by Steve



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