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Nick Page 1988-1990
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street
Occupation: Student, Supermarket Employee

Raised in Erinsborough by his grandmother after the death of his parents when he was eight years old, Nick Page was a relatively well-adjusted kid as he grew up in her care. But Nick rebelled as a teenager after his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and he was forced to fend for himself and care for his frail gran. Taking the anger he felt over the death of his mother and father and the debilitating illness his grandmother was lumbered with out on the world, Nick began to go off the rails. But beneath the angry exterior lay a sensitive and caring young boy with an enormous passion for art.

When he began spraying graffiti on Jim Robinson's workshop, he was foiled by Henry Ramsay and Todd Landers, who had held a stakeout at the garage in the hope of catching the culprit. He was brought back to the Robinson house where Jim threatened to call the police. But Helen Daniels intervened and persuaded Jim to let Nick go. The next day, Nick showed up on Ramsay Street again to thank Helen for stepping in and find out why she had. A keen artist herself, Helen explained to Nick that she wanted to take him under her wing and teach him art so that he could make good use out of his passion. Nick agreed, and the two became close. Nick's grandmother died soon after and he was left homeless, until Helen came to the rescue and invited him to move in with the Robinson family. Here Nick thrived under the care and support of Helen, Jim and his wife, Beverly, and he became a close friend to Todd.

Nick quickly fell for Sharon Davies, who had recently moved from the country but their relationship faced a massive obstacle in the form of Sharon's stern aunt Edie. She expressly forbid Sharon from seeing Nick, but after Edie got stuck up a tree in the garden one afternoon, Sharon struck a deal with her whereby she and Nick could continue seeing each other in return for Sharon getting Edie down. However, Nick also faced competition from bad boy Skinner, who Sharon fell for. Nick and Skinner had already clashed when Skinner had tried to get Todd involved in an armed robbery, but it was their interest in Sharon that led the pair to come to blows. It was only when Skinner punched Nick that Sharon realised how stupid she had been, and chose to stay with Nick. The romance fizzled out eventually, although Nick and Sharon agreed to remain best friends.

Nick and Todd decided to put Nick's artistic talents to good use when they landed a job printing t-shirts for the gift shop at Lassiter's Hotel. But having gone to the expense of printing six hundred t-shirts, they discovered that they had left out a letter in 'Lassiter's' and their money making scheme was ruined.

Nick faced trouble at school when the principal Mr. Muir accused him of spraying graffiti on his car and all over the school walls. Muir expelled Nick but Helen and Jim trusted Nick's pleas of innocence and fought to get Nick re-instated. After the real culprit was found, Muir was forced to apologise and he allowed Nick return to Erinsborough High.

When Jim's daughter Lucy Robinson returned home from boarding school during the school holidays, she instantly fell for Nick. But he was reluctant to get involved with her because she was a couple of years younger than him and Jim also expressed his disapproval of anything happening between Nick and Lucy under his roof. Nick eventually gave into his feelings, however, and he and Lucy started seeing each other. The romance caused a massive rift between Nick and Jim, especially after Nick and Lucy were caught in the Waterhole together. Nick eventually ended the relationship with Lucy as the end of her vacation neared, and they parted on good terms before Lucy left. But more women trouble arrived for Nick when Matt Robinson suspected him of seeing his girlfriend Lee Maloney while he had been in Adelaide visiting his parents. However, Nick and Lee had actually only been friends, and were spending time together because so many of their mates had gone away for Christmas.

Nick was thrilled when he won a much sought after scholarship at a prestigious art school in London. After much agonising, Nick accepted the place after Helen convinced him it would do wonders for his career. A huge party was thrown to mark his departure, and Nick left one last legacy of his famous artwork behind when he gave portraits of his closest friends to Sharon, Jim, Beverly, and his proud mentor Helen.


Biography by Moe